Home Remedies for Earache

Home Remedies for Earache

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Your ears are among the most sensitive parts of the body. Whether in adults or children, earaches are an extremely prevalent ailment experienced by countless people each day. More specifically, an earache is a condition characterized by pain and discomfort caused by inflammation of the inner regions of the ear. Earaches can be caused by excessive noise, high altitude travel, as well as nose infections. Doctors will almost always tell you to buy eardrops for an earache, which contain an antibiotic  to fight infection and a steroid to reduce swelling. While they may be effective, engaging in pharmaceutical solutions is a questionable endeavor, and so many individuals look for natural solutions – this is where home remedies for earache come into play.

Home Remedies for Earache

Earaches are more common in children than in adults (which in many cases means much worrying for parents with toddlers), but the good news is that they can be remedied naturally. Here are some of the most popular home remedies for earaches:

  • Stretch the ear muscles – Stretch by yawning or chewing something stretchy like gum tl help expand the muscles. Stretching the ear muscles can be a very common remedy for earaches contracted by traveling, especially to higher altitudes (air travel).

  • Garlic juice drops can be used – Mix some sesame oil with a garlic clove and warm the mixture up in a pan. Afterwards, use it as ear drops. It is recommended that you allow the mixture to sit in the ear for 10 minutes or longer.

  • Use olive oil – Warm olive oil can aid not only earaches, but it has also been known to help silence buzzing in the ears as well.

  • Use a whole onion – Cook the onion until soft by boiling it in water, and then place it on a cloth and then on your ear. This will help ease the pain and the dizziness that might accompany the earache.

  • Use basil – peppermint or mango leaves. Create a paste or boil the ingredients in water and place the solution on the affected area. These leaves are great for relieving pain.

  • A combination of radish and mustard oil will help to effectively relieve pain associated with earache. Warm the radish on mustard oil and strain. Use as ear drops.

These remedies have been utilized by thousands of health conscious individuals worldwide, and have been reported to be safe and effective. If your earache pain is severe, however, it is recommended you seek the aid of a naturopathic doctor or other certified natural practitioner. While home remedies for earache can be effective, don’t hesitate to seek help elsewhere if nothing seems to work.