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Guyabano Health Benefits – Revealing Medicinal Properties of an Exotic Fruit

Mike Barrett
February 1st, 2013
Updated 05/19/2013 at 11:55 pm
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guyabanosoursopfruit 265x165 Guyabano Health Benefits Revealing Medicinal Properties of an Exotic FruitThere are many fruit that most people simply don’t know about, and guyabano, also known as soursop and guanabana, is just one of them. While the fruit is not as well known as others and is less researched, guyabano health benefits are still worthy of note. If you want to expand your mind with knowledge of a fruit you probably never knew existed, continue onward to see what guyabano is and what it has to offer.

What is Guyabano?

Guyabano is a fruit that comes from the Graviola tree. Other names for guyabano (name known in the Philippines) include: guanábana (Spanish), graviola (Portuguese), pawpaw (in Brazil)corossol (French), soursop (English), and custard apple (English). The scientific name is annona muricata.

The graviola tree grows in warm tropical areas such as the Philippines and South America. Known as a sedative, a nerve tonic, and used to maintain proper intestinal health, guyabano is just one medicinal tool stemming from the graviola tree. Throughout history, each part of the graviola tree, such as the bark, leaves, roots, fruit, and seeds have been used for medicinal purposes. The seeds have been used to treat nausea and vomiting, while herbal medicine practitioners recommend using the fruit and leaves to relieve stomach distress, pain, cough, asthma, and fever.

Guyabano is known to being rich in vitamin C and B vitamins thiamin, riboflavin and niacin, but here is a fuller list of what the fruit has to offer.

  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Riboflavin
  • Phosphorus
  • Thiamine
  • Calcium
  • Carbohydrates
  • Niacin
  • Fiber

Guyabano Health Benefits – Cancer Prevention

Unfortunately, research revolving around guyabano’s healing properties is lacking in the scientific world, but so far researchers have been studying guyabano for its ability to protect against cancer and reduce side-effects of chemotherapy.

Since 1976, over 20 independent labs researched Guyabano’s anti-cancer effects following initial research carried out by the National Cancer Institute. The National Cancer Institute found that guyabano’s “leaves and stems were found effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells. After the 1976 findings, that were apparently never released to the public, other research studies came out with similar conclusions:

  • One study published in the Journal of Natural Products found that one chemical in Graviola was 10,000 times more potent than a chemotherapy drug called Adriamycin.
  • The Catholic University of South Korea reports that guyabano is not only a threat to cancer cells, but also leaves healthy cells alone. This is not the case with chemo, which target all the cells – much like antibiotics indiscriminately destroying all gut bacteria, good and bad.
  • Purdue University found that leaves from the guyabano tree are “killed cancer cells among six human cell lines”. The researchers also found that the leaves were particularly effective for prostate and pancreatic cancers.

One piece of research found on PubMed concluded:

Overall, the compounds that are naturally present in a Graviola extract inhibited multiple signaling pathways that regulate metabolism, cell cycle, survival, and metastatic properties in PC cells. Collectively, alterations in these parameters led to a decrease in tumorigenicity and metastasis of orthotopically implanted pancreatic tumors, indicating promising characteristics of the natural product against this lethal disease.”

While guyabano has something to offer in the world of cancer protection, it’s important to note that studies conducted with guyabano were conducted in what’s known as In Vitro. This means that biological component have been isolated for testing, and this this case, cancer cells were used in test tubes. While it’s helpful to start research somewhere, we are still in need of human clinical trials.

Still, don’t hesitate to chomp down on some soursop (guyabano) for it’s great taste and potential (at the very least) anti-cancer abilities. Plus, here are some other guyabano health benefits.

Other Health Benefits of Guyabano

  • Alleviates pain stemming from arthritis, joint and back problems, and rheumatism.
  • Prevents urinary tract infections - Guyabano is known for it’s vitamin C content (77% daily value per cup). Vitamin C can help to decrease the amount of harmful bacteria that may be present in the urinary tract.
  • Migraine and headache relief – Guyabano contains riboflavin, which could help with headaches.
  • Prevents constipation - Before Rich in fiber, guyabano is one of the many foods to choose if you suffer from constipation.
  • Bone health – Guyabano contains copper, a mineral promoting the absorption of bone-benefiting calcium.
  • Prevents leg cramps – Potassium in the fruit could help prevent leg cramps.
  • Boosts energy levels – Along with vitamin C, guyabano is known to be rich in B vitamins as well. B vitamins are known to help increase energy levels.

Guyabano Benefit Summary – Guyabano can Used for:

  • Respiratory issues such as asthma or cough
  • Pain
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Intestinal upset, constipation, and stomach distress
  • Fever
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Lack of energy

In the end, just enjoy the soursop fruit, or, try it if you never have!

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    I wonder if the guanabana juice is as effective as the leaves.You can easily find it at any grocery store here in U S.Its usually at Mexican aisle section.Look for guanabana nectar.

  • cpmt

    tITS name is GUANAVANA or GRAVIOLA IN SPANISH (amer. indian). Or at least most people know them by those names GUAYAVA IS ANOTHER different FRUIT. I think.

    • cpmt

      upss GUANABANA (no v)

  • Maggie

    Also grows here in Antigua, sold in the market and by street vendors, germinates easily from the seeds, I have six little plants in pots but need a bigger garden as they grow into big trees. I am sure they would grow in any tropical climate.

  • http://facebook chrisgine

    hi.. I am 22 yrs old, was diagn0sed with bilateral polycystic ovaries, year 2011. I was w0ndering if I can use guyabano tea to treat this..

    • talangko

      This is very good to the patients who have cancer. The Chemotheraphy is a poison.It make your body weak. But if you use the Guyabano and you will extract the juice you drink 4 to 5 times daily. You will see the dramatically improvement. But remember it will take time. Be patient! You have detoxify yourself. The power of Guyabano is amazing! It will heal your Cancer. God made the Guyabano. Medicine made by Man!

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  • James

    Hi!,I'm James. I was diagnosed to have lung and liver cancer last week and yesterday I heard about this wonder fruit that helps cure cancer stricken people like me. I wonder how much this will help to prolong my life,but I'm willing to give it test and hopefully outlive this cancer to tell others of its benefits.

    • Marivic del Barrio

      hi preparing guyabano tea is not that simple but i have a supplement that contains guyabano and wheat grass is easier to prepare safe and effective…pm me on my fb for more details..Marivic del Barrio

    • cpmt

      please check cancercompass. com to get info, that may help you. enter the message board. enter also into salvestrols board (or solvestrols) NOTHING CURES CANCER, NOT BY ITSELF (ONE ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT IS NOT ENOUGH ) CHECK YOUTUBE FOR MORE INFO. AND TREATMENTS. THE FRUIT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE IS CALL GUANABANA or GRAVIOLA… it may help to kill cancer cells but there are many there to be kill and all of them are different… you need more than one component or protocol to kill them. herbs : ESSIAC TEA. vitamin B17 (be careful with this one), RICKS SIMPSON's OIL (hemp oil… some people said they go cure with this one… but not alone tx.), black cumin (nigella), and many more… not all are serious or you can trust. if you reasearch the internet you can find many websites some better than others and you can see wich you can trust and which not. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE HOPE.

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    Loose tea leaves available, straight from the farm! Contact me at

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    you can get this fruit in Trinidad And Tobago, we call it Soursop

  • james228

    wow…really love the knowledge i have gained from your blog site and posts, I love the Guyabano smoothie… the texture of the fruit when blended with ice and milk is just awesome the flavor is bursting, Guyabano itself is a sweet-sour mix so it definitely has a wonderful flavor into it. this is one sure way to stay healthy in such a delicious manner. yum…

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    anyone interested in guyabano fruit you can buy from me i can send it to you from the philippines just email me at

    • cpmt

      they are NOT TALKING ABOUT GAYABA but GUANABANA. DO you have Guanabana?

  • Avis

    It seems those of us here in the states are asking the same question. I live in Ohio, will someone please tell us where to find this fruit. I've been searching for over a year now.

    • Lesley

      I do not know, if you have received any answers. But, you can look this fruit up on the internet, and they have several websites for this particular fruit. There is one website, I have come across that I thought was very informative about the fruit itself. But, also they sell the juice in single cans or in bulk if you so desire to buy it this way. When you do look up this fruit….look up Sour Sop Fruit, then down the page there is a website that says something to the nature of —-Jan's fruit juices, I do not remember exactly what it says. But good luck in finding this fruit.

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    Hi! My name is Suky from Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico and I love to read your excellent web page. I am writing to you all to let you that in Mexico we call this fruit Guanabana.

    • cpmt

      Do they grow them there? do you know if the fruit is sold or grow in the US too?


    I had been drinking guayabano leaves (boiled) for almost one year. When I stopped, I had edema, short of breath and lack of urine output. So, my doctor prescribed furosemide with potassium tablets to take them together. The edema disappeared and too much urine too. NOW I REALIZED THAT THIS IS WHAT EXACTLY THE GUAYABANO LEAVES DO. WHEN I WAS DRINKING IT (BOILED TWO GALLON AND PUT IN THE FRIDGE), I HAD NO EDEMA AND JUST THE SAME, TOO MUCH URINE..NO EDEMA. NOW, THE QUESTION: CAN I GO BACK AGAIN AND DRINK THIS LEAVES AGAIN WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECT? also, when I was drinking this leaves, my blood pressure is low. will you send me your reply to my questions, please? thanks.

    • KX85

      if you look into it more guyabano does have neurotoxins that can cause parkinsons but they are named as similar to the ones in carrots theres is a good chance you are just more sensitive then others

    • Marivic del Barrio

      Hi, hi preparing guyabano tea is not that simple but i have a supplement that contains guyabano and wheat grass is easier to prepare safe and effective…pm me on my facebook for more details..

    • CPMT

      where did you find the leaves? I will like to buy them too. I've been looking for them for months. Any where in US>. OR CAN WE IMPORTED THEM FROM P.R. ?- also, i thought it was GUANÁBANA O GRAVIOLA. GUAYABA IS A DIFFERENT FRUIT. HERE WE ARE TALKING THE ONE THAT IS USED TO TREAT CANCER AND OTHER SYMPTOMS.

  • liezel tandoc

    its is can be use for dismenoria having a monthly period… about alergy problem skin deaseas…

    • Marivic del Barrio

      i have a supplement that contains guyabano and wheat grass is easier to prepare safe and effective…pm me on my facebook for more details..

  • Rommel

    For your convenience, Guyabano tablet is now available in the Philippines.

  • Rommel

    For your convenience, Guyabano tablet is now available in the Philippines.

  • cpmt

    WHERE CAN I GET this fruit in USA??? when or what's the time of the year that I can find it?

  • Tracy

    I love it too! I heard it can cause parkinsons though, is that true?

  • L. Arzola

    I have enjoyed this fruit since I was a child in Puerto Rico. The name of the fruit is GUANABANA. Again, GUA-NA-BA-NA. Pronounced gwa-NA-bah-nah. Please correct your spelling. In English it is called soursop, but the word you use in your article is the Spanish word.

    • L. Arzola

      Oops! You did tell us what it is called in Spanish.
      I love this fruit. It is delicious. Where can we buy it in the US?

      • marianela

        You could buy it in supermarkets as GUANABANA spanish fruit! they sale frosen!

        • cpmt

          in what supermarkets? I live in PA…never saw it.

    • josefina sapayan

      this is jyse from philippines, i injoy eating guyabano fruit because it taste good, i know its good for my body.