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How to Prevent Cavities With Simple Home Solutions

Mike Barrett
April 7th, 2012
Updated 05/09/2013 at 5:30 am
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cavities 220x137 How to Prevent Cavities With Simple Home Solutions

Preventing the formation of cavities is much easier and more effective than ‘treating’ it with fillings or other dental interventions. In addition, it can save you a considerable amount of financial turmoil. Cavity treatment can cost you hundreds of dollars, depending on how bad the damage can be. If you want to know how to prevent cavities the natural way (without the use of chemical treatments or mainstream dentistry), here are some tips to help you do so:

How to Prevent Cavities – Simple Solutions

  • Consume foods rich in alkaline - Alkaline is responsible for making the bones strong and healthy. Thus, eating alkaline-rich foods can help prevent the formation of cavities. Foods that are rich in alkaline include fruits and vegetable.

  • Balance acidity levels - Being too acidic can result in an unbalanced pH level in the body, which will lead the body to lose calcium. Calcium is essential to helping keep the bones healthy. Avoid eating too much acidic or sugar-related foods, as they set the acidity of the body off-balance.

  • Eat raw vegetables - Cooking vegetables makes them lose their cell-building nutrients, which will result in getting lower levels of essential nutrients. Eat your vegetables raw once in a while to maximize the nutrients you can receive.

  • Use tea tree oil - Incorporating tea tree oil into the oral products you use on your teeth is very beneficial. Tea tree can actually protect the teeth from bacteria growth, so cavities would not build up.

  • Drink more water - Water is needed to produce saliva. Saliva is very important because it protects the mouth. It contains important mucus and enzymes which help cover the teeth. Without saliva, the body cannot easily break down the food, and also will not be able to help balance out the acidity levels of the mouth.
  • Don’t fall for fluoride – Although not necessarily included in the methods on how to prevent cavities, fluoride has falsely been pushed on the public as a cavity preventative for years. What you should know, however, is that fluoride has been shown to be ineffective at cavity prevention, with vitamin D even shown to outrank it. In addition, fluoride supplements have also been shown to produce little benefit.

Needless to say, significantly reducing the consumption of junk food, sugar-heavy foods, and processed foods is also among the well-known methods for how to prevent cavities. Not only will cavities appear less, but overall health will also improve. These are just some of the steps you can do to ensure that your are cavity-free. With these solutions you not only help your teeth – you help your body

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West Virginia Rural Health Research Center

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  • Natalie Badgery

    "Prevention is better than cure," as we all say. In short, eat healthy food to prevent cavities, and not junk foods, sugary and processed foods. And an additional info: coconut water is rich in Alkaline! But choose only those that are fresh and sugar-free.

  • johnculp101

    Regular brushing always helps. Sometimes you just have to know what should you brush it with. This is according to my orthodontist in melbourne.

  • James Reznich, DDS

    Contrary to some posts, I'm a mainstream dentist and here's the real answer. Decay is caused be minerals from the teeth dissolving in acid. The acid is produced by bacteria fermenting carbohydrates. Your body naturally replaces the lost minerals via saliva.

    Net mineral loss > mineral replacement = active decay

    Net mineral loss < mineral replacement = stable teeth

    Decay prevention:

    1. remove bacterial plaque, less plaque, less acid. I counsel 'quit brushing your teeth!, brush the gums along the teeth.' This way you will actually clean your teeth of plaque. Flossing is critical.

    2. Recognize and adjust the frequency and duration of exposure to carbohydrates (from every source). if you ate 3 meals a day from the raw honey jar, cleaned the sugar off of your teeth after each meal, and drank water the rest of the day, your body would repair and net no decay. If you eat like a bird or sip and nibble, sorry, call for an appointment.


    3. If you dare or are really having a problem with decay, fluoroappatite crystal is less soluble than hydroxylappatite crystal, hence a topical fluoride can help.

    NOTE: I said nothing about fillings helping the problem. They DON'T!!! Only preventing decay will.

    My advice, if the dentist is willing to place a filling without addressing prevention, find another dentist.



    • RobGrey

      According to PHD's who went to considerable effort to research the subject all the way back to before WWII – there is no test or study which demonstrates fluoride prevents cavities. It seems we've all been victims of a vicious propaganda.

      However there are numerous studies which indicate fluorosis (in bone as well) and fracturing of teeth. Also fluoride is taken up in the brain stem/hippocampus (said to be known by Nazi scientists) resulting in a diminishing of the 'fight or flight' response – your will to resist is significantly reduced, one becomes complacent/readily controlled & open to suggestion via propaganda.

      Propaganda is real and works not by addressing one's intellect but by addressing one's emotional response/subconscious.

      • Sheryl

        I agree with Rob 100%

        This kind of poisoning of the people has been going on for many many years! Not only with "flouride" but also with "insecticides" and "herbicides" in our food system.

        I only wish that more people were not so blind to the system that our government uses and then maybe we could gain some control over what is being done to all of us.

        Aso – it is not only "our own government poisoning us with this stuff – look @ China – melamine in baby formula & "lead" in everything – paint – toys etc.. and our government has done nothing to stop that stuff from coming to the U.S.

        Look at all of the "birth defects", "cancer", "obesity" & all of the other dieases that are INCREASING DAILY!! All due to this process of poisoning the population!!

  • Elise

    Prevention comes from the inside only! it doesn't matter what you use to brush your teeth with but if you eat processed / cooked food they are acid-forming. If your body's pH is on the acid side your body will take calcium from our bones/teeth to neutralize itself.

    Sea salt? I would not recommend since it is poison to our body. Our body cannot assimilate the minerals in it…read more: Eat to live by Joel Furhman.

    The miracle of Fasting by Paul Bragg.

    • RobGrey

      The saltwater within every cell and the proportions of minerals therein is identical to the ocean – gee what a coincidence, the same ocean that life evolved from. All the minerals you consume from plant life come from the ocean – this 'poison' you refer to is what keeps you alive and enables proper immune function so you remain healthy.

      Suggested reading for you – The Atlantic Conveyor. Then ring up Joel and go for a swim –

      • Paperchaser

        The poison is in the dose. Our cells may be salty but that doesn't mean brushing our teeth with a more concentrated salt solution is therefore okay. Deathcap mushrooms are natural too FWIW but I'm not packing them down to improve my immune function.

  • Dan

    I couldn't afford to go the the dentist any longer after a accident and now disability has financially devastated me. I tried to work out a plan with my old dentist. He wouldn't even consider it.

    I looked up Cure Tooth Decay on startpage and up came the book, "Cure Tooth Decay", by Ramiel Nagel.

    I have followed the directions in the book and after 4 months I have had great results.

    1. My cavity in my front tooth is healing over.

    2. My entire mouth has improved, including pain.

    3. I use a sea salt, baking soda,(without aluminum),when I brush.

    4. I also use a waterpic.

    My overall improvement has been better than I expected. I just wish I could get the mercury filled fillings out of my mouth. Good Luck

  • RobGrey

    Tea tree oil stinks to high-heaven, it smells like wood-finish products because it is a common ingredient in oil-stains & furniture polish. For healthy teeth & gums follow my instructions in my comments about ph below.

    It is fluoride that will leach calcium from teeth & bones, avoid fluoridated tooth-paste, fluoridated water and other products containing fluoride. The EPA lists fluoride as a toxic industrial waste and it is a common ingredient in rat poison.

    • eduardo flores

      Hey my friend, where can I get the tea tree oil

  • RobGrey

    Do not simply consume water all day. For correct hydration consume a total of one-quarter teaspoon SEA salt daily (NOT table salt) with meals and drink when you are thirsty. Hydration is not the amount of water in the bloodstream, it is the ability of cells to re-inflate with SALT-water after collapsing in order to expel waste products. To much fresh-water will dilute your salinity and fresh-water alone will not permeate the cell membrane.

    Table salt consists of just three minerals, sea salt is all eighty-six minerals and in the right proportion to one another that you need.

    • Anonymous

      Sea salt contains iodine and other ingredients that aren't good as well as Morton's salt. I have found a salt that is all natural and has all the minerals our body needs. It's called Real salt. It looks pink because of all the minerals. You can find it at health food stores or in the natural section at a local grocery store. I have also found real salt helps bring down the blood sugar count in diabetics!!

      • RobGrey

        The second most common element in ocean water is chlorine – nature's disinfectant. But not to worry, there is no chlorine in sea salt as it evaporates rapidly.

        Unfortunately, (thanks to our goober-ment's – er, I mean – government's testing of nuclear weapons) the entire North American continent is contaminated with heavy radio-isotopes, these are taken up by plants which you then consume. By absorbing iodine from your system your thyroid gland is protecting itself from cancer via further uptake of certain of these radioactive particulates.

        You might be interested to know that just several years after nuke bomb testing began that cancer rates increased fifteen hundred-fold in just ten years! – '53-'63. (note that there was no corresponding increase in tobacco use – the market remained flat for many years both before & after)


        Real Salt is sea salt.

  • RobGrey

    Alkaline is anywhere over 7.0 ph and acidic is anywhere below 7.0 ph. A full point on the ph scale represents a hundred-fold increase or decrease – 5.5 ph is a hundred times more acidic than 6.5 ph. Ideally one would be at 7.2 – 7.4 ph to facilitate correct oxygen/Co2 exchange between red blood cells/tissue cells and to prevent cancer.

    Three times a day – wet finger-tip, dip in baking soda & place on tip of the tongue – spread around over teeth & gums then swallow. At bedtime add one-quarter teaspoon (or slightly less) baking soda to a full glass of water and drink. Do not consume more than this in 24hrs. Your ph should then be 7.0 or higher.

    • Tina

      ty for taking time to write out all ur good tips, very useful, as i hav a mouthfull of mercury fillings,might b too late for me,but will try and get my kids to read this,as they are having tooth probs now.

      • Tara

        please check out dr hal huggins before going to dentist. new porcelin fillings are loaded with aluminum. shortly after having cavities filled my 5 you daughter needed glasses.

        i don't want to scare anyone but going to the dentist without dr huggins info is like going to an ax fight with out an axe.

      • RobGrey

        Your welcome Tina. I too have a mouthful of mercury amalgams. I've seen video demonstrations (published online by the Florida Dental Asso.) of mercury vapor generated by simply pressing on an amalgam with a pencil eraser – very dangerous as the vapor is readily absorbed into the brain. More fortunately, most such heavy metals are transported to the skin away from vital organs. Look for a discoloration of the eyelids (gray or brown) as an indicator – if so, research chelating compounds online to help speedup removal.

        I understand that it requires a specially trained/equipped dentist (read expensive) to remove mercury amalgams – but as Tara points out, be careful of alternatives.

        I'm hoping a law firm will bring a class action against the ADA & related schools so everyone with mercury amalgams can have them removed at no cost – after all, it was their idea to begin with.

  • tt

    Eat only natural sweets. Nothing artificial.

  • ss


    • Dennis Gorgoglione

      The body needs some sugar, and not just fruit sugar, but we need to make sure that 1)we only eat natural, non-refined sweets, and 2)we don't overdo it.