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Home Remedies for Cough – 8 Ways to Treat Cough Naturally

Mike Barrett
April 29th, 2012
Updated 05/19/2013 at 7:46 pm
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sickgirl Home Remedies for Cough 8 Ways to Treat Cough Naturally

Having a cough is something every single person goes through, sometimes on a daily basis. In fact, cough is the most common complaint in the U.S.  The issue is not serious and occurs most due to something irritating the breathing passage. However, if you are constantly bugged by aching and itchy throat combined with persistent coughing, ignoring your cough can be quite difficult. What should you do then? There is no need to resort to pharmacy or doctor visits while many home remedies for cough can easily exist within your own home.

8 Home Remedies for Cough – Natural Solutions

If you’re someone seeking for an effective cough relief treatment without filling up on medication or pharmaceutical solutions, here are some home remedies for cough that may just help:

  • Grapes — Eating grapes can help relieve annoying lung conditions. They also act as an effective expectorant, which allows you to get rid of sticky phlegm. Try making grape juice yourself (instead of buying it boxed from the grocery store) and mix it with some honey before you drink it.
  • Garlic — Garlic is known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial components. The spice is emerging as a natural solution to fight off infections — used as an antiviral and antifungal by many natural health practitioners. Boiling cloves of garlic and drinking it like tea will not only make it easier to breathe, but it will also help to alleviate itchiness which could cause you to cough continuously. Alternatively, just add a clove of raw garlic to food or eat it straight. Aim for one or two cloves each day.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is a solution for just about everything, including coughs. Just mix a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar in 8-10 ounces of water and drink it over time. You could drink it warm, add honey, or use less water or more ACV for a stronger or less strong mixture. Drink at a rate that is comfortable for you.
  • Aloe juice — Mixing aloe juice and honey will also help to clear your passageways. Drinking warm aloe juice is more effective.
  • Licorice – Known to soothe irritated or inflamed throats, licorice root has been used for ages to treat coughs and bronchial issues. Using real licorice, simply add an ounce of sliced licorice sticks to a quart of boiling water, letting it steep for 24 hours. Add honey, and drink up.
  • Hot Milk with honey — This is a great home remedy for dry cough, specifically. The combination of warm milk and honey may help to ease the roughness and chest pain you may be experiencing. If consumed before bed time, you would unlikely wake up in the middle of the night to cough as well. Note: Dairy in general is known to welcome more mucus, so while this remedy may work for some, it probably won’t be your first choice.
  • Ginger — Ginger has not only been recognized as an effective cancer fighter, but is also one of the most famous natural cures for cough. The ginger has to be partially sliced and boiled. To ensure potency, it should also be crushed a bit before boiling – crushing it will help to draw out the active ingredients. Drinking ginger as a tea will ease sore throat, non-stop coughing, and even congestion.
  • Mullein tea - Acting as an expectorant to draw out trapped mucous, mullein tea can be an excellent home remedy for cough and sore throat. For the treatment, start by filling a tea ball or strainer with mullein herb (dried). Then, steep the herb in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Finally, sip and drink as desired. You may also add some raw honey for taste and a boosted effect.

These home remedies for cough provide solutions without the nasty side-effects accompanied by pharmaceuticals. Don’t forget to share what works and what doesn’t work for you!

Note: As always, it is preferable to use 100% organic and/or raw ingredients and foods (unless stated otherwise) in order to avoid pesticide residues, GMOs, and other health hazards.

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  • Kenny Burrell

    i tried apple cider vinegar and salt water unfortunately both doesn’t work. i’m gonna try the easiest – hot milk tonight

  • james228

    for me… i don't recommend ginger i don't know the components but somehow for me it causes irritation more. I was having sore throat back in high school and my dad made me drink the ginger brew, instead of relieving the sore my voice totally went out. or maybe it was just not effective for me.

  • Floyd T.

    My coughs seem to be triggered by nasal congestion and post nasal drip. When I get rid of those the coughs go away.

    For about a year now I've been flushing my sinuses with a NeilMed squeeze bottle (solution of one NeilMedPacket and a little Alkalol) and inhaling steam regularly and that seems to have dried up the congestion and PND. Haven't had any coughing spells since I started this routine.

  • thinkhappi

    marshmallow root tea!!! awesome stuff

  • bryan

    Great tips, i hate getting a cold, the worst part is definetly the coughing. These tips will hopefully help aid the coughing, thanks!

  • tried it

    I tried the apple cider vinegar and water and immediately my urge to cough stopped. thanks

  • seema

    sending information

  • Rog Nivaran Kendra
  • Kon

    Try Coconut Oil Also and Wine or Apple Cider Vinegar in water.

  • ARGilch

    30 years ago I developed a cough, at the end of a head cold, that just wouldn't go away. It gradually improved, to the point that it would only assail me on occasion, but it seemed like I just couldn't shake it.

    It became a dry, unproductive cough, and coughing couldn't 'scratch the itch', anymore. Got to the point that if a coughing fit came on, while driving, that everyone was in danger until it would fade away.

    It got to where driving was not safe. But I did notice one thing that could 'scratch that itch', so to speak. I carried a bottle or two of seltzer water with me (6 oz. size) so that the carbonation would last, for me. When I felt a cough coming on, I would splash some selzter water against the back of my mouth, and the boiling for the carbonation did the trick in quelling the cough, and making driving possible, and safe.

    The cough would persist for weeks, before it went away for good, but it would always come back, next season, at the end of the next head cold or sinus blockage. Then, for some reason, the problem just went away, not to return. Never forgot the solution, though. Was the only thing I found that made driving possible, for me, for several weeks in a row.

  • Paul

    Prevention beats home remedies. Filter your air. I got the best medical grade air purifier I could find, (IQ Air) and while I am home, my breathing is free and easy. When I go out, my lungs are not irritated, and I cough less.

  • Di, Cerrillos, NM

    Too simple! Coughs have causes. Seek the cause, it will help you to choose the remedy.

    I applaud the notion of home remedies rather than OTC syrups that may contain chemicals that are unnecessary to the cough and may undermine the solution.

    Temporary relief is important, it gives one the time to explore the cause.

  • Terry Anthony

    Thirty years ago, when I had a bad cough, a friend gave me his grandmother's cough medicine recipe. You simply take a slice of onion, place it on a saucer, and pour a generous amount of sugar on it. Then lay another slice of onion on top of that and cover with more sugar and then another slice, and so on. Do this with a whole onion and soon you will have a sweet oniony syrup covering the saucer. This syrup is the best cough medicine I ever tried.

    • Anonymous

      Do u eat the onion