Fluoride Supplements Shown to Have No Benefits, Only Dangers

Fluoride Supplements Shown to Have No Benefits, Only Dangers

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Fluoride is being added to water supplies around the world in the name of cavity prevention and enhanced tooth health. At the same time, fluoride supplements are being recommended to those who don’t have the “luxury” of a fluoridated water supply. And while there is already a great deal of previous research available showing the ineffectiveness and dangers of fluoride, even more research has surfaced revealing its lack of necessity with a focus on fluoride supplements.

CDC Ignores Evidence Surrounding Fluoride

Recent research conducted by the Cochrane Oral Health Group has yet again shown that fluoride supplements are ineffective at reducing tooth decay in primary teeth. Not only that, but health risks from fluoride supplementation aren’t even studied enough for the supplements to be pushed in the first place. It was found that these supplements, which are heavily endorsed by the CDC, provide no more benefit than topical treatments, which are thought to be a little bit safer by many due to minimal fluoride ingestion.

One review from 2008 found in the Journal of the American Dental Association reported that fluoride supplements provide no benefit to primary teeth, and ironically only cause mild or severe dental fluorosis. But while dental fluorosis is concerning, it is just one minor problem when compared to the many serious health issues fluoride induces. Belgium has even stopped selling fluoride supplements in 2002 due to fluoride causing physical and neurological harm while at the same time providing little to no benefit to teeth. Interestingly enough, vitamin D has actually been found to be better than fluoride at cavity prevention, with documentation demonstrating the effect of natural sunlight exposure on dental health going as far back as the Civil War.

Over 72 percent of Americans drink water treated with fluoride and a large majority of the nation has been consuming this poison for years. It is unfortunate to see the government pushing a substance on the population that has even been linked to lowering the IQ of children while also giving people cancer. Countries around the world also recognize these dangers, and therefore reject water fluoridation. Luckily, many U.S. states are progressively moving away from fluoridated water as research continues to come out on the subject. Even if fluoride was beneficial to teeth, the damage it does to the body would logically be a priority over increased tooth health.