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Why Are Health Officials Still Pushing Ineffective Breast Cancer Screenings?

Mike Barrett
April 5th, 2012
Updated 11/03/2012 at 12:03 am
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cancerbreastribbon1 220x145 Why Are Health Officials Still Pushing Ineffective Breast Cancer Screenings?

Academics from Harvard Medical School have recently found what many other scientists and researchers are pointing out — that breast cancer screenings are being performed at a rate far above what is necessary. Thousands of women undergoing various breast cancer procedures including chemotherapy, radiation, and even breast removal surgery, are doing so unnecessarily and suffering in turn.

Breast Cancer Over-Diagnoses Rampant

Studying results from 40,000 women screened in Norway, the Harvard academics found that for every 2,500 women being screened, one death stemming from breast cancer would be prevented, while 6-10 women would be treated for a non-threatening cancer which would never actually cause symptoms. The researchers estimated that between 1,169 and 1,148 were over-diagnosed and received unnecessary treatment. In cancer medicine, the term over-diagnosis refers to tumors which would never actually cause any harm if left alone

“The truth is that we’ve exaggerated the benefits of screening and we’ve ignored the harms. I think we’re headed to a place where we realize we need to give women a more balanced message: Mammography helps some people but it leads others to be treated unnecessarily,” said Dr H. Gilbert Welch of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, who was not part of the research.

While over-diagnoses are known to be quite prevalent in other nations, the amount occurring in the United States is thought to be even greater due to the early age women begin undergoing screenings. Even mainstream health officials are now admitting that breast cancer screening methods are not only ineffective, but are leading to improper diagnosis and unnecessary treatments at around 7,000 per year. Many of these have to do with the reliance on specialized ”CAD” computer software to target potentially-cancerous areas in patients. A large study on the software found that CAD was not able to improve breast cancer detection, and led to many women wrongfully believing that they are potentially affected with cancer.

Research has also shown that mammograms may be contributing to the development of breast cancer. One study examined the radiation-induced DNA damage in epithelial breast cells that occurs as a result of mammogram screenings and found that women with a higher risk of developing breast cancer were at a significantly greater risk to suffer irreparable double-strand DNA breaks as a result of mammogram radiation.

Looking at all of this research, along with 33% of breast cancer surgeries being completely unnecessary, why are mammograms and other breast cancer procedures still being pushed on woman?

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  • Jackie

    I wonder if these surgeons still have $ signs in their minds if it were someone in THEIR family!

  • Kulkarni NG

    Sir, I am very much thankful for your article namely Why Are Health Officials Still Pushing Ineffective Breast Cancer Screenings?

    I am sharing my experience in this matter. Recently one month back my wife age 50 had complaint regarding lump near right Brest. She immediately consulted gynecologist & as per their advice medical treatment was started. After 8 days the situation was the same. So for second medical opinion she approached surgeon in gynecology, they were family friends & as per their advise we have approached for noddle biopsy & report was advised the tumor, so surgeons were removed tumor & sent to again lab. Here lab report was mentioned moderately found malignant cells. So our surgeons advised to remove entire Brest for radical surgery.Everything was prepared. Fortunately one more friend suggested to go for PET Scan & i have requested our surgeon & convinced him to stop removal of one Brest & were approached oncologist.The PET SCAN report did not find any malignant cells.Still doctors suggested screening & they opened space near arm & material was sent to lab. Now more than 18 stitching operation was completed. At last the lab report was came & they did not find any malignant cells. Now daily dressing is going on, there were no medicines prescribed. Un necessarily we were put in tremendous pressures of psychology, money, stress & family troubl!!!

    • Anonymous

      That is amazing!! I think we need more than one opinion….there is A LOT of money in cancer…I don't think they want to find a cure!!

      Bless your wife and family…..