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Marijuana and Cancer Relationship – Marijuana Found to Destroy Cancer Cells

Patrick Gallagher
May 3rd, 2012
Updated 12/21/2012 at 2:59 pm
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marijuanaleaf 220x137 Marijuana and Cancer Relationship Marijuana Found to Destroy Cancer Cells

Thanks to the available findings of a 2006 study showing that cannabis actually reduces the number of cancer cells, medical marijuana users can now feel even better about the widely abolished pain relief ingredient found in the plant. The relationship between marijuana and cancer has always been up for debate, but with the use of a specially crafted oil made from the buds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, scientists confirmed that the plant’s primary psychoactive chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) destroys any and all malignant cancer cell growths in several patients. Details on the marijuana and cancer prevention connection aren’t exactly known, but further, more extensive testing will reveal exactly what may be causing this seemingly miracle cure.

Shedding Some Light on the Marijuana and Cancer Relationship

Back in 2006, the study was developed by a team of medical researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Pharmacology and Toxicology department on leukemia patients. The researchers essentially outlined that if taken daily for an extended period of time, cannabis oil actually reverses the growth of cancer and possibly leads to remission in the patient – with zero added side effects. Typically when a leukemia patient enters a hospital for admission and treatment, they are given a very extensive chemotherapy treatment, usually paired with a radiological treatment. Instead of considering any possible treatment involving marijuana and cancer, doctors use these not only ineffective, but also dangerous treatments. Cannabis, on the other hand, as shown in the study, has virtually no side effects. It is  especially safe and effective when administered in a clean, medically sound environment and in the form of oil.

Other studies have been made over the past decades much like this one: Manuel Guzman located in Madrid, Spain discovered that cannabinoids substantially inhibit the growth of tumors in a variety of lab animals. In the study he also found that not one of these tested animals endured any kind of side effects seen in many similar chemotherapy treatments. It is becoming increasingly clear that you can sidestep any of the misery associated with traditional cancer treatments and embrace the potent, effective healing powers of THC – not to forget about the positive attributes surrounding cannabis’ other primary cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD).

If the results don’t appeal to you, then maybe the 2,500 total studied patients throughout these 37 controlled studies will blow the lid on the myth that cannabis is and can only be used as a “dangerous” drug. None of the patients reported any kind of adverse side effects from the use of THC and based medication – further adding to the benefits of medical marijuana and strengthening the positive connection between marijuana and cancer.

The real irony in the situation here? The combined governments of the world are the primary authority behind more than 30 studies like these completed throughout the years – and kept them secret from the general public. It wouldn’t be very conducive for our government if word got out that a schedule 1 narcotic could actually help people.

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  • Flori

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  • glenn

    listen up bone head(all of you)MARIJUANA is one part family of CANNAVIS ?what the fuck is wrong regarding all of this…in general Marijuana is good for the health…because it is one part of CANNAVIS family…

  • Mahigan

    These comments are exactly what I expect from lazy bastard, unmotivated, excuse making Pot Heads. How many of you actually have a job? An education? Do you engage in sports or do you just opt to smoke a doobie and veg? Sounds pretty productive to me. Weed is the worst drug of them all because it makes all of you lazy bastards your main priority in life and you find all these bullship stories to justify that it's good for you. What a bunch of crap! Snap out of it you people! I guarantee if you check the source of this bogus article the person will be a pothead loser just like you. I know you're not going to listen to anything because you just want to hide behind your weed so you don't have to deal with anything. All I can say is…..coward!

    • dwight

      I was in the navy, a firefighter/emt, volunteer for the redcross, active in my church, played rugby and go to hdsa meetings…..oh I also play rugby. when I am not in school I am running my MMJ business. I have Huntington's Chorea

    • dwight

      I was in the navy, a firefighter/emt, volunteer for the redcross, active in my church, and go to hdsa meetings…..oh I also play rugby, and getting ready for a 5k obstacle course. when I am not in school I am running my MMJ business. I have Huntington’s Chorea

    • Matt

      I smoke daily. Have 3 degrees, have served in the army (where I did not smoke at all), have a full time job (which I am rather successful at), a beautiful girlfriend and I am very happy I have replaced alcohol with weed (as my parents were both alcoholics, and my mom died as a result).

      You, on the other hand, stereotype and assume, which is the epitome of stupidity. You judge, disregard science and proof, experiences and opinions, all in the name of what? Your own stubborn opinions?

      You sir, is the one who is hiding.

      • Anonymous

        I agree

      • Slenderman

        you sir are my idol :) that guy is probably hating his life and has no friends :)

      • Anonymous

        Your amazing! I have a speaking issue from brain sugeries from tumors. So for someone to tell them whats up when you cant makes me feel good. I went from over 20 pills a day . Did research and started to smoke and now am on 3 so thanks

    • Jason

      I Strongly disagree with you, Marijuana has always been misunderstood and abused Such as: Coca leafs, which is another natural plant with beneficial application. Like all things moderation is the key.

    • Anonymous

      who fucking cares what u think or dont think… cockhead

    • Anonymous

      Mahigan, The article talks about cannais oil, to be taken NOT smoked. I suggest you keep an open mind. if this is true then it seems to be a far more pleasant alternative to chemo in many ways. Why just condemn out of hand? There are lots of articles suggesting that this may be true. No I do not smoke pot but I do know how much chemotherapy costs and I also know that the side effects can be horrendous.

    • David

      wow you sound so sheltered. Probably raised by your grandparents. I smoke a large amount of cannabis everyday for multiple medical problems. Its much easier, safer, more effective and i feel a lot more functional then mixing prescription medications. I work 50 hours a week. Hold a B.S and A.A and train mix martial arts days a week with an amateur record of 3-0 and a pro record of 1-1. So to me just about everything you said is null and comes form a standpoint of lack of experience.

    • RickF

      In 79-83 I was in Middle/High School, I played basketball and was a martial arts instructor. I smoked a lot of pot. I went on to become a Cop. I moved on to become an Engineer. With that I will say your an IDIOT. Cannabis is harmless.

    • Anonymous

      lol at you you sheeple! lol be lead to slaughter and dont see it!

    • MOna

      You just afraid to admit that this actually could be the truth. I just pity you with you ignorance man. Much love and good luck.

    • Anonymous

      One word "Ignorant"

    • Anonymous

      you a tard man.. try researching stuff before you go talking shit.. I am not a stoner but a firm believer in using hemp oil as a cancer treatment.. it has cured thousands of people in the past few years..

    • Ben

      Hahaha ohh you ignorant fuck… I think it is extremely intriguing that your stereotypical comments and opinions are stated with so much confidence that although, scientific experimentation and analysis are the tools used by humans to determine what is fact in the physical world, your stereotypical opinion seems to somehow nullify the validity of a scientifically proven fact. Although, I give you credit for having such seemingly undeniable confidence, the magnitude of your ignorance makes me regard you a close -minded, unintelligent, sheep. But before I go on I think I should tell a little bit about myself. I'm a senior in high school in which my classes consist of: Calculus 2 AP, Physics C mechanics AP, US Government AP, and Economics AP( all of which are college courses). I maintain a 4.0 GPA, I am automatically accepted in to any texas universities because im in top 10% of my 700 student senior class, while at the same time love to enjoy a couple fat bowls everyday after long day of calculating the volume of rotational solids and studying the conservation of energy and momentum. But according to you I'm a loser ass pothead who is incapable of motivating my self to do anything. Your opinion is based solely off of the fact that marijuana is illegal, completely ignoring the big picture just like a sheep being hearded to the slaughter house because your mind is completely incapable of thinking outside the box. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed every year by alcohol alone excluding death by drunk driving yet there has NEVER been ONE recorded case of a death linked to marijuana, but I guess your mind works in the way that " oh if it is legal than the government must know what they're talking about". Youre the kind of person who if you were to view THC killing cancer cells under a microscope in person you would continue to deny fact, calling us cowards when youre hiding behind your mainstream government backed "facts". While I know that my meaningless comment will do so much as dent your inmistakesble/stereotypical mind set, I suggest you take a look at the fine print every now and again, but hey I could care less if this changes your mind. Let the sheep flee to the slaughter house, there will be more room for those of us.

    • Shmliz

      What a funny comment. To add to the many, many replies you have received, let me outline my life for you:

      I have a university degree (BA English), and a Social Service Work diploma.
      I work 10 hours a day.
      I also suffer from severe anxiety/depression, which, so far, no prescription drugs have been able to treat.
      The same goes for my insomnia.
      I also suffer from frequent migraines and uncontrollable nausea.

      Marijuana treats all of these conditions quite well. It doesn't turn off my depression. It doesn't provide me with an escape from my life. It makes the feelings less extreme (that is, it puts them on a level that most others would consider normal), and easier to handle. Without marijuana, I would have killed myself a long time ago. Without marijuana, I wouldn't be able to keep it together long enough to go to work and be a productive member of society.

      Don't be so quick to pass judgment on others, when you have no way of knowing what their lives are like.

    • Anonymous

      Youre the coward running your mouth on the internet about comoassionate ppl. F’n Loser-

    • Ella

      i work for over 40 hours humanitarian work to make this world a better place , my reputation is spotless and my history holds honor but i am allergic to impertinence arrogance and ignorance and degradation therapy by some one who needs to learn respect
      No one can put one down not me, not God almighty but only one self by opening his mouth and trough his action and i am sure your proud of it .Before you insult think

    • jimmy kraktov

      Hey Mahigan! Please explain to us why the human body contains receptors that are there specifically for "cannabinoids" if it's all so dangerous? Did our creator make a mistake? Cannabis plants contain 80 different cannabinoids. Each one has a beneficial effect on the human body. Why would this be? Have a look and check it out.

    • jensen

      Wow! I truely feel sorry for you man. Sorry that you are so very closed minded. While your on the topic of education, it seems that if you’re so smart you would realize that a one track mind that doesnt think outside the box, is one of the greatest waste of the human mind. I guess it’s true what granddad used to say, the idiot will always stand up an make hisself known. Just think, if your arrogant and uneducated mind had any true merit to it humanity would still think the world was flat. As for ”the stoners” you labeled referring to authors of medical findings, some of those ”lazy potheads” are m.d. Professors from Harvard. Not that I expect you’d acutely do any real educated research, try reading and educating yourself, before jumping on stage to let the world know how utterly fucking stupid you are.

    • Shannon

      Wow…What an a $sh0Le.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks to this website we have hundreds of 12-16 year old teens using POT in our community. That is awful!! How many ambulance calls have you been to who the person involved was on weed? I have been and many died but were pronounced as a death from a heart attack. Our community all needs to thanks the idiot writers of this page. Next you’ll tell us that eating road tar will help cure AIDS.

  • jim

    would you care to NAME THE STUDY referred to ? ? ?

    • Storm

      Legalize marijuana = a whole lot less people to feed and house in prisons = increase in jobs to manufacture it = stimulates the economy…. seems like a win-win to me!

    • John

      My thoughts exactly–this article is packed with wildly unsubstantiated claims.

      • Bruce

        Enter text right here!Are you sure of that John.Cannabis oil kills cancer cells and it the best treatment for over 200 other illness's.It can also be used for free without a doctor.Cancer oncolagist make thousands of dollars off just one patient.They buy the chemo drugs themselves.Their office is the hospital they are practicing in.You can not care about your patients that have cancer or it will stand in the way of having a clear mind about not saving people lives.Neither of the reatment they use in hospitals are not curatives,thus making it good for population control.

  • Connor Hersey

    this just shows how currupt our government is. the knew all along about this, yet they kept it quiet to make money. they dont give a flying **** about the people. they only care about money. so im gunna smoke my weed and cook my brownies. love my country but hate its government.

    • thomas

      i agree with you i have eplepzy and skoliosis and authritis and weed helps me but no medical weed here in ga so and weed is not a bad drug look at all the meth heads and crack heads that rape people cause there use of drugs and than take a look at the stoners ive never heard of somebody getting high on weed and killing somebody robbing somebody or raping somebody weed makes me calm relaxed takes away pain and when im having a anxiety attack it makes it go away and my sister is a vegan the only time she really eats tho is when shes high she is as skinny as a toothpick so legalize the plant/herb


      All I'd like to say is its about time the truth came out. I am living proof that it is doing me medically well. I am proud to say that I am a two time cancer survivor and the only medication that could be possible to curing my 3rd stage cancerStill in remission, and its almost 17 years of a clean bill of health. Thanks Cannibus!!!!



  • Doug

    Obama smoked crack, Bill Clinton smoked weed, Bush Junior snorted crack when he was not drunk. Now the feds busted Medical Marijuana shops in Santa Barbara over the week of May 3rd. The CIA is bringing drugs in through little runways for private companies fighting wildfires in National Parks with C-130's. The CIA is out of control. They need to be shut down ASAP.

    • Daniel

      the CIA helps control our terrorist threats so its not them exactly. its the DEA that needs to be shut down.

      • bob

        terrorist threats from who? terrorism is as fake as the governments its all a big money racket the CIA are the must corrupt out of them all.FACT!

        • jacob

          Not saying that I agree with everything that the govt. does but you probably don't have any way of knowing what the CIA is doing or have any proof that terrorism isn't real. I saw two planes fly into two towers and kill thousands of people. I think thats terrorism but I could be wrong. Don't say fact when you make a really vague statement that is obviously just an opinion.

          • Anonymous

            Please google Susan Lindauer and you’ll see exactly what was going on in the CIA during the 6 months before 911. But 911 was mostly run by the zionist network. Chris Bollyn, author of Solving 911 (, says that Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak was the hands-on mastermind of 911, and he offers plenty of proof to back up his claims. CIA stands for Cocaine Importation Agency. The Bush Drug Cartel is actually the biggest drug cartel in the world and was started in the CIA but is now mostly based in Texas and Colorado. 35,000 members with about half being law enfarcement.

  • Robert Morrell

    There is a man in Nova Scotia that has been producing and administering cannabis oil to cancer victims (lung canser included) with amazing results. In a tv interview the canser victims were back leading a normal life. It is for this reason the drug companies will never and I repeat NEVER allow it to be leagalizid.

    • Inspired

      Rick Simpson for Prime Minister of Canada!!!


    • julie

      this is true this man is rick simpson from mccann nova scotia

  • Jferg

    I want my bong

    • jacob


  • cindy


    • Robert Morrell

      Also, one acre of hemp produces in one year the same amount of wood pulp that four acres of softwood produces in forty years. Paper companies are so tied into government subsidized crown land that if they changed over to hemp would lose billions in taxpayers subsidize. In addition north American paper producers make more money by losing money because the government props them up with more money. They are one of Canada's largest wellfare recipients outside of banks and automakers.

    • Amie

      It is a sad thing when we the People know what we want AND NEED we ask for it, BEG for it, go to jail for it, go to prison for it, hold rallies for it, call and write state and federal congressmen/women about, get people registered to vote, get those registered voters to sign petitions, get the initiatives on the ballot…….AND THEN…even if it does pass in our state and doctors are willing to prescribe it, it STILL has to be made into a state law, and THEN, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT can STILL close down those dispensaries, put the critically ill/ chronic pain sufferers/(Put many medical conditions in this space)patients that FINALLY have medicine that MAKES THEM WELL, NOT JUST MAKES THEM FEEL BETTER~ AND the Federal government shuts it DOWN! One way or another, the Feds are going to keep marijuana/hemp and any form of the drug that is easily produced ILLEGAL to POSSESS AND GROW. At least, I believe, in the better part of my lifetime….MAYBE by the time I reach 70, there could be a chance…. I am half that old now~

    • jacob

      Use enough capital letters? !!!!!!!!!GENERALIZATIONS!!!!!!!! The only way the war on drugs would stop is if there weren't any drugs. Marijuana is a harmless plant yes but it isn't the only "drug" they're fighting. Yelling doesn't make you educated but using "than" instead of "then" would at the least make you seem more credible.

      • Inspired

        Here's the thing Jacob-the-grammar-nazi ….. if a person wants to use any of those other drugs by themselves without harming, influencing, or affecting anyone else, then they should be allowed to!
        Some things you may not know:
        ** LSD/Acid is the only thing to relieve some peoples' cluster headaches.
        **MDMA is going to be studied to treat PTSD.
        **Heroin is an amazing pain reliever for intense conditions.

        Having said that, I will admit that there are some hard drugs with absolutely no good use imo, but once again if someone wants to use it, it's their right to ingest what they want as long as they're harming no other.

        Lastly, if you yourself want to increase your credibility, you can use the proper name rather than the man-made slang: It's cannabis NOT marijuana.


  • ChronicPain

    I am slightly off topic as I don't have actual diagnosed or named cancer.

    But, we can't even agree on what is coming out of fukushima, it's about time to reveal this insane war on terror for what it is, malicious lies and misdirection to exploit finance and the monetary system iteslf. Just like I went out and learned about Cannabis, I also went out and got my own Geiger Counter. We got hit by something out of Fukushima in the US. The whole no burn day thing is a malicious, unconstitutional, evil joke in light of this. The FCC ought to be bombarded by complaints the weatherman/woman isn't reporting daily 10 minute radiation counts. DHS should be deactivated because even thought they operate in opposition to the US Constitution, they still haven't any plan other than fema camps on the surface of the earth for a dirty bomb. We already have a dirty bomb now, it's CALLED FUKUSHIMA.

    Remember all that hype on mushroom clouds and dirty bombs. What were they going to do about it?

    Nothing. Or lock us "Americans" up. That's what.

    They could care less if we were dead.

    We used to have Fallout shelters. Who was the wise guy who ended that?

    People who don't protect the US Constitution, who's job activities are in opposition to it, are the ones who need to be arrested, not people in chronic pain out deer hunting while flashing a medical cannabis card, or defending their home from attack at 3 am, or worse yet simply trying to cure cancer by any means.

    The wrong has to go. It's a Cancer. Certainly I've been wrong. That part has to go, but it won't go until the cancer (pun intended) goes first. No more listening to Cancer tell us, "just trust me" Cancer can't be trusted. With no trust, there is no future.

    If there are nothing but oath breakers on the ballot, I will write in Ron Paul, or Bill Still.

    Anyone breaking the logan act is toast.

    Anyone who can't do 5th grade math is toast.

    The mainstream media is now irrelevant.

    No more Democrat Vs Republican paradigm.

    Or any other party if they are foreign and corporate puppets from the UN, to Monsanto, to KBR, from soros to koch.

    The electoral college bypasses the electronically, and internationally rigged vote anyway.

    This stops when the power to create money from thin air stops.

  • Anonymous

    Don't just smoke it if you have cancer, juice the RAW buds and you get no psychoactive effects and it's 600 times stronger medicinally. Sure the psychoactive part is nice but don't go with the fun over the medical benefits.

    • ChronicPain

      Wow, I never thought of juicing a wet bud. That's a great idea! I don't mind the THC part, if it's high CBD and THC from testing then I know I am good to go.

      I believe there is a cumulative effect of all the chemicals together. But for sure I can say CBD for me kills pain, while high THC like a sativa makes me in a better mood.

      People who don't use cannabis don't understand all the stuff under the radar. There's people who are surrounded by no tolerance for cannabis, that all by itself is a psych job on the mind. There's mixtures of that extreme down to words which hit the mind like slavery. Most people are so busy, they can't properly deal with all this onslaught. Every time a co-op get's nuked, it's more confusion, less understanding. How many banksters have been nuked in comparison?

      Then there's the tools of the trade. Pipes, cleaning, maintenance, etc. It takes time to do it proper and not waste things, or pollute, or contaminate the source of the healing. A bag of weed sitting next to a perfume bottle in some chicks stuff isn't the same as a top shelf bud sitting in an airtight jar for two weeks. If people don't have time, or are under psych attack or physical threat, cleaning things becomes a paranoia within itself and weakens the body for sure, I don't care about the cure at that point. All weed isn't created equal. All people are different.

      That's why I worry about things like Marinol.

      filtered chemicals.

      who knows why all these chemicals work together, and do we really want the likes of monsanto p3wn .gov deciding which are allowed or dropped.

      I can take a hit off a flower or smoke 20 home grown joints ( A hypothetical "Pack" of Cannabis Cigarettes ), which cures cancer better? See my answer would be to try to get more homegrown to make into butter and more flower to use in a pinch for pain, saving the black resin for skin cures, or to just smoke. Yet, I am just one human trying to learn the truth in a world of viciousness and exploitation.

      The Co-Op makes that safe.

      The RAID makes it a mental scar.

      There is no EVERYTHING is correct for EVERYONE argument which does not end in disaster. Because what's right for you isn't what's right for me.

  • ChronicPain

    Oh one other observation.

    Opium based drugs and alcohol


    Cannabis and alcohol

    With the opium based drugs, my pain would go away 2-4 hours at a time, with really rough edges. Adding too much alcohol, I nearly died by stopping breathing.

    I also hear the Tylenol or whatever it's called in the opium makes my liver die. Interesting I did have pain down there when taking hydrocoding for more than a month, but never thought much about it. It's tricky though cause I got the hydrocodine from a Dentist as my teeth said, time for broken disintegrated wisdom teeth to go.. I basically took advantage @ $12,000 dental bill and stocked up on opium based drugs since I don't have a regular mainstream doctor. But that didn't even last.

    With the Cannabis based drugs, my pain can be decreased to where I am at a functional level about 8-24 hours at a time. Adding too much alcohol, has no effect on my breathing.

    I'm going on two years now. And this (for me) has not changed. Canna butter is a GODSEND to me. IT put opium based drugs in it's place, as I won't every abuse my dentist to kill my pain as long as the scumbag officials don't kill off my source of butter.

    You know it would be quite funny to me to watch my officials have their Kaiser, Sutter, and other hospitals raided and their doctors jailed, and their pharmicists locked up, and their patients kicked out, put on lists to not have a constitution.

    These scumbag officials would be wise to remember this vision. There are dragons here.

  • ChronicPain

    I used to think like John Eagle above, until I got chronic pain. Yeah I know a lot of overweight people with broken back bones L3, L4, L5, they think something like the neck can't hurt just as bad. At least with their back they can actually get bone repaired or replaced.. Now try replacing your NECK. Oh that's right, you can't. You know what, I was actually better than John above, I didn't use ANY drugs. Not even aspirin. Now I stick tablespoon chunks of butter into my meals. It doesn't make the pain go away 100%, but it makes it where I can at least live. While I also smoke, it doesn't stay put killing pain like eating does.

    With the chronic pain I have today, the opposite of John's story is true, I work better and I can pay attention as opposed to pain fogging everything up and taking my attention, creativity and passion.

    I live in an area where there is no tolerance for cannabis, and so making canna butter isn't an option for me. Punk ass political sold out foreign hacks who want my vote ought to keep that in mind, as I cringe every time I see another raid, or zoning law abuse.

    Most the city council who abuse local zoning law would be in prison if the Logan Act was upheld. That's another they ought keep in their treasonous sold out mind.

    Oh and the whole 2nd amendment vs cannabis unconstitutional madness. There's going to be angry dragons here!

  • f8te

    Read it and weep Ryan Dawson you punk ass bitch!

  • John Eagle

    Marijuana definitely has it's downsides, as a former smoker/pot brownie eater (myself) can testify. It reduced my motivation to work and produce beneficial goods and services, and skewed my ambitions toward the hedonistic. I quit 32 years ago and am glad I did.

    On the other hand, Cannabis definitely has it's upsides too. The studies and information available on it's medical and other attributes are too great to ignore. As with alcohol, it deserves to be legalized but with age, activity, and other restrictions. The big problem with it's legalization is that corrupt government, corporations, and financial institutions will be involved. This blend makes for a devil's brew. We all know pot will become GMO and soaked in pesticides, herbicides, and other poisons; and produced on huge megafarms serviced by abused illegal aliens.

    So, before legalization, a lot of strategic planning needs to be flooding the internet, so the methodology of legalization doesn't lead to a loss of cannabis' attributes thru the sociopath's acquisition of it's production, processing, and distribution.

    • @MassaMauricio

      How can a NATURAL lazy ass blame a plant on his/her laziness? I can too testify that when I smoke I become more productive, and very creative….. How did you become a lazy ass? It certainly wasn't Cannabis….

      • Anonymous Prog

        agreed – blaming weed for being lazy is just plain abdication of personal responsibility. You can choose when to be lazy, and when not to be lazy – so stop blaming a naturally growing herb.

  • Heinrich Mueller

    In the 1950's a group of people met in the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland to discuss how to keep the population depleted. Since the advent of nuclear weapons they knew that there could not be wars like WWI and WWII again, where millions would be eliminated without everyone being eliminated, or at least the ones they wanted eliminated. So they decided that countries would have to decrease the birth rate, or increase the death rate i.e. lifespan or both. If you examine any plan by any government you will see that its main objective is to kill people. Abortion, distribution of products that cause disease, debt, promotion of lifestyles that eventually caused death by disease or violence, assisted suicide aids, etc. So goes it with natural cures for cluster headaches with psilocybin, cancer cures with turkey tail fungus and cancer prevention and cure with cannabis products. The main objective of keeping cannabis a schedule I narcotic is to prevent it from saving lives. No one has ever overdosed on cannabis. Unlike chemotherapy, or radiation.

    • Anonymous

      I agree… the elite have been influencing society now for awhile


        here here . Bildeberg Bites!!

  • joe bassett

    You won't hear anything about this on the mainstream media. So it will go nowhere. Jus tgrow the shite and use a vaporizer or make pot brownie and quit buying whiskey. Alcohol use would drop by half if they allowed people to smoke pot. So screw the law just do it home. You might be able to eat pot brownies in the car. I mean screw it it's time we tell the government to get screwed.

    • Amie

      WOO HOO!! Hell yeah! I am a GREAT Ganja chef!~one LOVE~

  • Justin Case

    Thank the good Lord that he has made something for man to relieve suffering and make the rigors of daily life more bearable. I personally refuse, on pain of death, to abide by the corrupt laws of man when it comes to the use of cannabis. In other words, if I have not made it clear, I vote with my middle finger, heres to you mr g. man.

    • godputithere

      fuck the goverment. there selfish. there not going too help because they cant tax it.

      • Inspired

        I agree they're selfish. But they can and will tax cannabis. What they cannot do is patent a plant of many strains. Bigger reason for cannabis prohibition is the fact that big pharma would lose their pants if the real natural medicine were allowed everywhere!!

        BTW …. it's CANNABIS not marijuana!!!