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Strep Throat Treatment – How to Treat Strep Throat Naturally

Mike Barrett
December 30th, 2011
Updated 05/19/2013 at 7:38 pm
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throatsore 263x164 Strep Throat Treatment How to Treat Strep Throat NaturallyStrep throat is a very common problem, driving countless individuals to see a doctor for antibiotic treatment. But as with virtually all other problems, no drugs are required for strep throat treatment. In fact, there are rather simple and natural solutions for staving off and treating a case of strep. Unfortunately, the medical establishment can’t have you recognizing these ridiculously simple solutions for the problem, however, as drug sales and subsequent profit would take a nosedive. To avoid pharmaceutical treatment, you must learn how to treat strep throat naturally yourself.


First, it’s important to know the symptoms of strep throat. Here is a list of symptoms before moving forward:

  • Sudden and intense sore throat
  • Yellow and/or whiteness in the throat
  • Pain and/or difficulty swallowing
  • Swollen tonsils or lymph nodes in the neck or throat
  • Fever over 101 degrees fahrenheit (38.3 celcius)

Strep Throat Treatment Gone Wrong – Resorting to the Doctor for Questionable Pharmaceuticals

As mentioned, with strep throat (which is contagious) comes some rather painful and uncomfortable symptoms. Symptoms like a sever sore throat, difficulty swallowing, body aches and a high fever are enough to ignite a doctor visit if you don’t know of any solutions. Unfortunately the medical establishment’s solution to all health-related problems is simply to prescribe a drug that may be loaded with side effects. Why learn of natural methods for strep throat treatment? The heavy use of antibiotics, which are always prescribed to treat strep throat, are perpetuating illnesses impossible to treat. Further, antibiotics are over-prescribed for sore throats specifically.

If you want to know how to treat strep throat naturally and avoid questionable prescription drugs, begin implementing and experimenting with the following solutions; you can take care of strep throat naturally and with very little or even no potential side effects.

Solutions for Strep Throat – How to Treat Strep Throat Naturally

  • Apple Cider Vinegar - Perhaps the most effective method for strep throat treatment and known to help the body recover from countless conditions, apple cider vinegar really is an amazing liquid that could rid you of throat problems. Adding on to the many benefits of apple cider vinegar, you can help treat strep simply by gargling with the liquid after it has been diluted in a glass of warm water. The amount of ACV used may vary from person to person, but using 1-3 teaspoons in 8oz of water may be enough. You could always use a different amount, such as 1/4 cup of ACV in 16oz of water. This solution could work in as little as 30 minutes, but don’t be worried if it takes a bit longer. If you enjoy or can handle the taste, try mixing it with some water and sipping it throughout the day. Use raw organic apple cider vinegar with “the mother” for optimal results.
  • Vitamin C – Although vitamin C is widely known to cure scurvy, the vitamin can be taken to help combat viruses, stress, and promote health overall. Taking 1,000mg of quality vitamin C 3 times daily can produce amazing results, especially when combined with other solutions for treating strep throat.
  • Cayenne Pepper – Next to apple cider vinegar, cayenne is also one of the most revered natural remedies for strep and sore throat. Try taking some cayenne and mixing it in a small amount of water, or simply utilize the powder on its own. Then dip a Q-tip or some other usable brush into the solution and dab it on the back of your throat. You could also make a paste out of raw organic honey and cayenne pepper by mixing about 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper with the honey, and then rub the paste on the back of your throat – the health benefits of honey are also incredible. Alternatively, you could use fresh lemon juice for the mixture instead of warm water or honey.

The best part about the above options for strep throat treatment is that they also boost overall health – quite the opposite of pharmaceutical drugs. Now that you know how to treat strep throat naturally, it may be time to chuck the prescription drugs and start bringing natural solutions into your life. Please share your experiences with others, and what has worked and hasn’t worked for you.

Note: Strep throat can be a more serious issue for children. If nothing seems to work, don’t hesitate to seek some medical attention.

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About Mike Barrett:
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  • Chelsea Barrett

    The problem is, you don’t know if you have strep unless you are tested for it. A big swollen throat with white spots, fever, body aches, etc, could also mean a viral infection, in which case antibiotics are not to be used, and instead bed rest and “suffering in silence,” as my doctor puts it, are what will cure you. But if you do have strep, the bacteria attacks your heart, not just your throat, and that’s why truly being cured of it is important. If you did cure yourself from strep naturally, that’s great, but you should at least get tested for it to be sure it’s gone.

  • the_chemist_of_discord

    Criminally bad advice for a bacterial infection that, left unchecked, will spread in bloodstream. Why didn’t you just suggest praying to the moon?

  • KareemAbdul


    Oreganol p73 worked magic on the throat and some sinus infections. ACV is nice, so are silverbiotics, but Oreganol is the best.

  • cpmt

    maybe you should try honey from Australia or new Zeland ‘manuka?” (or something like that). it’s antibiotic, it’s a little expensive but for my daughter was cured with it or helped her a lot since she ate it she had not more throat problems or infections.

  • cpmt

    what is KYOLIC GARLIC? WHERE CAN you get it?

  • cpmt

    well this comment was written a year ago but just in case, what is ACV? and how do you use the oil of oregano (and thyme both are antibacterial) and where can you get silvercillin? and what herbal teas are you using? I will appreciate if anyone knows the answers.
    2. It seems to me your immune system is a little weak. may be you should get or do something to improve it? natural ways.
    3. Are you sure there is not a free clinic where you live that they can see you (a doctor) for free or very low price? (even a hospital) you should check on that.

    • KareemAbdul

      Apple Cider Vinegar. Must be the nasty looking stuff with “the mother” in it, like Braggs.

      Oreganol p73, ON (not under) the tongue and/or SinuOrega – can get on scamazon or local vitamin store. Also can take capsules of Oreganol. I have all three and am never without them in winter.

      SilverBiotics, I think you can find on scamazon or any sources. It’s brilliant for pinkeye, styes or ear infections where you wouldn’t put oregano b/c oregano oil burns.

      Cone flowers are growing now (echinacea) and you can make your own immune boosting formulas.

  • Edwinn

    Male 56 y/o: Our family has always used a warm salt water gargle (made with table salt) for treating a sore throat. This usually clears up sore throat symptoms in 1-3 days, sometimes over night. Also when sinus infection is present, you can snort warm salt water with an eye dropper. Be sure to drink plenty of purified/filtered water!

  • Stephanie Jones

    What is a nutribullet? You have great points! everyone should eat natural foods and not processed! Not too sure why that makes you “an idiot” lol but thanks for the tips!

    • cpmt

      IT IS A electric blender/juicer (brand name) that its in ‘fashion’ now on TV. I THINK he, Rodney, was jockeying in his comments.
      the best its to take the minerals and vitamins and herbs together that ‘pump your immune system and at the same time ‘disinfect’ and its antibacterial : like thyme, oregano and other herbs, Zinc, VIT. C.etc and eat chicken soup. rest, that will help

  • Idiot

    Because sugar, meat, dairy, and cake are not natural at all. Idiot.

  • Doc

    I am a huge advocate of natural remedies, however being a physician and knowing the fatal complications of strep – it is highly recommended to take antibiotics for this infection – as it is preventive. If you only go the natural route- the Group A Strep bacteria will slowly enter into your blood stream and start to accumulate on your heart valves – this is how rheumatic heart disease develops – that is why antibiotics are so important.

    • cpmt

      I agree with you. We shouldn’t play games with something so serious. If it’s something else not this serious ok to go with herbal +vitiamins+ mineral way.

  • kenken

    I’m 13 and I don’t know for sure if I have strep throat all I know is I have red bumps on the back of my tounge and my throat hurt what should I take

  • Grace

    This can be caught by a cold, a SEVERE one that is. It can be passed on from human to human.

  • Sarah

    i have had strep throat since last Friday, was put on amoxicillon pills & they haven’t started to work yet. a few people said it takes awhile to kick on (depending on severity); are there any home remedies that will 100% work? im so sick of feeling like this!

  • derekwardlies

    so what would be a “quality” vitamin c ?

  • blaster

    You should so stupid. For real.

  • Tracy Crystal

    Oh my gosh! I know this was from 10 months ago, but I hope you didn’t keep on your antibiotics. You’re obviously allergic to them! I found out I was allergic to antibiotics after the first time I had strep throat. I was allergic to the first two they gave me, finally they gave me steroids, benadryl and a third antibiotic (that I thankfully was not allergic to) before I finally felt better. If medication causes you to break out in a rash, you should contact your doctor and find one you’re not allergic to!

  • Lucia

    Lucia ; You can use several things regarding your throat the two most dangerous infections are staph. and strep.bacterial infections for both you can use olive leaf extract (from solgar or source naturals ) colloidal silver and if you mix in one tablespoon of pure honey with 3 drops of tea tree essential oil and two drops of bergamot essential oil. and stir it very thoroughly with a smal fork till the honey turns whitish cover it with a piece of clingfilm(make it in a little glass or porcelaine bowl cause essential oils can dissolve plastic upon contact). Now this will be your daily dose for an adult take a dab of this on your finger and rub it gently on the left and right on the back of your throat 4 or 5 times a day . make a new batch evryday and do this silver, olive leaf and honey mix for at least a week even if you feel better continue otherwise it will return.regarding your toothbrushes i always put my toothbrush in a mixture of 50 ml of 50% pure alcohol with 5 drops of tea tree oil i put this in a longdrink glass and cover it with a lid leave the brush in at least 10 minutes. if you do this every time after you brushed you will rarely get infections in your mouth. by the way if you have an infection your partner might have it too and should also be treated.

  • BruceEWoych

    True strep is much more rare than sore throats which can vary in severity. The idea of letting your body do the fighting is currently supported by many medically informed practices. Typically the body is actually strengthened when it faces these naturally occurring confrontations. But 1st and foremost, healthstudent (below comment) is correct. Strep is dangerous. When symptoms or incidence of real strep in a localized area arise, it needs to be cultured to be sure. True strep can go asymptomatic. It is the height of folly to second guess it because consequences can be permanent. People used to routinely die from strep in the era prior to antibiotics. Rheumatic fevers can actually contort the heart’s position. Complications later in life are assured even when one survives. Gum disease and lost teeth are only some of the more common results of strep infections that are left untreated. Homeopathic and alternative treatments do not guarantee anything when it comes to strep, and masking symptoms is a dangerous path. The fact is that treating strep as soon as possible will reduce potential complications, and any other course is dangerous. Once again this does not apply to standard sore throats that often run there course for the normal person and will respond nicely to a throat gargle astringent of any kind. One point is to avoid sugars that not only feeds bacteria but has a tendency to enlarge the glands as a result. This is especially true at night before bedtime. The one question we generally ask in our family is…do you know of anyone around your circle of friends that are sick, and were they diagnosed? Strep in schools and around holidays is more prevalent. By all means treat your sore throats at home and with educated common sense. But if you suspect strep is a real threat it should be swabbed and cultured. Confirm it and be sure…otherwise stay away. It would be nice if Home kits were available, but that is where the money trail starts!

  • healthstudent

    True infection with the Strep bacteria should be treated with antibiotics. This prevents possible sequelae, the most serious being damage to the heart. A simple sore throat is fine to treat with homeopathic remedies, but suggesting a treatment that could lead to permanent heart damage is irresponsible at best.

    • cpmt

      a cousin of mine got strep throat when he was young. it went to his heart He died in his 30′s of heart problems. He didn’t go to a doctor because there was a war and couldn’t find any at the time. IT COULD BE VERY DANGEROUS if not treated.

    • MadWorld

      In what percentage of cases does Strep Throat result in heart damage? Thank you.

  • cass

    Bummer I live in canada.. move here ..strep sucks I’d rather give birth again than strep …

  • bmb

    I have strep right now. I did the cayenne pepper thing.
    Lets just say it went in and came up n out 5 min after I swallowed.

    • derekwardlies

      so how much cayenne are you taking and how?

  • Annie

    Actually, most of these items are NOT just treating symptoms; for example, raw honey is an antibiotic (kills bacteria). Most of these things assist the body’s own immune system in fighting off the disease, which is what the immune system is all about. Common strep is not a flesh-eating bacteria. No one actually dies from fever alone. Fever means your body is fighting infection, as uncomfortable as that may be. I’m guessing most people posting on here have done more study on biology and remedies than you have, Alex.

  • Annie

    So many people think they can’t go to the doctor because they don’t have insurance! Ok, it’s going to cost you more, between $40-$80 for an office visit, but insurance is not a necessity to visit the doctor. I don’t understand why so many people can find money for their cable bill, their cell phone, cigarettes and alcohol, but won’t spend some money when they are sick. I realize there are some true hard luck stories out there, but I just want to dispel the myth that insurance is a NECESSITY to go see a doctor for strep!

  • Shannon

    I have to second that thought. I normally go to the doctor as soon as a figure out I have strep, and I’ve had it enough times to tell the difference between a regular allergy or cold induced sore throat and strep throat. However, with it being Christmas yesterday, I’ve been trying the honey, garlic, and cayenne pepper method. It certainly helps sooth. It has been about 24 hours since my onset, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse. Normally with strep I would be in agony by now.

    I will most likely be making an appointment to see the doctor this morning though. ..or at the very least I’ll be heading to the grocery store for some ACV, because I couldn’t even buy that on Christmas.

  • chris

    But they don’t work! Just read the latest medical testing, and I am living proof they don’t work!!!!

    • cpmt

      maybe they give you the wrong antibiotic or is generic, not all generics work, specially if they are made in India or China. Tell the doctor to change the antibiotic. eat and drink herbal teas -oregano+thyme+…ginger+ coconut water+ … all are antibacterial. *****I will like to know how is the cayenne paste is used. you just eat it???

  • chris

    Been DXwith strep 10 times in 2 years, tried every antibiotic out there
    and i am a health nut.
    Now I know its back 1 week after 10 days of Levaquin and now I am trying the garlic, cayenne, and honey. I hope it works BC antibiotics don’t.

  • marsh kolley

    Thats great coz this thing really worked for me too. I think it needs to be used according to the proportionality.

    cellulite treatment cream

  • Amanda Agwuocha

    I was wondering how you are doing? I have been battling with on and off strep for the last 7 months with 5 cases. I got retested after my last round of antibiotics and tested negetive for strep but a month later I am feeling the onset again. The funny thing is that my first case was severe but all of my reoccuring cases have not been severe, just itching in my ears, a twinge of pain in my throat and major fatigue but I still just force myself to go through the day normally but just don’t have energy. I am worried to go back to the doctor as they will want to take my tonsils out and was wondering if any of these remedies worked for you.

  • samantha

    I just got strep throat today I want to cure it fast

  • jrf773

    I am surprised that gargling sea salt and warm water didn't make the list.

  • Stalina Dsouza

    I recently got a bad sore throat, and the phlegm I've been spitting out is a dark-ish yellow.

    What are some good treatments for a sore throat? Home treatments (such as tea and honey) or medicines (syrup, Cepacol, etc)?

    Please let me know, thank you!

  • BaZo

    As i was reading i cant hadle all the stuff stucking im my throat so i went to the pharmacie and asked for solution they gave me amonium choride (white powder) and told me to put it on brush or finger and apply to the throat after i did this couple of times in the day it was healed in like 24h i can say adults use only coz it burns the shit out u of it :))) but it helps

  • Kim Oberoi

    I have had a cough & a kind of sore throat for about 2 weeks now. It's ridiculous. Also, my throat glands (or whatever it's called) feel incredibly swollen. It hurts really bad to lift my tongue up too & even when it's just in it's normal position it STILL hurts. WTF?
    I don't have any meds, can't afford that stuff. So, what are some natural, home remedies for this? Could it just be allergies?

  • Todd

    How many times a day should the ACV solution be used, and for how many days?

  • J10

    Amazing! But, what if you just got prescribed to some pills from the doctor for strep? Is it still safe to use the natural remedies the web site referred to?

  • asim

    how exactly caused? please reply

  • Rodney Walker

    I want to point out something none of you are talking about. While I'm sure all of the remedies above work, you have to make sure that you are not hitting a brick wall. For many of you, these natural resources would work faster, if you ate the correct foods while on these remedies. You can't take a remedy, then head over to mcdonalds for a big mac.

    Bottom line is the body is sick. It doens't matter the name of the disease, because in reality all natural stuff is the only thing that should be in the body anyway, and if our lifestyle was of natural foods only, we wouldn't get sick most of the time. Heres what I suggest. While fighting your illness, go get you a Nutribullet. Use the recipes and use them hard. You will gain valuable nutrition while usin the remedy which will fight off your problem fast, no matter what the disease.

    Do not eat cakes, sugar, fake juices, meat, dairy, or any of that. Eat natural foods only.

    • Anonymous

      Right on buddy! I 100% agree. & I love my nutribullet. I got sick after a recent trip to vegas where it’s not so easy to eat healthy like I do at home but I refuse to go see a dr who will only prescribe me antibiotics, which will damage me even more. Thanks for the reminder that I am my own healer! :)

  • Keith Kraft

    IEveryone's body heals differently and all of these suggestions can work but aren't necessarily the best option for everyone.
    I came down with strep yesterday morning, 24hrs later my throat was swollen out of control, painfully red, and was excruciatingly painful to swallow. I went to an urgent care and after dishing out $170 for a visit the doc told me that strep will in most cases go away on its own after a day or two without use of any medications. He continued to tell me that the Penicillin is a preventative measure to keep from getting a possible heart disease as well as other diseases that are sometimes the result of strep.
    I haven't been to a western medicine doc in 4 years and try to use holistic medicine for most illnesses but I think its important to take meds when you have a possibly life threatening illness such as strep.
    I've been drinking lots of tea with honey, lemon, and fresh ginger as well as keeping myself very hydrated. day two I began feeling better and by the evening of day two I'd say i'm about 50% better with help of antibiotics. I just began drinking/gargling with the ACV which I've heard is great for a numerous amount of ailments.
    As for the pain i've used tylenol sore throat syrup, it works instantly and lasts long. This time around my local walgreens was out of it so I picked up Chlorasepitic throat spray which works great but I still prefer the tylenol syrup more.
    I also gargle with colloidal silver several times a day as its the only thing I use to get over most illnesses.
    Oil of oregano is great but to painful for me to deal with while having a sore throat.
    Hope this info helps, sore throats are the worst…

  • james228

    i always suffer this too…good to know that their are easy to find home remedies readily available. real great blog post you got in here. thanks a lot.

  • likeitornot48

    I have a severe case of strep throat, started one kind of antibiotic, got a big tummy rash, so Dr. gave me another, not my rash is worse and my gums are getting swollen… .. do I keep on the antibiotics in spite as I don't want to risk any further heart damage. MY ears, swollen glands, jaw, throat all are darn hurtful

  • Jim

    I researched a natural cure for strep and found a site that had several treatment options, including ACV, garlic, honey, tumeric, cayenne pepper, echinachea tea, etc. I chose the honey, garlic and cayenne paste, and ate it several times a day. My strep came on as a sore throat, no big deal, and then blew up overnight Friday a couple of weeks ago. Since it was the weekend, and since I don’t have insurance, I wanted to wait until Monday to go to urgent care. Then I started looking for a way to treat myself. Guess what? It worked. It seemed like the infection was gone – no more pain, no more spots. Here is the lesson; don’t stop taking your chosen remedy. I stopped after about 4 days, and it has now come back. However, it obviously works, because I had it on the ropes when I thought it was cured. Think about it – for how long do they tell you to take antibiotics? Right, 10 days. So why would I assume that a natural cure could eradicate the bacteria in less than half the time? Whatever you choose, take it for 10 days.

  • anniemax

    Not sure if I have strep, but I woke up with a pretty sore throat. Didn't have ACV, but did have pepper and honey. Made the paste and put it on with a Q-tip. It burned a little for a second, but wasn't bad and my sore throat is basically gone.

  • Lilliana

    I’ve had strep for about a week now and it is very painful I have white patches on my tonsils and got to the point where my body was so weak I had the chills and a really bad fever. I’ve been taking antibiotics and I still don’t see much of a difference. I’m a little scared now because I’m getting really nauseous and my heart is starting to beat harder when I sleep I’m worried but I’m not covered yet with health insurance so idk what to do….

  • Stalina Dsouza

    My throat is killing me and I have white patches all over my tonsils so I'm almost positive it's strep. First, does strep throat go away without treatment? And second, what can help with this killer pain? Would Tylenol, Advil, Aleve or something else be best?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Tiffany

    These, and other natural remedies I've read up on seem valid for adults, but what do you recommend for a child? There is no way I can get my 3-year-old to gargle anything, nor allow me to rub anything on her throat. When she's sick, she is ubber cranky. I want to avoid another round of antibiotics because she already had a round at the beginning of this month.

    • pdxsong

      I had a 2 year old that has strep. what did you end up doing for your 3 year old?

  • Brian

    I have strep now, and have had it for almost two months. I took two courses of antibiotics, and thought it was cured. A month later, it's back. I am now on my second course of antibiotics, and it's not going away. I'm not getting better. My doctor says they have been seeing more cases of strep that seem to be resistant to antibiotics!

    I will try all these remedies and hope something works! For those of you who say antibiotics are the only cure, I have bad news for you: they aren't working any more!

    • Izzy

      I would suggest if you haven't already to change your toothbrush. It could be recontaminating you.

    • Anonymous

      Research strep and the gut. It can live in your gut.

  • dogfish

    Try gargling with snake oil mixed with some houndstooth mushroom gills

  • nichelle

    Instead of antibiotics you can just get the shot. Not sure why people take the pills when you only need the shot once.
    Throat coat works wonders too, but without meds it's just going to keep coming back.

    • valerie

      well i took antibiotics for 10 days as directed and a week later my strep was back. And as for the shot, its pointless cause it doesnt, nor hasnt worked on anybody i know. Like many others have said, Antibiotics dont work anymore!! All they are doing is creating a SUPER BUG!! Thats just as deadly as if the infection spread without being on antibiotics! So since ive tried antibiotics over and over again and got nothing!! im going with the natural course of life. Not something the government created to make there pockets bigger!

  • Christina burgess

    I had strep throat for 3 days and had fever that won’t go down I need help bad

  • Suzylnn

    These are effective alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs however they only work if you use them at the onset. Strep can be dangerous if it continues and you will need antibiotics.

  • Taylor

    I'm 23 and my entire life, if i got seriously sick, I'd go see the doctor and take antibiotics. I've gotten strep throat several times in my life. Well I just got it 7 days ago again. I don't have health insurance so didn't want to pay to see a doctor and then buy the antibiotics.

    So I looked for a natural approach to curing it. I searched and found multiple remedies, but less than a handful seemed widely popular.

    What I used: oil of oregano, silvercillin, acv, cayenne pepper, garlic and some herbal teas.

    However, what I believed really did the trick and took the strep out was the oil of oregano with the silvercillin in 2nd place.

    Last Sunday morning I felt a sore throat coming on, but it was nothing big then. The next day I wokeup and had a nasty sore throat and felt like crap, very sluggish. So I drank hot herbal teas as well as crushed up garlic and acv. It helped, but not by much. The next day (tuesday) I wokeup with an even nastier sore throat. Now I had a fever and really felt like crap. I looked at the back of my throat and saw a couple white/ yellow spots in the back. I knew I had strep. I went out to a natural health store and was recommended to try Silvercillin. I bought it and sprayed in 6-8 times about 4-6 times/ day.

    I wakeup the next day (Wednesday) and my throat is terrible. The night before I could hardly sleep because the pain of swallowing. I was getting tempted to just say F it and see a doctor because of the pain. My tonsils were HUGE, had a fever and everything ached. I researched oil of oregano and bought some. I use 2 doses at 5 drops before going to sleep.

    Thursday, still the same pain, same terrible throat, huge tonsils, fever and felt like the walking dead. Half of me wants to go to the doctor really bad, the other half tells me to wait it out a day or 2 more. So I take about 4 does of oregano at 6 drops each time throughout the day. I use the silvercillin about 4-5 doses also. The oregano does help soothe your throat a bit instantly.

    Friday, feeling much better, but still minor sore throat, still huge tonsils…but no fever and less body aches. I continue thursdays regimen and keep drinking herbal teas.

    Saturday and I'm feeling pretty dang good. About 80% of my sore throat is gone, no more body aches and I'm feeling a bit more energized, a bit more like my normal self. I continue the same regimen of oregano/ silvercillin.

    Today, no sore throat at all, no body aches at all, and I'm feeling about 95% back to normal. My tonsils are at about 90% and almost back to normal. I only take 2 doses of oregano and 2 of silvercillin.

    So I can finally say… I beat strep throat naturally! All of the haters out there against natural remedies and have the "take the antibiotics or your dead" belief, you are wrong! Yes you will have to take some pain. I was in excruciating pain Monday night through Thursday..everytime I swallowed I would have to pinch myself or something to distract me from the pain. But just take the oil of oregano and silvercillin, drink your herbal teas and eat your chicken noodle soup. It works!

    Sorry for the longgggg post, but when i was in serious pain this is all i wanted to read. Exact remedies to take and to know exactly what to do and someone who had great results.

    Good luck to you!

    • pdxsong

      thanks for the info. glad to hear it worked for you!

  • Amy

    Perhaps if I caught it early, maybe some of this
    stuff would work. But let me be a voice of warning, if you truly have Strep, don’t mess around for 2 days like I did. Because I really wanted to treat myself, I waited 3 days before going to the Dr. and man, that was a mistake!! My throat was so painful and swollen, I could barely speak or swallow my own saliva. The infection ended up also affecting my larynx and I ended up with laryngitis as well.
    I’m not a big advocate of antibiotics, but in cases of Strep, I’m gonna have to go with a little bit of chemistry ;)

  • Carol

    What if you have no insurance and no doctor because of the economy, not because you are a natural grue? Then what are you supposed to do? I can go to any store and buy natural ingredients, but I can not go to a pharmacy and purchase a drug that is prescription only. Any suggestions?

  • Brandon

    Eating a bunch of garlic and taking echinacea at the first sign of symptoms would be just as effective as prescribed antibiotics. Only at the beginning does it really matter, as strep is a virus.

    I felt terrible yesterday, so drank white vinegar (had no acv), popped echinacea, ate garlic and apple sauce, drank orange juice, apple juice, and water. Today I don’t feel feverish nor do I have the chills, started spitting up mucus as soon as I awoke. My throat is still inflamed with sores, so now that I feel awake enough to drive I’m going to get some cayenne.

    • Brandon

      Oh, also, don’t get those throat drops that you suck on. My friend picked some up for me and they are LOADED with crap and sugar.

  • mia

    Work up on Tuesday with a horrible pain in my throat and swollen glands. I didn’t want to go to the doctors ad I am a firm believer that the body heals itself but you have to treat it and nourish it properly. Since I did not go to the doctors I decided to Google natural remedies to cure strep throat…which I came to this website and I am glad I did. I immediately started to garglr acv diluted with water. I can’t tell you the instant relief I had from my sore throat. It was amazing. I took 2000 grams of vitamin c once in the morning after I gargled a few times and also sipped on dilutede acv throughout the day and about 2 days later my symptoms were almost gone 95% gone! I couldn’t believe it. I am so greatful that I found this site. I will utilize the recommendations for natural remedies this site has to offer more and more.

    • Blake

      When sipping throughout the day, do you swallow it?
      What kind of ACV did you use-?

    • alex

      I am all for natural remedies to treat symptoms.nsaids are not great for your organs and cough drops are filled with sugar and artificial ingredients. But strep is least serious in the throat, and if the bacteria spreads to any of your vital organs it can do swift and irreparable damage. That is what bothers me about these sites, these are symptom remedies, not cures. The symptoms are not what is dangerous, it is the flesh eating bacteria strep. Mike barret, you need to be careful. If this mia girl gets seriously sick because you’ve instructed your readers to “chuck” the antibiotics, you would be 110% liable. Antiobiotics are why nobody dies from “fever” anymore, and can be combined with your suggestions to promote overall health. Best of luck!

      • Stacey

        Vinegar will actually kill the bacteria, so will the acid in black tea. Research before you start posting crap, please.

  • Louis

    My wife has strep throat and we went to the dr and got some med but it is not getting better. I am going to try the ACV and see how this work. I am hoping this helps…thanks for the help.

  • Heidi

    What ever cure you use you need to throw out your toothbrush, use a new cheap one while taking your cure, and when your throat feels better throw out that toothbrush and get another new one. The germs live on your toothbrush and if you do not change it when you are done with medication your strep will come back. I found this out the hard way many years ago with 4 rounds of strep before someone told me to use a new toothbrush..

    • michelle

      the toothbrush!!! ahhhh I can feel strep coming back for third time and although there are other factors at play, I can't believe I didn't think about that sick germy toothbrush I've used all along even when having strep and after… DUH!!! Thanks for that!!

    • pdxsong

      great point. my dr. just confirmed me with strep today and she mentioned that

    • Kristin

      Yep, that just happened to me too! I just threw out my toothbrush yesterday, but my strep is already coming back strong. I have been taking Zinc, Vitamin C, 500PPI Collodial Silver and just drank my water with ACV. I feel a bit better. Hopefully it won't be a long night.

    • Michele

      Soak your toothbrushes in peroxide! It will totally clear the germs!

  • vitamingrama

    But if you have severe allergies to antibiotics you have to use alternative remedies. Antibiotics can cause bacteria to form biofilm forts for protection. When the coast is clear, the bacteria are back with a vengeance and folks just keep taking more and more antibiotics creating tougher bugs.

  • Ginger

    I think the natural way will work the best if you can start it immediately . Don’t wait till your symptoms are full blown

    • Josephine

      that can actually be one of the best.. and i guess i've got to agree with you know… it will be into something..
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  • a guy

    The article helped. My throat was horrible the last 3 days…now im eating tacps in disbelief

  • AJ

    I have strep throat right now and I live with acute bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema. On top of that my allergies are terrible. When they begin to drain I end up very sick. My chest feels like someone is standing on it and it’s ready to explode. They prescribed me an steriod inhaler as well as an albuterol inhaler. I have to take allergy medicine that never seems to work. Last night my chest was so heavy and my throat was killing me. Since the breathing treatments wasn’t working nor the mucinex d (of which wires me and keep me up all night) I resulted in trying my own remedies. I took 4 tsp of acd with cayenne pepper mixed, then I took a hot hot bath. It opened my airways and made my chest stop hurting. This morning I awoke and immediately began coughing up all that junk in my chest. Coincidence? Not sure but ill be taking a teaspoon everyday from now on. My grandma used give me a tsp of honey and acv when I was little for sore throats. Turns out she was right again.

    • AJ

      4 tsp of acv not acd, lol apple cider vinegar.

  • Stephanie

    I think that the author of this article has a gross misunderstanding of strep throat and its treatment. Physicians do NOT prescribe antibiotics to cure patients of their throat pain, or even the throat infection itself. Antibiotics are given for strep throat to prevent serious and potentially fatal long-term complications of a strep infection, including rheumatic heart disease and kidney failure. I am supportive of natural cures whenever possible, but if someone has an actual strep throat infection (not just throat pain), they should receive medical treatment.

    • E

      I completely agree. The first time I unknowingly had strep I never went to the doctor and my symptoms went away after about a month but the bacteria spread and was present during a cholesterol check in my blood. I eat apple cider vinegar daily and put cayanne pepper on everything not realizing it was a good home remedy, just my favorite foods. without antibiotic treatment after that lucky cholesterol check it could have spread to my heart or my brain and I could have had permanent brain damage or died. It is very important to see a doctor and not take treatment into your own hands!

    • heddy

      You are contradicting yourself. as in "antibiotics are given for strep throat". Not everyone is at risk for the whole enchilada of illnesses you are describing here; most are not.

      • Stephanie

        Heddy, You are right about my contradiction, and I apologize if my wording was confusing. I should have written that antibiotics are prescribed "with the presentation of strep throat" and not necessarily "for strep throat." You are also right in saying that not everyone is at risk for rheumatic fever or kidney damage post-streptococcal infection. However, it is not based on commonality but on severity that physicians choose to prevent these illnesses with antibiotic therapy. It is also probably due to antibiotic therapy that their commonality has decreased significantly in the western world over past decades.

        • Quazi

          generally natural cures don't have side affects while prescriptions do. for example amoxicillin can cause nausea and vomiting. gargling apple cider vinegar doesn't do that to your system. I'm not saying that prescriptions are bad, and in some cases they are necessary, but natural solutions are generally the better route to take.

          • J10

            I agree completely. Quazi and Stephanie, I have strep throat now and have already taken 2 pills from the doctor. I'm very young so as this Mike is saying the prescription is necessary for me, but natural remedies are much more comfortable and sometimes quicker without side effects and all.

  • Mr. Herb

    I dabbed cayenne pepper on my throat after waking up in the middle of the night with sore throat and thick congestion in my cough that was felt in my chest. The cayenne helped break up the congestion which was trying to build up while I was laying down trying to sleep. When I woke up in the morning no thick congestion like the last time. This is the first time it reversed overnight I have taken antibiodics from doctor that have eased the pain but the congestion was still built up by morning time and it took longer it seems for the actual unhealth bacterial virus to weaken. I would like to know how the drugs from MD help fight virus because the sooner virus leaves the sooner sympoms and danger to other areas leave. I work at a place where docter had to stop prescribing natural remedies like vitamins at the same time the economy started doing really bad. But I am open to get an understanding of how theantibiodics work better then the natural remedies in efforts to fight the actual virus not just symptoms.

  • Justin

    white vinegar works also.

    • Sage

      From what I've found, most white vinegars are GMO.

  • Mel

    IMMEDIATE comfort with the ACV. Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing if it stops the infection completely.

  • source

    My best friend of 16 years over the last year has shown how she has been an alcoholic for a long time and she is in self-destruct mode. She's had help and now she is refusing help and she's only been out of a home 5 days and already she has been found drunk and has fell over in the street and couldn't remember where she lived a taxi driver had to use her phone to contact one of us to tell us I feel so sad I can't help my friend who must be in so much pain

    • john roho

      maybe your friend should try some tomato juice,cayenne pepper, and vodka(garnish with celery). That's the perfect cure for being a self-destructive drunk.

    • CME

      Dear Source. It looks like you posted in the wrong place, but I am a recovering alcoholic with strep throat so no biggie. :) I have this advice for YOU and not your friend. You need to go to an al-anon meeting asap. google al-anon in your area. It will help you understand what to do for your friend and it will help you to heal.

  • Deb

    Great article. Always love reading about alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Definitely worth trying and definitely something I will share with my blog readers! Thanks!

    • hazelmae89

      I guess if you are treating with the right treatment then for sure you'll have to recover quickly.
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  • KEN

    The EARLIER you catch the sore throat —- the BETTER the results

  • Pam

    Collodial Silver is a broad spectrum antibiotic and is all natural. Good for fungus, bacterial, and any other sort of infections. We use it on ourselves and our animals. NO SIDE EFFECTS and it doesn't ruin the good intestinal bacteria we all need to stay healthy. Pharma antibiotics can't say that.

    • nikki

      I am using a collodial silver gel. I also have the liquid. It doesnt seem to be working very well. The lady at the herb store said it kills the bacteria within 6 minutes of contact. Any advice?? I am a firm believer in natural cures and refuse to take antibiotics.

    • Caryl

      here's a link to Mayo Clini about Collodial Silver:

  • Valkyrie

    Eat yoghurt containing live bacteria (4-6 times a day). The more live bacteria in the yoghurt, the better. Don’t drink afterwards, let the yoghurt sit on your throat and in your mouth. Should start to feel better by the next day… continue eating it for a week. After this treatment the strep thoat may never come back again.

  • Rachel

    There is a child in the hospital I know of that had a stroke from strep. It can also cause heart valve damage if left untreated for too long.

    • marinette

      we don't know how sick or weak that child was to begin with, and how the hospital conditions contributed to worsening the case, as they often do.

  • tiffany

    My daughter just had strep throat and we used silver and mushrooms which worked well for us. But my husband had it last year so badly we did have to get antibotics. I will try the acv for sore throat next time though.

  • melanie

    this article is hog malarkey. You can cause damage to the heart by allowing strep to go on without antibiotics. I am all for natural cures, but if I cut off my hand, i will visit an emergency room.

    • marineette

      not a comparison.

      • @Amber_M_Ward

        Oh yes it is! Strep throat is EXACTLY like limb amputation!

        • captain obvious

          talk to a veteran with an amputated limb. they'll trade a week or two of strep for their limbs back.

  • suss

    I got that last year and promptly gargled w/ seasalt/warm purified water, and 3% hydrogen peroxide not diluted much and water, and it was gone in two days- i couldn't believe it it was miraculous sereously unbelievable- I am a believer in that remedy and if it doesn't work for someone then they arn't able to get the gargling done correctly i made sure the solutions were touching my infection in the back of my throught for as long as i could and did this severel times a day and stayed home while i did this. three days i was as good as new.

  • Tony

    Since childhood, I suffered from strep throat yearly and multiple times per year. the amount of antibiotics i took was outta control! this resulted in candida outta control growth, nail fungus and weight gain, until I learned the very simple secret! The most effective treatments I have ever tried are raw and organic coconut oil, one tablespoon three times per day, and cultured yogurt or kefir throughout the day. Fast, simple and safe! I would get plain and organic yogurt, and mix it with raw honey and cinnamon powder.

  • Naty

    Look up for yourself Oil of Oregano and follow the instructions you find. You will be healed in no time

  • blue

    It's all Crap. I have strep now, its been 8 days and pain only got worse. I have no fever or aches. One day on antibiotics and the severe pain has dulled to just pain. If I didn't take antibiotics then I' sure I'd still have severe pain. I've tried gargling with salt, Cayenne, vinegar and nothing works except antibiotics.

    • leita

      Well you must of being using the wrong vinegar! I am lying in bed with strep right now! Apple Cider vinegar is giving me rapid relief. I would not believe it if it weren't for taking the advice and trying it out.
      I am so happy i didn't read your comment before i tried it. Shame it didn't work for you, but i'm guessing you didn't even try it!

  • shantel hurst

    I really need this to work. My throat is killing me, so I'm going to try to garlic, honey and lemon juice. I don't have cayenne pepper do you think that matters

    • heddy

      resting and forcing yourself to sleep and rest is key as well.

  • Keli

    I have always tried to heal my four children with natural cures. They practically lived on Kyolic garlic extract when they were little. Although a few years ago they all came down with their first bout of strep. Three of them did fine with getting better. My youngest was not so fortunate, she ended up with a sore on her leg that was caused by the strep and it landed her in the hospital for 3 days. The doctors told me we were fortunate because strep can sometimes lead to these ulcerative sores on their internal organs and they give extremely sick before you realize what is going on. So needless to say, strep is one thing that I DONT mess with! Everything else, we still believe in our trusty Kyolic garlic extract.

    • heddy

      can't chalk that whole situation up to strep, there were other weaknesses in this child's system clearly.

      • Anonymous

        You are an idiot, don’t play around with viruses that could potentially kill you or someone you know and/or care about. For an adult it might be safer to try these so called cures, but for a child, you have to be out of your fucking mind!

  • Ana

    I made a syrup with three fresh cloves of garlic(natural antibiotic), one lemon and one table spoon of raw honey.

    1. Grate the garlic (very small)

    2. Add lemon juice and honey

    Zip small amount constantly. It will give quick relief and save you from getting antibiotics or going to the doctor. It went away in less than two days and the second day just a slight pain. Take it specially at night.

    My strep throat was very painful.


    • Elaine

      Is it true? i am having strep throat now and i am suffering! I have got some antibiotics from the doctor but they don't seem to work that much.

  • daff

    gargling with pickle juice and drinking it (vinegar) is helpful.

    THE BEST CURE I have used, better than antibiotics,,is RED TEA. I bought a box of Celestial Seasonings' brand madigascar red (has a pic of a lion on red box). This tea is organic and one of the least expensive on the market is also caffeine free.

    rooibos is another name for red tea. from south africa, the red bush is used for medicinal properties

    i prefer the cs brand because it infuses vanilla , they also have other flavors.

    I was probably in the second day of strep , I had suffered 3x the year before from strep and the antibiotic treatments (yeast was a result :() SO I was very aware of what

    I was dealing with. I made a cup of the tea by instructions on the box and added a little local honey to sweeten and sooth throat. I was drinking it bcause i love the tea. but I drank the entire box in 2 days and ate garlic a couple of times with dinner, coincidentally. And guess what?! no more strep and I wasnt even sore (o, hot baths and relaxed too)

    I am convinced this tea is a healer. If I hadn't felt better from drinking the tea, i was going to the hospital the next day, but pain had decreased and i could swallow. go figure.

    as for the advice about cayenne, i think if you used it on 1st or 2nd day it might not be so bad, but otherwise add it to the apple cider because cayenne pepper has proved to be a pain reliever many people take a tsp to a tbls for headaches and esp when they get caffeine headaches it apparently works and is much easier on your kidneys and liver. rooibos tea does work and by the way you can steep the bag multiple times, because it is a bush not a leaf, altho if you're using a flavored bag, i suggest just steeping 2cups at a time, otherwise the flavoring (vanilla, etc…)will be gone because it tends to survive one steeping

    • Sunflower in PA

      I am sure you are right too! Also Holy Basil, also called Tulsi tea. I drink both.

    • Carol

      Honey is an anti bacterial food. Haven't heard about the red tea before to fight infections but I do know honey can.

  • Alyssa

    I have Strep Throat, which I have gotten in in the past. But antibodics do work sometimes it went away fast sometimes it took almost 3-4 weeks. But maybe ill try the ACV.

    I was thinking the Pepper parts a scam to trick you because that would burn like hell!

    Best way of not getting it is do not share your drinks, ciggerettes, or randomly kiss more than one partner

    • Anonymous

      Believe it or not I have strep right now and I mixed cayenne pepper, honey, and grated garlic and it is super soothing to my throat. Yes I was hesitant on the cayenne but I tried and it soothed it. Surprise!!!

      • nikki

        Cayenne pepper is a great natural healer. You can also use for relief in stomach ulcers. Yes at first you will feel a burning sensation as the pepper begins to heel, but afterwards the discomfort is no more.

    • Heather

      My mom is a nurse and has been using cayenne pepper for years. She says that yes, it does burn for a few seconds, but it does wonders. Also, physical contact is not the only way to get strep throat. It can be airborne or caught by surfaces. The best way to defend yourself is washing hands continually, avoiding large crowds during high risk times, and keeping your own immune system boosted through your diet. A good probiotic is a must if you do go the antibiotic route especially for women.

  • Kristi

    Yes, I will dab cayenne pepper on my raw, oozing, ulcerated throat. Good lord.

    There are valid times for antibiotics. Strep throat is one of them. Anyone who has has a full blown case would never be able to gargle or dab anything (let alone cayenne!) on the back of their throat without screaming in pain.

    • Paul

      Antibiotics should not be taken for strep,they cause more harm than good.

    • mary

      I agree. Strep is a time when antibiotics are needed. Yes they are over prescribed but in this case i would use them.

      • heddy

        possibly needed by some, but not by everyone, and not in every case.

    • cyler

      if you use antibiotics it comes back again more frequently, i haven't tried the cayenne pepper or those other methods but the streptococcus would develop an immunity to the antibiotics after the first bout, so yes they do do more harm than good, AFTER the first round of antibiotics

    • marinette

      If you wait that long, to do some treating, not very smart. the time to act is as soon as there is even slight discomfort.

    • Robert

      I use a homeopathic product called throat and tonsil dr. It saved me from getting my tonsils pulled some years ago.

    • Sunflower in PA

      Everyday without fail, I take one tablespoon of Braggs unfiltered vinegar, first thing in the morning, and a sprinkle of organic cyanne pepper, a tiny bit of not processed honey. I also take at least 500 mg of vitamin C a day and if someone around me is sick, I double up on C. I take Elderberry syrup, every morning as well. That is the start of the day. Now to make your life a lot healthier, incorporate anti- inflammatory foods and herbs. Get serious about consuming garlic, I use a lot in my cooking.

      Start now, and you will be completely shocked as to how well you will feel. I've weathered grandaughters being sick this winter, and this has been by far my most healthy winter I've ever had. I was determined to get the " cocktail " right this winter. In the past I picked up whatever the girls came home from school.

    • Janelle

      It sounds like it would be painful …. Until you try it. Quit being a wimp. Remember a spoonful of sugar (or honey) helps the medicine go down …. In the most delightful way :)

    • Dana

      Back in February, my daughter went the "natural route" of treating her strep throat and wound up with an Abscess that had to have emergency attention. $14,000 dollars later, with the use of antibiotics, within 2 days actually started feeling better again. Rather than taking care of it with the visit to a doctor, she wanted to go the natural and she got much sicker and her throat was in the process of closing up due to the abscess. I am all about natural health, but there is a time for conventional medicine.

    • James

      Kristi, you are incorrect on a few points. First, someone who understands what antibiotics actually do to you will find a way to deal with the pain that sometimes has to be endured with a natural cure. Second, I had a full blown case of strep, and I did swallow a mixture of cayenne pepper (the max recommended amount), raw garlic and natural honey. It did burn a bit, but I survived and recovered. Finally, if you are going to invoke my Lord's name, have the respect to capitalize it.

    • Sraes

      I just recovered from strep throat. Every time I swallowed, it felt like I was swallowing nails (this is no exaggeration) and it looked like someone just threw shredded mozzarella cheese at the back of my throat.

      So, I mixed cayenne pepper and garlic powder into honey. You swallow it—no poking puss pockets or gagging. Ironically it doesn't hurt to swallow the mixture. The honey instantly coats your throat and the garlic and cayenne pepper heal the infection. You take a teaspoon every hour you're awake. After the first two or three doses, I was able to eat soft food without wanting to kill myself. After a day of treatment, the pain was subsiding and the swelling had reduced significantly. Granted, it can be cumbersome to remember to take a dose every hour, but if you want to get better you'll do it. Missing a dose or two while you're awake won't hurt, but don't rely on 3 doses a day to heal you overnight.

      I highly recommend this working , tried and true natural remedy if you're worried about antibiotics interfering with other medications, pregnancy, or just can't afford to get medically treated.

      As always, supplement treatment by brushing your teeth, and gargling. Also gargling with ACV or warm salt water will help as another supplement to whatever primary treatment you prefer.

  • Olabanji

    for throat drug and more

    • Rodger

      I tried the vinegar and the vitamin C but they did almost nothing. Only gave slight results and overall condition has worsened. I wish I had just gone to the doc in the first place. :(

      • Anonymous

        this needs to work .