Experts Admit Breast Cancer Screenings ‘No Longer Justified’, Dangerous

Experts Admit Breast Cancer Screenings ‘No Longer Justified’, Dangerous
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Even mainstream health officials are now admitting that breast cancer screening methods are not only ineffective, but are leading to improper diagnosis and unnecessary treatments — around 7,000 per year. As we have covered for quite some time, mammograms are routinely being ousted as a dangerous practice. It is only now that many doctors are admitting this fact, and of course mainly public health organizations are still way behind the curve and are continually calling on women to get dosed up with radiation via the unjustified screening technique.

Danish scientist Professor Peter Gotzsche is the latest to speak out over the dangers of breast cancer screenings. Gotzsche explains that thorough analysis of the benefits and harms from screening clearly show that it does not actually reduce your overall risk of dying, nor the overall risk of dying from breast cancer. Instead, it causes unneeded ‘treatment’ as a result of false diagnosis.

“Women who go to screening do not live longer than women who do not go to screening. If mammography screening was subjected to a health technology assessment today, the recommendation would be to stop screening,” Gotzsche said.

Mammograms Actually Promoting Cancer Growth

In addition to mammograms being ineffective at finding breast cancer, research has indicated that they may be contributing to the development of breast cancer. One recent study examined the radiation-induced DNA damage in epithelial breast cells that occurs as a result of mammogram screenings. The study found that women with a higher risk of developing breast cancer were at a significantly greater risk to suffer irreparable double-strand DNA breaks as a result of mammogram radiation.

Even more concerning is the fact that this effect was increased with dose repetition. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) screening guidelines, women aged 40-49 should receive a mammogram every 1-2 years, and women aged 50 or older should receive a yearly mammogram. This means that those in the high risk category are receiving repeated DNA damage.

Thankfully, there are many natural methods of preventing breast cancer that do not utilize harmful radiation and induce false positives. Instead of subscribing to the ludicrous concept of routine mammograms, which even mainstream doctors are now abandoning, transform your body into a cancer-fighting machine with vital substances like vitamin D and turmeric while avoiding harmful chemicals like bisphenol-a.