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Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

Anthony Gucciardi
September 20th, 2011
Updated 11/01/2012 at 8:42 pm
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fieldcornstalks1 210x131 Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

Hungary has taken a bold stand against biotech giant Monsanto and genetic modification by destroying 1000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds, according to Hungary deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development Lajos Bognar. Unlike many European Union countries, Hungary is a nation where genetically modified (GM) seeds are banned. In a similar stance against GM ingredients, Peru has also passed a 10 year ban on GM foods.

Vital Activism: Monsanto Declared Worst Company of 2011


Planetsave reports:

Almost 1000 acres of maize found to have been ground with genetically modified seeds have been destroyed throughout Hungary, deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development Lajos Bognar said. The GMO maize has been ploughed under, said Lajos Bognar, but pollen has not spread from the maize, he added.

Unlike several EU members, GMO seeds are banned in Hungary. The checks will continue despite the fact that seek traders are obliged to make sure that their products are GMO free, Bognar said.

During the invesigation, controllers have found Pioneer Monsanto products among the seeds planted.

The free movement of goods within the EU means that authorities will not investigate how the seeds arrived in Hungary, but they will check where the goods can be found, Bognar said. Regional public radio reported that the two biggest international seed producing companies are affected in the matter and GMO seeds could have been sown on up to the thousands of hectares in the country. Most of the local farmers have complained since they just discovered they were using GMO seeds.

With season already under way, it is too late to sow new seeds, so this years harvest has been lost.

And to make things even worse for the farmers, the company that distributed the seeds in Baranya county is under liquidation. Therefore, if any compensation is paid by the international seed producers, the money will be paid primarily to that company’s creditors, rather than the farmers.

NaturalSociety Note: This article is from July 26, 2011, but had to be re-added.

Note: Explore the latest health book discussing how GMOs are wreaking havoc on the environment and our biology as a whole.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn FieldsGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • suzylnn

    YAY>>> Thx China :)

  • freehumanity

    The ultimate aim of Monsanto (which means MySatan) is to poison people, and better if they can make money doing that. Together with chemtrails and poisoned vaccines and crony pharmaceuticals, they are elements of a master plan conducted by a satanic sect called the illuminatis, which essentially has hijacked America and the world. They get money by robbing America and the world through a combination of terrorism, assassination, military invasion, warmongering, bribery, drug traffic, human slavery, genocide, financial scams, usury, unfair taxes … practically everything evil that Satan itself could possibly think of.

  • freehumanity

    The ultimate aim of Monsanto (which means MySatan) is to poison people, and better if they can make money doing that. Together with chemtrails and poisoned vaccines and crony pharmaceuticals, they are elements of a master plan conducted by a satanic sect called the illuminatis, which essentially has hijacked America and the world. They get money by robbing America and the world through a combination of terrorism, assassination, military invasion, warmongering, bribery, drug traffic, human slavery, genocide, financial scams, usury, unfair taxes … practically everything evil that Satan itself could possibly think of.
    That isn't hard to understand, or is it?

  • gmathol

    In fact not only Hungary, but most European states block American made food objects. Yes, American food is an object of death, poison like – a true presentation of what America represents to the not brain dead people: evil.

  • David Black.

    Where is the footage,or even one single photo of them burning the fields down,i have combed the net several times over and found NOTHING.Something a massive as this and nothing.Its all hearsay and i want to believe they are burning the lot down but can you see why i am not at all convinced that this is actually happening.

  • Udhayji

    Wow! Awesome news! So happy to know this! May we all wake up and put an end to all these criminals and their covert agendas.

  • Paul F Davis

    God bless Hungary and Peru. Are there any other countries preferring organic and opposing GMO seed and produce?

    • Anonymous

      . Psalm 103.

  • Ragnar

    Wow… destroyed almost 2sq miles of crops… Not even a drop in the bucket :/

  • Kali

    Congratulations to hungary for not allowing these thieving murderers to keep making profit in their country, if only ALL countries would take a stand against GM Foods & especially dangerous monocrops like soy the world would be a better place.

    • Mr. DON

      We are small but we are many, we are many we are small; we were here before you rose, we will be here when you fall.

      (thx Neil)

    • sam


  • really concerned

    Just to think that this rotten company was housed down the street from me since I was 20 and I didn't know enough to picket them for their practices.

    I realize people want to make money but while you are killing off the population! Who is the person responsible for this? Does he have a death wish?

    How can you go to sleep at night knowing you are responsible for creating and marketing GMO'S and other chemicals and genetically altered characters of food and supply's like medicine and what ever else the public consumes that harm them in any way?

    Most people did not hear about GMO's a couple of years ago because I used to call the supermarkets and ask if they were selling GMO foods and had to spell out genetically modified for them and what it represented.

    I blame the crooked Politicians for this, for allowing something like this into our society. Now Obama has to step up to the plate and show what he is worth regarding Monsanto or any other company preparing to poison the world.

    • Irene

      if you check Obamas staff members you will see he hired many many folks that once worked for Monsanto. check it out

      • Karen

        And you can be sure that no one in the White House is eating GMO's.

  • Mike

    Hungary should go further. There is so much land going to waste with very unproductive monocultures. By making land available for large permacutlture gardens productivity would skyrocket and the people would become the healthiest and richest in Europe.

    In Russia legislation has already been passed to make land available for food gardens.

    One of the best things about Russia as in Hungary is the Dachas or weekend homes which produce fantastic quality food. All that needs to be done is to expand this to optimise land use rather than allowing it be destroyed by foreign imperial monopolies generating nutrient deficient food substitutes that lead to disease and poverty.

  • Vitamin D3 Benefits

    Thank goodness that 90% of the comments on here are against GMO and understand it well. To the mislead people that are in favor of GMO; WAKE UP!

  • bestrader

    I broke this computer code 4 years ago, which allows you to know which direction Gold is going to go before it goes there, further allowing you to take trades on Gold with a very high degree of success, thus allowing you to make a great deal of money. Sound impossible? Come over to my website “Gold Trading Academy” and I'll show you it's not impossible, on the contrary it's 100% real.

  • cajun

    To destroy the crop was a sensless waste, when it could have been harvested – early – and ground into feed corn so that a reproductive seed was not in tact, and donated to a nation inflicted by war/drought/famine to keep their livestock alive for another day. We are so concerned over the perfection of our meals, while entire populations are at risk for starving to death. Join the Peace Corps and see what real hardships can be.

    • Pamela

      Yes people are at risk of starvation, but does it mean we should feed the poor and hungry with contaminated foods that will negatively affect their health and has also been rejected by the wealthy nations? Feeding the GMO to the livestock means the meat and dairy products from these animals will be eaten by the people. Just because people are poor doesn't mean they have no Rights as the wealthy from other countries. the animals and people don't just want to live for another day, but for many years as God intended, feeding on clean healthy foods.

    • lucy

      Cajun, we are already producing enought food to feed 12 billion, when there are only 6.6 billion people on the planet, already MORE than enough food for the starving

    • Abel

      The problem would be that the pollen of the GMO crop would have been distributed far before anything could have been harvested. This would pollute all of our maize with GMO genes.

      However, since our neighbors (Romania etc.) use GMO crops, the pollution will come in with the pollen sooner or later.

    • Karen

      Are you for REAL… If I won't eat this contaminated food why would I want to send it to an improvished people to feed to thier peoples and livestock. In my book the Peace Core should be educating themselves INDEPENDANTLY of the Goverment. OOPS they are funded by the government which is funded by Mansanto. In otherwords its OK to poison people as long as it looks like we are trying to help. No wonder we are seen as a capitalist MONSTER by some. And I'm positive that if those lands and thier people ware given a chose THEY WOULD SAY NO TO GMO'S !!!

  • Anonymous

    No GMO has any more positive effects than heroin, they're selling you a lie and a dream.

  • Natalie

    Please watch this documentary about GMOs and how the crops are deficient in nutrients, some as much as 80%. Also the animals who are fed GMOs are becoming impotent and having far more miscarriages. Dr. Mercola interviews a scientist who researches GMOs and this is what he has to say about it.
    There are 2 parts to the video.

    • Anonymous

      but thats not true

      • Anonymous

        Anonymous … This is why the Earth hates you. It's why you have to hide your views from the public. It's why you have to lie to have friends. You have a chemical imbalance in your brain which makes you do bad things, say bad things and love all things bad. Normal people don't go around telling people that taking away farm land from farmers who grow real healthy organic food without pesticides and modified seeds is a lie. Normal people want fresh local non modified food. But thats the whole thing here…you sir are the lier. You LIE as we fight you every step of the way and you will be defeated. It's not even hard to get people on our side because people like to have fresh food, clean water, clean air. Nobody wants your modified food so eat it yourself and slowly develop health probelems and go away to the big gmo farm downstairs.

  • nelson jovellano

    i only use compost as fertilizer, plants palays of original breeds

  • FredFlint

    Donald, please come back!!

  • marconi Leal

    Belize too destroy GMO seeds after public outcry on importation.

  • mm

    let's give mother nature the benefit of the doubt and not some evil empire corporation that manufactures harmful chemicals for use on people and vegetation….

  • Anonymous

    70k shares, amazing! Down with Monsanto, keep spreading this article and let's make it explode further.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not sticking up for Monsanto however, people need to read other reports and international newpapers and then make an informed judgement.

    From the Budapest news:

    Results in dispute

    Monsanto tested the seeds they sold to Hungary in their own laboratories and found no GMO, Czepó said. An independent laboratory in France also tested the seeds, getting the same results, which they sent to Hungarian authorities as well, he said.

    The company has stressed how seriously it takes the claims made by the Hungarian government, and has offered its assistance to the Agriculture Office. Monsanto agrees that the seeds be tested by an independent accredited laboratory to determine whether they indeed contain GMO, as the Hungarian authorities claim.

    Monsanto suggested that the government buy up the corn seeds it thinks are GMO infected, so that farmers and commercial partners do not find themselves in a difficult situation. “The government has not responded to either of these suggestions,” the company said.

    Monsanto released a statement saying it “respects Hungary’s efforts to prevent the production of genetically manipulated plants on Hungarian farms. Monsanto sells only traditional, not GMO seeds to Hungary. Our seeds can only enter Hungarian markets after they were tested for GMO and found clean, in accordance with national and international laws”.

    Just reading one 5 paragraph report does not reveal alot of truths. People need to seek more info and not just believe the first magazine, news, watchdog, social cause news information they come upon. Be smarter than that….

    • Bellastorm

      Perhaps you should do more research into Monsanto's background, then come back and tell people who are aware of Monsanto to give more credit to a company like them…believe me you would be more reserved after doing more research yourself and probably feel quite stupid after as well for defending a company that has committed more crimes against humanity and nature than the last toppled so called dictator :-)

    • superdave

      The Monsanto labs as well as the French independent tested the seeds, yes, but in a shipment of seed, there are millions of seeds. If 2% of the seeds were gmo, unless you checked every seed you would likely receive a clean slate test result. 2% is still a serious contamination that would ultimately go unnoticed. Monsanto knows their statistics regarding how test facilities operate, as well as what would happen if there were an integration of a certain percentage of gmo in a standard seed shipment.

    • Mari

      Have Monsanto replant habitat for monarch butterflies with normal plants. Have Monsanto workers children Eat nothing but Monsanto food. They lie all the time. They get on the boards and controlling positions of FDA, USDA, and international food regulatory commissions. Their rice in Africa will not feed the hungry as claimed. It impoverishes already poor farmers tricking them with contracts and lies. Their vitamin A enriched rice is dangerous: too much A is bad. They use Pinkerton Police to harass farmers and force their product on people. They pushed hundreds of thousands of farmers out of business around the globe. They create poisons. Nothing but poison.

    • Anonymous

      "Monsanto tested the seeds they sold to Hungary in their own laboratories and found no GMO"

      In other news man caught robbing a bank was released today after he presided as the judge over his own court case and found he had not committed any crime. Justice served.

      You really think that a huge corporation will do an honest investigation on themselves? If so, I have a couple bridges to sell you in NYC and some swamp land in Florida to sell you for cheap!

    • rjhuntington

      Lying shill.

    • Karen

      When you walk like a duck, quack like a duck, and shit like a duck YOU ARE A F______ DUCK. You need to talk to people who have survived the "coporate outline of what nutrition is". Believe me it is a slow and many times painful death to many. I was once you ,not to long ago. Please Do Not stop educating yourself even when it gets hard to believe what you are learning. And it will be profound.

  • GMOs for Poverty Red

    You all may find this interesting…

    While I agree that GM technology is in the wrong hands, currently, it is only large agribusinesses that can afford the costly R&D. If the public were able to invest in this amazing technology, would you trust it more? Like others said, I believe GM crops are needed to feed our booming population – especially given the looming threat of climate change. I'm an environmentalist and I don't like the idea of planting monocrops, however, I love that genetically modified BT Corn drastically reduces the use of harmful pesticides. I'd much rather eat BT corn than non-GM corn that has been sprayed with rounds of toxic pesticides (to prevent corn insect infestation). I feel the health risk in this case comes from the non-GM corn!

    • marimic

      I'm not sure where you get your information regarding BT corn "drastically reduces the use of harmful pesticides". This is false. The reason seeds have been genetically modified is so that they are resistant to herbicides and pesticides (and an enormous amount of them are used since monocropping exacerbates the pest and weed problem). GMO seeds work within a system that includes pesticides and herbicides and petro-chemically produced inputs for the soil (which have been used indiscriminately causing serious contamination to water and have single-handedly contributed to the huge hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mex).

      • sky

        exactly marimic and let's not forget it is Monsanto themselves who produce the herbicides and pesticides..and mister (GMOs for Poverty Reduction) what kind of poverty reduction is it that a golden rice-does NOT reproduce seed,thereby forcing the farmer to have to go back to purchase more seed from greedy amerikan gmo companies 0 integrity and to think way back in the late 50's and early 60's monsanto started out as a popular up & coming floor covering company!

        • Karen

          Maybe Poverty reduction really means reduction of people in poverty by feeding them GMO's. Our history has shown us that man is capable of all kinds of horror especially when Greedy men have power. I truly do not know thier intentions but I do not believe that any of them think or believe thier own propaganda. They know that what they have designed is not for the betterment of mankind. So I have to ask what are thier intentions ?????

    • Anonymous

      It's obvious you are a paid commenter with financial interests, "GMOs for Poverty Reduction" — get out of here with your garbage.

    • lauren

      "In the case of BT corn, it has been altered to produce its own toxin, a pesticide called Bacillus thuringiensi s. Despite assurances from Monsanto, this corn has wreaked havoc on the environment and on the health of humans and animals. Research has shown that animals who have been fed this BT corn have liver, kidney and blood problems, and it’s quite possible that humans may be affected in the same way. Even with research, it would be hard to prove since chronic health issues can take decades to develop."……" the body isn’t designed to process the altered and higher levels of proteins, and when you eat the same food over and over the body gets overburdened and and it triggers the production of antibodies by the immune system. This leads to chronic inflammation and allergies. Soy, canola, sugar beets, and cottonseed are the other widely used GMO crops which are part of the problem." -

    • Anonymous

      you have a good view on things. the GM corn might not need as much pesticides BUT as a result the corn gets immune to the pesticides. the corn is genetically modified to whereas the pesticide is in the the SEEDS DNA. therefore the future generations of that seed also have the pesticides incorporated into its DNA. any insects that eat the corn die. thats the GM seed. why wouldnt it have an effect on us humans if it effects other creatures/mammals ect.

      • Jim Lahey

        Probably because other insects have different metabolic pathways…

    • Earth Youth

      Rats wouldn't even eat BT tomatoes. BT corn has been manufactured to produce the pesticides inside of its organelles. EWWW. you would rather eat that?

    • Joe Mahmah

      If GMOs are saving the world from starvation, why is the world hunger level higher than it has ever been in human history? And you are DEAD WRONG about have to use less toxins on the corn. They use about 100x more than what they use on "normal" corn.

      • Anonymous

        You can save the world from hunger by teaching BioOrganic & Intensive Farming to everyone from kidergarden and up through college. Free people from slavery by giving back humans rights to OWN property and not pay a tax on it every year. Everyone would own enough land to live on and grow their own food and raise their own chickens, goats, cows, sheep, etc. No need to work at a corporation when you grow your own food. Own well water or an atmospheric water generator. Use solar and wind power. Compost! Make coporations illegal to exist. Ban GMO. Feed yourself. Be a true free human on this planet. Get back to real humanity. Stop being a slave to the corporate masters. End the FED. And anyone who does anything against the Constitution should be treated as a traiter to the country. There should be no fighting over what the constitution means. It's clear and easy to read. It states the truth – we are supposed to be a republic NOT a democracy. Every state in the Union in order to be a state MUST BE A REPUBLICAN STATE. Not these fake republicans who kill people in their endless wars but a REPUBLIC where the individual has freedom and is soveriegn. Learn ther real truth about freedom. Read the book: "Novis Ordo Seclorum". Visit the site:

  • Donald

    A massive issue that I see here in this comments thread is that people have absolutely no idea what GMOs actually are.

    If you're going to argue the geopolitical side, that's fine. Companies producing plants that don't produce seeds is a classic case of corporate greed perverting science.

    But please, don't say that they are non-nutritive, change the consumers DNA, cause cancer and disease. It illustrates incredible ignorance and backward thinking. Go do the research and learn about this instead of getting on a politically motivated band wagon.

    • bob

      Theyre not good for us, peri0od. Thats all we need to know. No positive, only negative.

      • Ben

        Yes, let's just spout rhetoric with absolutely no facts. Solid arguing.

    • lauren

      To make a compelling argument we would have to go back to the library(that place where books are)pull out some medical and science research books and do some real homework. But, if you are going to make a statement telling others that they are ignorant and backward thinking, perhaps you could provide proof for your own claims. It seems that your are saying GMO foods ARE nutritive, don't alter our bodies, don't cause cancer and disease… I would like to know where you get your facts. Now the internet is not the best source for facts but here are excerpts from two articles you may find interesting.

      "Some genetically modified foods are designed to improve nutrition, quality and taste. For example, potatoes are modified to even out distribution of starches, enhance texture and reduce fat absorption. Genetically modified golden rice has more beta-carotene and iron that consumers in malnourished populations need. Still another type of genetically modified rice has less glutelin, a protein that compromises sake brewing…HOWEVER….Despite added nutrition values, there are concerns about genetically modified foods. The alteration of certain nutrients can lead to unexpected changes in a food's other nutrients, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. For example, the golden rice with more beta-carotene has too much of a pigment called xanthophylls, and the rice with less glutelin has more of the protein prolamin, which can be an allergen."

      Read more:

      "There are no human clinical trials of genetically engineered foods. The only published human feeding experiment revealed that genetic material inserted into GE soy transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function . Even after we stop eating GE foods, we may still have the GE proteins produced continuously inside us."The idea of having genetically engineered genes permanently living inside our guts has staggering implications:

      If the antibiotic gene inserted into most GM crops were to transfer, it could create antibiotic-resistant diseases.

      Bt toxins (Bacillus thuringiensis) inserted into GM food crops to kill pests are reaching the bloodstreams of 93% of women and 80% of unborn babies because of the consumption of meat, milk, and eggs from livestock fed GE corn. This could turn bacteria in our intestines into pesticide factories.

      Animal studies show that DNA in food can travel into organs throughout the body, even into the fetus.

      • Donald

        Hi Lauren. You do make a good point that I'm not substantiating my claims with references either. That would make me a grade A hypocrite.

        I'm using information that I've accrued through my Genetics degree and just reading articles in general. If I can muster some time and energy I'll get some articles and reference properly.

        Thank you for arguing like an educated adult though.

        • superdave

          Thumbs up and 10 points for modesty.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, but that last comment was obnoxious which negates all that humility, doesn't it? Sigh.

            • Mike

              Genetics degree? So you are being trained by Monsanto and you think that makes your views credible? Let me guess they promised you would get a well paying job earning 50,000 in the first year. yawn.

      • Daws

        Yeah the Internet definitely is a good source of propagated myths depending on where you go, and honestly those two sites throw up a few red flags indicating possible bias and agendas…

      • David Wilson-Steer

        I am not an apologist for Monsanto but we have been eating genetically modified crops and animals for hundreds of years. For instance the humble potato that we eat everyday is nothing like it's original form. My beef against companies like Monsanto is that they are patenting organic entities so they have total control of nature (!!!!) and creating plants that don't produce seeds naturally so farmers have to keep buying seeds from them. That is what is evil about this company …

        • Anonymous

          Yes and for hundreds of years we've seen rising cancer rates. Whether or not there's a link remains to be seen (although I just saw a doc which proves there is one). Regardless, I agree Monsanto's practices are evil.

        • Mike

          Don't confuse the subject. Plant breeding is not the same thing as genetic engineering and has not been done for hundreds of years.

  • truth vs. machine

    @ Alice: It's amazing that you can type and communicate with words when you don't read. I would suggest you go back over all the comments and READ them and INVESTIGATE the links that everyone has posted. You are living in la-la land. Think outside the box. You are not one that I would want in my corner when the shit hits the fan because you gobble down all the spoon fed rhetoric that your TV feeds you. It's people like you that keep the world spinning out of control. Get involved and open your mind.

  • Ahanaza

    Anthony Gucciardi, we need to see your sources so we can assume that you're not spreading disinformation. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I commend Hungry for trying to keep it's food and country pure and free of GMO's. because of GMO and humans trying to "improve" things we have changed entire plant families and wiped out thousands of varieties of rice, apples, tomatos, potatos, corn and many other food crops. when variety declines plants become more suceptable to disease and blight, when you create a mono-culture in crops you weaken the crop as a whole. rotate crops and planting several varieties will help the soil and the people eating the food. we as a concientious people have to take back our food, grow community gardens or rip up your grass and plant food for yourselves and your neighbours, use seed banks and buy only heirloom varieties. eat and cook the way your grand parents or great-grand parents did!

  • Iván Antezana

    Since my country is mentioned at the end of this note, let me share the following link. It's about the peruvian plant that kicked Monsanto's ass: meet our friend, the legendary Kiwicha, also known as Amarantho.

    Thousands of hectares of transgenic soy have been abandoned in the USA due to the kiwicha fusing with it (something previously considered to be impossible) and obtaining resistance to the "Roundup" pesticide. Since its roots go deeper, there's no way to get rid of kiwicha with current automatized farming methods, it must be done by hand.

    • Sheikh Jahbooty

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Evolution wins again.

      Very funny story. Thank you for posting.

  • MobileTechy

    hungary is a smart country .. finally someone or country not on mansanto's payroll

    mansanto is growing genetically altered fruits without seeds.

    fruits without seeds means, the people can not plant the seeds for future foods.

    then, we depend only on mansanto growing foods & charging us $20 for one peach.

  • ttyo

    Michelle, that was not food!

  • gordon hoselton

    Let there be no more profit in gmo products and they will end. Foods consumed not gmo will not gmo us , including the entire food chain. No profit will cease Monsanto

    and kind. Unfortunately, natural crossbreeding has already taken place, I believe, and we may be too late

    for change backwards. I consume from my garden and


  • Anonymous

    For you naive folks (Charlton), genetically altered seeds ate pesticides and they genetically alter us. Then we feed corn to our cattle, pigs and chickens and we all become altered. Farmers hold seeds for the next two crops, natures way and yes we can grow enough natural crops to feed our planet. Don't make idiotic comments if you don't know your facts. HOORAY HUNGARY!!!""

    • Donald

      Genetically modified foods alter us? It's that kind of ignorant attitude that leave people like you in the dark ages. When you consume GMO's you don't mutate. Unless if maize has recently acquired the ability of retroviruses I don't see them changing our genomes.

      Try getting your facts right.

      • Michele

        Take a look at "Trive"

      • Lisa Imerman

        I beg to differ Donald. If you read any of the information put out by Jeffery Smith (he has extensive research and studies he looked at) it does change you. I wouldn't put it in such simple terms as it is a bit misleading, but the DNA that has been Genetically Modified does change the cells in your body as the DNA is not shed when you eat and process the GMO food, it can basically act like a little pesticide pump in your body! It is more complex than that but that is the easy way to explain it to layman (which I am).

        • bryan

          Lisa, as a layperson it's very important to understand your sources. while I might not like monsanto and most of their business processes Charlton has a point. The problem on this board is a thing called "source discrepancy" i.e. the work of one person tends to make a weak case. While I admit I haven't read Jeff Smith's work I have to question his credibility… Frankly,while big corporations might seem and sometimes certainly act evil, there are just as many self-motivated BS artists willing to make money scaring folks. If I were you, I would question the credence to his claims until i saw his credentials, and saw similar research coming from others with good classifications as well. It's easy to get up in arms and see the world as black and white. The true challenge of adulthood is learning to think rationally, and hold off attacks until your concern rests more in logic rather than emotion and fear.

          • sky

            if we put human health aside, i'd like to imput the very real and disturbing FACT that if an organic food grower has his/her already established field, growing organic crops and a GM field or even a trial field is planted within the circumference of spreading,wind,birds etc. etc. then that persons-organic certification is gone forever along with income.. with GM growing spreading exponentially- then our future is one WITHOUT CHOICE, organic eating vs.non organic eating will no longer be in our hands. sounds historically familiar. sad very sad and this statement needs no backing up, it is a simple but unpalatable fact.

        • Donald

          I'll read up of what Smith wrote, Lisa. I am a trained geneticist and biochemist so his claims seem completely ludicrous to me but I will go and see what he said. What you describe, albeit it in laymans terms, makes no sense in light of what I know about molecular biology.

          • Georgia

            I am not canceling your molecular biology by any means.My main concern is to find out HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO WAIT BEFORE THE SOIL BECOMES HEALTHY? Will applying sulpher to the soil help the soil regain its healthy molecules? Some people say it will take MORE than 16 years to recover.

            Do you have an answer for me?

      • lainie

        The one thing that I am concerned with is whether or not our systems process gmo's the same way that we have been processing organic or gmo'ed foods. Will my digestives system get the most out of these altered products and how will this affect me physically. I don't trust man made substances and I don't trust giant corporations. I especially don't anyone that has that much control to gain form their actions.

      • Joe Mahmah

        People who consume more GMO foods have been shown to have more allergies, be more susceptible to certain cancers, asthma, have less important bacteria in their stomach, among other symptoms we don't even know yet. This would be considered modification of one's DNA.

    • Charlton

      The fact is: Millions of people are starving to death…if you don't like the GMO food is fine ,but let other to decide what is good for them. GMO is not about pesticides is a genetically modified organism or genetically engineered organism. I'm not pro GMO ,but on this planet are so many places where people are starving and they never saw: McD, KFC…where you can pay 10$ for a meal with hundred ""E"" in it.

      • Elpenor Dignam

        Millions of people are starving to death because of these corporations!! Do you know nothing about geopolitics?! Why don't you go read a book?! There is plenty to go around except the West/US don't want it that way, they want US consumption to continue at currents rates making profit for the billionaires, these developing nations have natural wealth that they take through deals with pro western friendly governments. What you regurgitate is the propaganda that makes you think you can have your western lifestyle without consequence, the logical equivalent of growing biodiesel crops to feed cars in order offset global warming.

      • Mike

        It is not just about quantity of food but quality also and on both counts permaculture is the way forward. Check this article. Biodiverse Systems are More Productive.

        The science shows that polyculture is more productive by 290% or more.

  • Charlton

    This is stupid. GMO is the future ,this planet can't provide natural foods for 7 milliard , there are ipocrite people that condamn GMO food, but they eat junk food and smoke cigaretes.

    • Anonymous

      It is all ready proven that GM crops can not out produce organic

      • bryan

        Um, check your sources again. Fact: it takes more land to grow the equivalent amount of food. FACT: you must consider that organics are more susceptible to blight and disease.

        And thirdly, if you wish to argue further i'd first ask you to research the Irish Potato Famine before you tell me the benefits of purely organic farming…

        I'm not a fan of Monsanto's business practices and the way they treat farmers. However, in an ever increasing human population that refuses to limit it's numbers your grandkids will have better things to say about GMO's then you ever will… Would you rather they have no food at all?

        Anyoe standing in the way of progress needs to step away from the keyboard and reevaluate their principles. The world and people aren't perfect, and sometimes assholes (even monsanto) have a hand in saving the future.

        • Anonymous

          The only reason people starved to death during the famine in Ireland in the 1840s was because all of the other food was being shipped to England. The potato crop did fail but there was plenty food being grown but your average person wasn't allowed to eat it.

        • The Blacksmith

          The Irish Potato Famine,I think that might have been that bad because of monoculture,The reliance on one food type,

          • Mike

            You might get a higher yield in one year using chemical fertilizers but in the long term you end up destroying the soil and a lower yield overall of crops that do not constitute real food as they are deficient in essential minerals. In any case your argument has nothing to do with GM crops since GM crops have been massive failure in terms of their productivity yielding less than the more conventional crops.

        • jim

          Except GMO foods cause cancer, infertility and organ damage. Kill bees, butterfies and birds. So fix all those little problems and GM food might work.

    • george

      sorry but the stupid are those who believe they can control everything.and those who accept to be subjected to any experiment the rich want to eat all the gmo yoiu want ,leave us alone in europe.i wish these nice guys in monsanto die soon.

      • cara trentadue

        i agree

      • Mike

        In 2007, then-US ambassador to France Craig Stapleton writes, quote, "Europe is moving backwards not forwards on this issue with France playing a leading role, along with Austria, Italy and even the [European] Commission…Moving to retaliation will make clear that the current path has real costs to EU interests and could help strengthen European pro-biotech voice."

        Ambassador Stapleton goes on to write, quote, "Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU since this is a collective responsibility, but that also focuses in part on the worst culprits. The list should be measured rather than vicious and must be sustainable over the long term, since we should not expect an early victory," he wrote.

        • Seanoamericano

          Notice the word sustainable The Unilateraly No good UN is ivolved .Anything with that term means that those worthless beuracrats are involved. I sure do wish another plane would fall out of the sky in NY and take the vile lot of them back to hell where they belong

    • fuck monsanto

      this is the dumbest thing I have read in quite some time. thank you. you made me chuckle. you must be a shill for monsanto.

    • Mike

      Maybe you are right.


    • Joe Mahmah

      If GMO foods were going to stop world hunger, don't you think it would have done so by now? Don't be so stupid as to believe something like that. It is a world experiment turning humans into lab rats. We have no idea what this will do to the future of the human race. We already have found that 2nd generation rats that have consumed only GMO foods have turned up sterile. This is population control at its finest…and don't forget, greed.

      • Alice

        They might stop world hunger if they were given the chance. Know-nothing know-it-alls like you prevent GM foods from ever having the chance.

        • Pat

          Really? I suppose that's why they genetically engineered plants to grow without producing seeds, eh? Do you suppose that's a great way to go about ending world hunger? It's definitely a great way to force poor countries to keep buying your seeds. Anyone who enters into a discussion by going around calling people names doesn't really deserve the attention I'm giving you, but now you know something you didn't know, I hope.

          • Jenn

            Thank you! GMO's produced by monstanto was never about feeding the worlds hungry. It was to produce a product that makes farmers dependant on its seed production and its specific pesticide 'round up ready'. Its a way to get dependence on a product. Like nicotine in ciggarettes, its a way to control profits. If you don't believe me, google it. I'm just a messanger. Also, it makes the global supply more susceptable to a super bug, GMO's lessen diversity which is natures way of ensuring plenty of options in case of a natural wipe out of one species. Just sayin'

          • sky

            right on pat! dec 5,1:02pm

        • GoogolHz

          GMO food is designed to make the patent holding corporations the most money in the short term. Life designs life, over millions of years, to maintain thriving balance. The short term thinking of GMOs dumps massive amounts of junk DNA into the biosphere food chain. It will take perhaps millions of years for life to correct this short sighted, individual benefiting mistake.

        • Joe Mahmah

          They have had 30 years to "prove" it, and world hunger is at an all-time-high. I don't claim to know it "all" but I won't argue my case unless I know what I'm talking about, and I KNOW THIS STUFF.

        • jim

          You would choose a food type that causes cancer, infertility and organ damage and say that is the solution to world hunger? seriously? do some research on what you are eating!

      • Mike

        The father of permaculture Bill Mollison said that permaculture systems are hundreds of times more productive and this is true but a basic study comparing monoculture with a plot containing 16 species found that the biodiverse system was 290% more productive.

    • IGMH-Indirect Geneti

      It's a fallacy to assume GMO is necessary to feed people. Utter ridiculousness. That is a lame-duck media spread sound-bite-meme that every single passerby, ignorant of the details, will parrot once they've absorbed it from the carefully prepared mainstream news source.

      Also, if GMO is SO smart and good for us, why is GMO banned from the seed vault in Norway?

      • IGMH-Indirect Geneti

        The ban on GMO seeds in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault still stands as of now.

        • Seanoamericano

          I wonder why? Could it be they are about as useless as the turds that sell them

    • Angus

      Death to Monsanto

    • Anonymous

      Actually, last year the planet produced enough food to feed 11 million people; a large proportion of that got fed to livestock or just wasted.

    • Aaron

      Actually, last year the planet produced enough food to feed 11 million people. Most of that was fed to livestock or wasted.

  • Mandy Cruz

    Monsanto is evil.

  • Hungarian

    Good on Hungary for destroying the crop. I wish Canada would grow a pair and start demanding the same for it's citizens instead of treating them like science experiments.

    As for the atrocious bigots attempting to usurp this discussion by commenting on Hungary's Roma population.. it's losers like you who can't understand the complexity and social destruction racist crap like yours does to a country. If you cared about Hungary or knew anything about Hungary's history you'd know most of the Roma population has lived in Hungary for 100's of years and have, when not used as scapegoats.. thrived in Hungarian culture.. culture includes government an most notably in music. It is only a moron who would choose to disregard Gypsies who are doing well in society as non-gypsies while discriminating against the poor and and marginalized just to make a desperate attempt at proving their point. I'm going to go barf up my Canadian gmo corn cereal now, and maybe go day dream about Hungary's fresh produce.

    • Des

      You wish Canada would grow a pair of crops?

      • claire


    • michelle

      I can understand not liking GE food, i personally dont care but i understand your reasons.. i believe you have every right to feel/think whatever you would like and to fight for them but really was destroying that much food a good thing? Was that GE food so bad that they couldnt have just taken it away and given it to people that dont have anything to eat? thats a lot of food, thats a lot of starving people who would have had a lot of food.. i dont think destroying food is ever a good thing.. it may not be all natural but it woulda have been 1000000 times better to have taken all the food away then destroyed whatever and donated it to a country, organization me the people who eat 2 times a week would have loved it.. just sad that we praise people wasting food that could have fed the hungry…and no i didn't mean the hungary lol.. not liking the way a food was made or that it isn't ideal doesnt mean it wasn't good enough..

      • Matt

        "i personally dont care" Really? Do you understand what a GE seed is?

        • Michele

          Animals that consistently eat GMO cannot reproduce offspring. It's sterilizes them, can you say depopulation of the human race. Check out the new documentary "Trive"

          • Michele

            Oh yea what about the bees. Do we really want the bees to be pollinating GMO? Why are all the bee colonies collapsing? GMO Guess what we can not live without the bee.period.

          • Mark

            "Check out the new documentary “Trive”"

            How about a link? Google comes up with nothing but thrive.

      • R Lee

        michelle, I believe that there were at least two reasons to destroy those crops…

        1) The fact that Hungary has established itself as a GMO Free Zone, the only way they can maintain the integrity of their crops (and laws), is to destroy any plant which is determined to be genetically modified.

        2) Given Monsanto's track record of suing the life out of any one who is caught growing their 'patented' crops, it prevents Monsanto from being able to file suit.

        What I would love to see happen, would be for someone to successfully sue Monsanto for cross contamination of a 'Certified Organic' crop, using the other edge of Monsanto's own sword… "We don't care where your genomes came from, you contaminated our crop, and you must pay for all of the present and future damage!"

        • Pj Brug

          Try checking out what the Canadian Percy Schmeiser did…I've met him personally…amazing guy. He stood up against them, he sued them and he won…but not until they almost killed him..they threatened his life and his family…it was terrible for them all. But he fought thru it and won in the end…a small victory for the world..a huge victory for the can be done. and yes..all the crops needed to be destroyed to avoid cross contamination. It is like a lethal virus with no has to be stopped.

      • Pete

        To feed those crops to people is like feeding them experimental drugs. No one knows if they are safe and don't have long term effects.

      • Joe Mahmah

        You do realize that 99% of all GMO corn is used to feed animals right? Maybe that doesn't sound so bad to you, but it also has almost NO nutritional value (and tases bad to boot). On top of that, the animals that are fed corn feed are only bred for human consumption. It goes all the way up the food chain. We are one huge lab experiment gone wrong.

        • Alice

          SIGH! No nutritional value? Where are you getting this crap?

          • Dee

            clearly you are uninformed!

        • T

          The reason we grow crops to feed to animals is because as monogastric animals (ie we have one stomach) we do not have the ability to get much nutritional value from a plant that is mostly cellulose. Therefore, we grow these plants to feed to animals (primarily cattle) that are ruminants (meaning they have a 4 chambered stomach). These animals are able to convert this cellulose (this is including the stalk and leaves, and other parts of the plant which humans consider inedible) into protein which we as humans can then eat and get nutrition from. Just thought I would explain that little fact.

          • Joe Mahmah

            You need to see the documentary "King Corn". It goes on to tell you how they have to slaughter the cows before they reach a certain age because otherwise they would all drop dead from heart disease from their diet of GMO seed and would render the meat useless. Grass-fed cows take much longer to get fat enough for slaughter but they produce a much healthier meat. The documentary never mentions GMO foods but when you see how much corn is produced JUST to feed cows, you KNOW it has to be GMO seed.

        • Todd

          Genetically modified food can't be generalized in any particular way. Whether there is or is not nutritional value, good/bad/no flavor, unintended biological effects, etc., is entirely dependent on how the organism was modified. Soybeans designed to create a weaponizable neurotoxin might be bad for example, but soybeans designed to synthesize a life-saving anti-carcinogenic compound might be good.

          Anyone who attempts to generalize by saying GM food is (fill in the blank) is either lying or misinformed.

          It is very possible to modify DNA to negative effect, or positive effect. One can not say that genetic modification is categorically good or bad.

          Furthermore, when DNA is ingested is is quickly broken down into small amino acids, at which point it makes no difference what the content of the DNA sequence was. It all becomes amino acid soup in the digestive system.

          All DNA is by definition pretty much the same. The only difference between a bacterium's and a chimpanzee's DNA is the order and number of base pairs, of which there are two: adenine-thymine (AT), and guanine-cytosine (GC). From a food standpoint it make no difference what the number or order of the base pairs are.

          It's a bit like worrying about what is printed on the newspaper you're using for fire starter.

          Most of what I see on this web site and in the comments sounds like ignorant superstition or fear-mongering. There are real possible risks with genetic engineering, but I don't see where anyone really understands them.

          • New York

            I understand your point, Tod, but I don't want to be a part of this experiment. That's my choice. Oh wait, I forgot, Monsanto doesn't really give anyone any choices.

          • sky

            if we put human health/nutrition aside,todd and just come from a strictly loss of a persons livelihood, then i'd like to imput the very real and disturbing FACT that if an organic food grower has his/her already established field, growing organic crops and a GM field or even a trial field is planted within the circumference of spreading,wind,birds etc. etc. then that persons-organic certification is gone forever along with income.. with GM growing spreading exponentially- then our future is one WITHOUT CHOICE, organic eating vs.non organic eating will no longer be in our hands. sounds historically familiar. sad very sad and this statement needs no backing up, it is a simple but unpalatable fact.

      • Karen

        You really don't get it do you. Do you take your out dated foods to the food bank because bad food is better than no food ?? How righteous of you

    • Another Hungarian in

      Well said.

    • brandon

      So now we have farmers in Hungary who have had their crops destroyed too late in the year to re-plant, which leaves them struggling even harder to make ends meet, who bought their seeds from a company which is insolvent that sold them under the guise of being non-GMO, and this was a smart move by the Hungarian government? It's doubtful the farmers will see any compensation for the destruction of the crops they planted with the good faith belief that they were natural seeds.

  • Monsantobusters

    Hungary is my HERO today!!! Screw "Monsanto" mean satan.

    The entire eastern and western Europe should destroy those GMO seeds NOW!!!

  • R Lee

    …and, I would not be heartbroken if, in addition to any actual damages, the Hungarians were to sue Monsanto for, say, 14 Trillion Dollars (US) in punitive damages (to be used as a global legal defense fund for any and all NON-GMO farmers who are being sued by owners of seed patents).

    • Derek

      Monsanto should be sued. They claim that all seed stock that contain their patented genetic markers are their property; and If these crops were grown illegally, then, they did not do their 'due diligence' in predetermining where these crops were going to be planted. This makes them 100% responsible for any damages owed to the farmers, and damages to natural Hungarian seed stock through genetic contamination, and any fines that will be and should be levied by the Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development. This kind of total disregard for a nation's food sovereignty is completely and utterly inexcusable!

  • bart

    monsatan is the devil

  • R Lee

    Of course, this means that the Hungarian farmers are totally screwed, unless they can figure out how to make Monsanto pay for the damages to this year's crops, but, what right does anyone have to place a patent on Life?

  • Federico Capoano

    Good news! Today i just finished to read the book "The World According to Monsanto" and I can see how all around the world GMOs are losing ground.

  • Andreas

    I salute Hungary and India. If the US were not so

    contaminated with greed, the people could do the

    same and wipe out GMO's. People with half a brain

    have spoken and the brainless are just walking zombies. Elimination of GMO's is paramount for the

    continued survival of nature and its tenant, man-kind.

    • bekir

      Wow i congratulate Hungary but i do not salute to this fashists who burn the houses of gypsies, why does it need a fashist government to do this.

      • Devils Advocate

        @bekir The Gypsies are thieves, liars and murderers, those who aren't are no longer gypsies, and WTF do gypsies have to do with GMO anyway?

        • David

          If they are thieves and murderers then try them in court. Don't burn their houses.

          • Devils Advocate

            Its the only way to get them to leave most of the time…

          • Realdeal


            They do "try" them in court. About 80% of people in Hungarian jails are Romas (Gypsies).

            It is interesting to note, that only about 10% of the Hungarian population is of Gypsy heritage.

            All the same, this has nothing to do with GMOs.

            • Anonymous

              can you say straw man?

            • george

              propably roma have to do with gmo because they are moving around,looking propably for things to plant,and not have own ground,they plant the seeds anywhere and spread contamination?i m not sure about this ,i m only guessing.fact is in greece for example gypsies are also a big percentage in prisons ,this is because of their social status and others social factors.not because it is in their blood or lets leave aside the racist remarks,and try to fight these few rich who want to get more profit on our backs.gege?

        • Anonymous

          the devil is the father of all lies, and all liars, thieves and murderers

          so how come you aren't gypsies advocate as well then?

    • Udhayji

      Andreas, but in India, there are some of these political criminals who are trying to bring in the Monsanto thugs!! It is so sad…