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Media Continues Skin Cancer Scare by Vilifying Natural Sunlight, Vitamin D

Anthony Gucciardi
May 28th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 6:19 pm
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sunsetbeach Media Continues Skin Cancer Scare by Vilifying Natural Sunlight, Vitamin D

What is one of the biggest threats to health today according to the mainstream media? It’s not the fact that mercury is present in a wide majority of the processed food supply, or even the fact that excessive amounts of radioactive waste is now admitted to have heavily contaminated the Pacific Ocean. No, the number one villain according to the mainstream media is natural sunlight — the very same sunlight that generates vitamin D upon coming into contact with your skin.

Vitamin D has been found to slash your risk of cancer, aid in fat loss, beat fluoride in cavity prevention, and much more. Nonetheless, it appears that the substance is quite threatening as far as the media is concerned. The FDA continues to announce warnings over the effectiveness of sunscreen, urging consumers to get higher SPF level products — many of which contain cancer-causing chemicals that are of much greater threat than natural sunlight. In addition, sunscreen completely blocks the production of vitamin D. Is it any wonder why there has been a resurgence of the rickets?

Sun exposure, it seems, is something that is quite deadly according to the press. According to many ‘experts’ like Dr. Robin Ashinoff, chief of dermatologic and cosmetic surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center, it is important to ‘shield yourself as much as possible’ from the sun. In fact, the doctor states that going outside with sunscreen is ‘almost as bad’ as going out with sunscreen. Surging up fear among concerned mothers worldwide (who will not allow their children out of the house without slathering them up with sunscreen and therefore causing serious childhood development problems), the doctor states:

“Wearing sunscreen and then deliberately going out in the sun is almost as [bad] as going out with no sunscreen at all.”  “You don’t get burned, but the UV rays are still getting into your skin. Sunscreen is important, but you should also wear the right clothing and shield yourself as much as possible from direct sun exposure.”

Ashinoff goes on to say that when it comes to sunscreen, you should get the “highest number” you can — particularly anything above 50 SPF. Essentially, the sun is being propagated as carcinogenic threat to the entire population. Meanwhile, the real threats lie in the sunscreen formula itself – lending reason as to why sunscreen causes cancer. Oxybenzone and other vague mystery chemicals are commonly placed in many brand name sunscreens, with many such chemicals yet to be proven as safe to use at all. About 8 percent of all sunscreens have been quality tested by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to be both safe and effective for the intended use, whereas the other 92 percent contain at least one (if not many more) of the ingredients designated as detrimental for human use.

Meanwhile, vitamin D is being recognized as one of the most important substances for human health. Are people deficient in carcinogenic sunscreen chemicals, or could it possibly be vitamin D — a natural biproduct of sunlight?

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  • B.M

    My entire family spend hours in the sun and have never had sin cancer, they just get a bit of sunburn then go brown. However I have very fair skin so I cover up and spend most of my time sitting in the shade. I am the only person in my family who has ever been diagnosed and treated for skin cancer. Fortunately for me I had a BCC (which is the mildest form of skin cancer) because doctors fobbed it of as a pimple gone wrong for almost 6 years. If it had been a SCC or melanoma I would probably be dead by now. These days I spend a lot more time in the sun (though I avoid it between 11am and 3pm) and I feel a lot better. When I avoided the sun I got hip and back pain, but now that I get more sun it has subsided.

    • F.H.

      Alas, you will not be getting any UVB rays (the ones that make vit D) unless you go out in the middle of the day – specifically when your shadow is shorter than you are!

  • Eliot W. Collins

    In my opinion, everyone should see a dermatologist at least once a year and get a vitamin D 25-OH test.

    From years of being out in the sun I got squamous cell carcinoma.

    Despite all this sun exposure, I still had a vitamin D 25-OH level of 26 ng/mL (insufficient).

    I currently take 5950 I.U. of supplemental Vitamin D3 each day, and my most recent level was 52 ng/mL (reference range – 30-100 ng/mL).

    Once again, everyone should see a dermatologist every year and get a vitamin D test.

  • sandra

    Missed out on 30 years of sun and now have osteoporosis. God made the sun for a reason and it s rays are good for us. Am african american and need much more sun than caucasians: couple hours per day. Now having to get massive doses of the vitamin d, vitamin d3, calcium….and of course, extremely expensive prescription bone building drugs…

    • Eliot W. Collins

      Instead of Fosamax, Boniva, Reclast, etc., try Strontium Citrate for your osteoporosis. It is a non-prescription "version" of Stontium Ranelate (which is approved most everywhere except in the U.S.) At least investigate Strontium Citrate. It is relatively inexpensive, and has few side-effects.

    • Clara Gibson

      Read Michael Hollick's 'Vitamin D solution' – vitamin D is so crucial to our well being – it is interesting to note that skin cancer rates have not decreased but increased since we have been advised to slather our largest organ with awful toxicity, which was supposedly to protect us. But it did make a fortune for the pharmaceutical and beauty products industries.

  • Melanie

    After thousands of years of being the source of life on this planet, all of a sudden the sun is an evil monster? Maybe the chemicals in processed "food" that people eat is what's causing skin cancer as the sun draws toxin-laden perspiration to the surface of your skin. Heaven forbid something should be simple to figure out and the chemical/drug industry not get involved in poisoning us even further.

  • Rick

    Stay out of the sun and eat your DNA damaging GM foods.

    - A message from the depopulation council.

    • Clara Gibson

      HOw very droll.