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Sorry Gates: GMO Crops Shown to be Ineffective at Fighting World Hunger

Anthony Gucciardi
March 2nd, 2012
Updated 11/04/2012 at 8:12 pm
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droughtcracks 220x137 Sorry Gates: GMO Crops Shown to be Ineffective at Fighting World Hunger

Monsanto shareholder Bill Gates has argued that GMOs are the solution to world hunger, going as far as to say that they are actually needed to fight worldwide starvation. Unfortunately for Gates, who back in 2010 bought 500,000 shares of the company he is now promoting in mainstream media as the solution to the world’s problems, a team of 900 scientists have found that GMO crops are actually not effective at fighting world hunger. In fact, the massive team found that Monsanto’s seeds, which have lead to thousands of farmer suicides due to excessive costs and failure to yield crops, were outperformed by traditional “agro-ecological” farming practices.

Funded by the World Bank and United Nations, an organization was created known as the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD). Consisting of 900 scientists and researchers, they set out to examine the complex issue of world hunger. While the issue of world hunger may be quite complex, their results were not. Quite plainly, the group found that genetically modified crops were not a meaningful solution to the problem. In other words, the expert team showed through rigorous analysis and repeated study that the claims made by Bill Gates are completely inaccurate.

Perhaps what is most compelling, though, is the fact that Bill Gates was fully aware of these findings before going on air to inform the public that GMOs are the solution to world hunger. The same GMOs that have been linked to organ damage, mutated insects, and a host of other issues.

Bill Gates Knew of These Findings Concerning GMO Crops Beforehand

The findings of the IAASTD regarding the ineffectiveness of GMO crops were published on April 15, 2008. That is long before Bill Gates’ address to the public in late January of this year. Did Monsanto stockholder Gates ignore this information, or does he believe the 900 scientists to be incorrect? Perhaps the evidence generated from the expert team is not enough. In that case, then Gates should look no farther than the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Another massive research organization, the Union of Concerned Scientists also examined the true yield of GMO crops, only to find that the altered crops do not produce increased yields over the long run — despite their excessive cost and extreme danger to health and environment. The lack of scientific support behind the GMO crops was so startling to the Union that they documented all the details in a 2009 report entitled “Failure to Yield.”

GMO crops are not only ineffective at fighting world hunger, but are a genuine threat to public health. Even if they were effective at feeding more individuals than traditional farming practices, would they really want to consume it? Bill Gates appears to have the interests of massive corporations in mind when perpetuating the myth that GMOs are the answer to fighting starvation.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Sorry Gates: GMO Crops Shown to be Ineffective at Fighting World HungerGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • TruthForThought

    Talk about laziness! You couldn’t just briefly look it up?! Must be all of those GMOs getting to the brain…

  • Holland Simms

    Gate's family has a background of being in eugenics movement of the 1930's.Microsoft had been indicted,tried and lost anti-monopoly suits in the 90's yet went unpunished.Gate's is a 'protected' boy of the scum that does not need all us useless eaters.Now he is out there being the 'philantropist' luring the sheep in to be sterilized.

  • mothman777

    It is now proven by Nanking University that miRNA from plants survives passing into the digestive tract of humans and animals and acts in what might almost be described in a symbiotic fashion, expressing plant miRNA function side by side with human and animal miRNA to modulate expression of organ functions and other physiological functions.

    For countless millennia, mankind, animals and plants have coexisted like this, with plant miRNA actually expressing itself in a cross-species manner within our bodies as if we were plants too, in a completely harmonious, harmless and functional manner.

    GM miRNA will also act within our bodies, and Nanking University has stated that where the function of miRNA is dysregulated, illnesses, including cancer, and death will result, and this has been observed where animals in India grazing on the remains of GM cotton crops have died a week after eating the GM cotton plants; likewise, in America, pig farmers have seen their pigs experiencing a multitude of extremely serious health and reproductive ailments after consuming GM animal feed grade corn.

    Though the Nanking study did not specifically test GM, but rather tested a normal strain of rice, the principle of cross-species migration of functioning miRNA remains firmly established. Though GM was not tested in the study itself, in the conclusion of the study, it was stated that 'exogenous' miRNA 'added from an external source' to food would also migrate in a similar fashion, and I believe this to be definitely a thinly-veiled reference to GM food, as how else can genetic materials be added from an external source that are not native to that food? surely only by genetic engineering.

    The writing is on the wall, GM miRNA will likely make us all seriously ill, and most certainly make us sterile, and kill us; if not in one generation then in five or six, but die we will, along with all the animals that we force to eat this poison.

    The science that damns the validity of GM plants is now proven; and the politicians must not only be made thoroughly aware of it, they must be made aware that all their electorates know it too; spread the word. The droves of PhD scientists greasing round the politicians to get more grants to line their own pockets, are blind to the facts and implications of this vital and groundbreaking latest research, or perhaps acting together with them in a depopulation program.

    The politicians and scientists need a reality check right now. Give them one.

    The fact that DARPA is developing super soldiers using GM techniques is well established and already published.

    That is just one account. Now, do you really think they will feed these guys the same crap GM that leaves other beings sterile and with severe liver and kidney damage? No way; these guys will have specially tweaked GM foods just for them. But the rest of us, well, standard lethal Monsanto GM crap is good enough to terminate our lines for good. After all, we were just born to be slaves, so say some.

    The possibility exists that specific GM foods will be developed to feed specific worker and soldier classes in the future, that can only feed one class, being lethal to the others. Such a plan would give the Talmudists total control over us all, the power of life and death, fulfilling the work of Joseph Stalin.

  • Vinaya

    I am afraid the main point is elsewhere and we need to understand it first. In reality, Bill Gates is right – the GMO is a real solution (part of it) for starvation, no doubt about it…by reducing the population i.e. preventing people to have children. This part of puzzle wasnt taken into consideration by the scientists at all…

    Once, Bill talks to public, and before the huge audience he says following:

    "The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent!"

    And so we know now, the "new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services" are simply the instrument of "lowering" of the human population by 10 or 15 percent (about 1 billion people). He of course doesnt speak about GMO, but see other sources which clearly show that GMO has exactly the same target – depopulation and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual devastation of population, which can be ruled much easier than.

    See the talk of dear Bill here please. His whole talk is only about one single point – depopulation of humans, and so are all his activities. Wake up – this people are seriously planning (and they are doing it already!) to kill most of the people on this planet and create the "new society".

    They created the "Good Club", they really think they are the governors of the planet…they are not, they are just sick people, which should normally be in the prisons or in the mental hospitals as psychopats. So, here is the "Good Club". When reading it, always when you see this guys on TV, or in any magazine…keep in mind what he publicly said, always keep it in mind, and your perspective will change dramatically. Have in mind – they want to kill us, and they are killing us already, no doubt – 94% of all fod in the US is GMO…."new vaccines" are exported to whole world (can you say no to the vaccines for your children in your country?! Most probably not…), with all the "health care, reproductive health services". It is already happening, Good Club is really "good"….


  • Paul Martinez – Livi

    The fact of the matter is, there are so many more negative aspects of GMO farming than positive. If you were given food that has a 5% chance of giving your child cancer, would you feed it to her?? GMO food has simply not been tested properly and the results that have indeed come in are troubling. I myself don't trust it.

    I feed my family Beyond Organic foods and beverages, a new company that raises the bar when it comes to organic meat, dairy and chocolate:

    Check it out here:

    It was started by esteemed nutrition expert and best-selling author, Jordan Rubin.

    • Hope

      Thanks so much for sharing this website. I have had chronic illness a long time and my sister had given me this man's book. We were desparate to find a source of organic meat. This would seem to be the answer! I am so excited about this. This man is the antithesis of B Gate and we should get behind people like this trying to do the right thing and making a difference even if it isnt as cheap. In the long run, it 'pay me now or pay me later' as they say. I'd rather be buying healthy food then perscription drugs etc. down the road. God Bless!

      • abbi

        It's great that you're switching over to organic products but there are many scientists now proving that meat and dairy are the cause of many diseases. The animal protein, fat, and cholesterol (even nonfat/skim milk contains cholesterol) all contribute to heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and other major chronic disease. Dairy has been found to be pro-inflammatory and, essentially, is not a healthy choice. Any of the beneficial nutrients found in milk, like calcium, are found in sufficient amounts in a healthful plant-based diet.The difference in the nutrient composition of grass-fed vs. conventionally grown beef is very small, especially when compared to the difference between animal and plant food. The bigger problem seems to be in the kind of food. Look into a movie called "forks over knives."

    • Philo Drummond

      Why have you not provided links to this research these 900 scientists used in their study? Who are these scientists? Let's see the list of names. Where is the peer review? Your rhetoric is sadly unconvincing.

  • yankee phil

    The problem is not Gates , it is the FDA. If there are results from tests that demonstrate GMO products are a health hazard then these results must be used in a class action lawsuit against the FDA for endangering public health by approving`incompletely tested foodstuffs. Only then will you see who in the FDA is on the take and the federal judges involvement in bribery. A lawsuit shines a light on these backroom deals as the participants must go public to defend their actions, in which case a judge can capitulate by throwing the case out of court without even an evidentiary hearing.

    • Fly on the wall

      Correction, no the problem actually is Gates. He's a shameless eugenecist who promotes vaccines as a means of population reduction. No, that's not slander, he has a video on youtube where he uses blatant doublespeak saying in essence, the population is too high. With greater use of vaccines we can bring the population down 95%. Wait, whaaaaa???? That's like saying too many people's houses are catching on fire. We need to pass out more matches and gasoline to children.

      GMO's are known sterilants. When fed to mice/other animals within 3 generations they are all sterile. Amongst other problems, namely the drastic increases in cancers and organ failure amongst anything fed it.

      • mothman777

        Nice point, but I would like to add that the term eugenics as used by almost everyone with regards to this issue is actually a complete misnomer for what Bill Gates and his people are doing. It is called genocide, pure and simple.

        There is no program to weed out the genomes of any individuals that might be held by some subjective means of evaluation as being ill-equipped for life from within any race, nor are there any plans to enhance the genomes of any individuals within any of these races scheduled for elimination. What Bill Gates and his Talmudist friends are doing is literally exterminating entire races, except the one he and his friends belong to. See the work of Dr Carl Skorecki on the genome of these people.

  • ChrisYAHanWatcher4YA

    "MONSANTO," is likely a Anagarmatic, Pseudonymic Treacherous deceptive Word Twisting, SwithchCraft [S=Satan's WithchCrafts,] Talmudic,

    kAH Ba'alistic, Zoharian, Protocols: of the self proclaimed; Learned Elders of Zion Scheme, revealing the inspired TRUTH; of What their True Puropose and Intents may be: MO-loch Satan Mo N santo,note:

    Not definite but seemed to Interpret, via Inspired revealation?

    AH le leu YAH: PRAISE BE unto YAH/god/good, Over 5000 years old and virtually un-Changed!

  • Artemis

    I would like this article (as well as many people on this site) to actually back up some of these claims. The article says “900 scientists” say all this stuff, but so what? I could get 900 people, dress them in lab coats, and have them pour some chemicals together, and call them scientists. The article did not say what any of the research actually was, or what the actual results are. And what in the world does “meaningful solution” mean? I’d like to actually see the researcher’s credits, and the actual data produced.

    On another note, to all you people who abhore GMOs so much, You know all those soybeans that are in everything? According to the National Agricultural Statistics Board annual report, June 30, 2010, 93% of soybeans grown in the US are genetically modified to be resistant to pesticides. You may want to remember that you’ve been eating GMOs for years.

    • Jean

      I would trust the word of 900 people dressed in white coats even if they were auto mechanics over what Bill Gates has to say as his goal is population

      reduction. Not health improvement.And today it is known that the high estrogen in soy is feminizing the male population, may be connected to the high incidence of Breast cancer in women,not to mention the ill effects it has on the organs of people as has been demonstrated in test rats.This may also be a contributing factor to the rampant obesity we see in general population. Down with GMO garbage. It contaminates good crops and is unnecessary.

      • Paul Kemp

        I appreciate your comment, Jean. Got a hearty laugh out of the first sentence, but your final sentence sums up the situation very well.

        I've been an organic farmer, among other careers, and farming the old way using crop rotation, soil supplements, organic manures, compost,and the rest is sustainable. As long as the sun keeps shining, we can grow food fairly predictably — and if you start with non-hybrid seeds you can actually save your seeds for generations as they become more perfectly attuned to your specific micro-climate.

        This sustainable farming tradition is also affordable to the poor peasant, as well as keeping overhead low for the small or large landowner here in the States. It works very well.

        None of the above holds true for those who use GMO seeds and methods:

        They have to repurchase new seeds every year.

        They must spray the heck out of them with glyphosate to keep the weeds down. (Then your food is saturated with herbicide!)

        With all this investment in seeds and sprays and equipment needed to spray, there is no guarantee your crop will be big enough to repay the effort.

        On top of it all, going the GMO route is not affordable to the small 3rd World farmer! It is only remotely feasible to the big players, who may be able to arrange some type of subsidized government loan.

        This GMO scheme is about reducing the number of farmers, thus consolidating power further into the hands of an insider oligarchy that can be bailed out by taxes of all the people or loan guarantees placed on the backs of the common people.

        Furthermore, GMOs will contaminate, as you say, the heirloom seeds, probably with their "Terminator" genes, so that after a number of years, everyone will be forced to buy seeds from Monsanto! This is outrageous. It is a devilish plan to take control over all the world's major food items by a partnership of the U.S. Government, Monsanto, big money folks like Gates and others…with a system that makes food production for billions of people dependent on a system that is worse than the old sustainable way! It is criminally stupid, to boot!

        And where will the poor dirt farmer in Africa go when his crops are contaminated with GMO terminator genes? To be even poorer, to live in the city slums? Before GMO, the poor farmer had income and was providing a vital service to his/her community; after GMO, he or she will become landless, unemployed, and at the mercy of whatever jobs he may not be qualified for.

        When major corporations and the super-wealthy team up with the government against the people's will, you have Fascism. That is what this is, Food Fascism. It won't provide MORE food, but it will create MORE problems for many people and MORE wealth for the few. (And set up whole regions for starvation, as the GMO crops inevitably fail to consistently deliver on predictions.)

        Thanks, Mr. Gates, not one of your best business ideas!

        • weldon melton

          So much misinformation in your post but the terminator gene made me reply. I farm in Texas. I am 60 yo. The terminator gene is NOT in production and when it was being developed it didn't work well. If you catch the same seed generation after generation without going back to foundation seed the plant will be worse. I and my father grew cotton that you could catch year after year. We always caught some seed from certified seed (one year out of foundation) to maintain the seed line. Ya'll have a nice day.

    • REB

      Your willing to listen to gate but ignore thousands of others who have studied the issue…how about farmers? I being one who opposes gates/monsanto/gmo these crops are no good,they do not perform and they are destroying our seed heritage ang giving monsanto a monopoly,,,it aint just soybeans goober…its all seeds and crops…and with 500000+ shares thers maybe a wee bit of conflict of interest…maybe eh???

      And yes GMO soy is in almost everything and NO I dont eat it…I grow my food in self defense…monsanto says you dont have the right to know if GMO are in your food…FDA/USDA agree so eat up slave!I choose to not participate!

      • weldon melton

        Are you a farmer? Every farmer I know grows gmo.

    • venuschild1968

      just because we have been force fed garbage unknowingly for years doesnt mean its good for us! the honeybee decline is directly connected to the GMO and round up ready soybean crops also

    • Fly on the wall

      You may want to remember that also, cancer rates and diabetes are exploding and this is the first generation whose life expectancy has sank below the one before it.

    • billy bathgates

      Hi Artemis, no kidding – you may want to remember yourself

      - the fact that we having been eating them for years (these have been stealthed into the food supply by a company that is rotten to the core) is just one of the reasons we abhore them so!

      If it's so great they shouldn't need to be spending $$$$$$ buying the govt to sneak these in without proper testing or even labeling, and fighting suing relentlessly to keep it under wraps. Don't you think?

      This meshes perfectly with bill gates' former tactics – stop at nothing to achieve a monopoly. If he had any shame it would be shameful.

      They are a match made in hell.

  • gary hillerich

    Gates gets up at the TED conference and tells the world/audience he is personally going to oversee the murder of 4 billion humans with vaccines..I say arrest this satanic Zionist eugenic freakazoid scumbag ASAP, and lock him up immediately & indefinitely in one of the Zionists torture dungeons..otherwise he and his satanic,genocidal foundation "Bill & Melinda Murder Inc." will end up being the biggest mass murderers in the history of the planet.. by far..Gates will make Mao and Stalin look like choir choir boys if he is not stopped,but then again the GMO genie cannot be put back in the bottle,and GMO's and DU will end life on this planet[if something else the NWO cooks up doesn't end it it sooner]..guaranteed.. just a matter of when[if nuclear holocaust with Iran doesn't end it much sooner..the bible does indeed say the earth will end by/in fire the 2nd time around]water 1st[Noah] needs to end too,as the evil and wickedness of Satan's chosen ones[Israeli and other Zionists] continues to accelerate,although I'd like to see the evil Zionist scum that's setting up this NWO,be re-incarnated as its tortured slaves..a perfect,fitting punishment from our heavenly father/creator

  • mothman777

    Visit 'Mothman777's Blog' to read the following essay, 'Basalt And Other Rock Dusts, How To Totally Remineralize Your Soil – with a refutation of the University of Glasgow 2009 PhD thesis on rockdust and composted materials – revised 19th January 2012'

    Rock dusts are the only way to fully remineralize soil and vastly increase crop yield whilst at the same time making the crops much hardier against pests and disease. Adding rock dusts to growing media is the way to feed everyone properly with food that will give optimal health, brain development and function. Samuel Epstein stated that 95% of all disease is due to mineral deficiency. Rock dusts completely remineralize soil, including microminerals that have been demonstrated to double lifespns in tests on animals. Think what they could do for us, and the quality they could add to our lives also. Quarries should mine this stuff full time for the agricultural industry. With this strategy, we can solve malnutrition (I know already about all the food destroyed each year to artificially create high prices, and about food mountains, logistics problems etc. The racist depopulation agenda with GMO can be stopped right now if we all demand a return to (organic)farming with rock dusts rather than chemical NPK fertilizers and other chemicals, like glyphosate, proven to sterilize all who consume it. Chemical fertizers just pump plants up with water and exteremely low mineral content. For instance according to Mike Adams, an apple grown today has only 3% of the mineral content of one grown in 1916. It is the case that we must all demand rock dust be used or continue to eat garbage food, suffering poor mental and physical development as a consequence, as well as becoming victims of big pharma. Results obtained from using rock dustscompletely blow any arguments for GMO's right out of the water. Please spread the word about rock dust as enthusiastically as possible, to your local politicians, agricultural ministries/departments and farmers. Insist on quality food that only rock dust can help to grow. Rock dust is, after all, the ultimate source of all soil, and when it is minerally depleted, there is really only one source to go to in order to make things right again, and rock dust is the only sane choice. The planet is made of the stuff, there is plenty of it and no shortage.

  • olrailbird

    Bill is just another usurer "investing" in death by Monsanto. He should be talking to himself, in solitary confinement.

    If we want to solve world hunger, which is a symptom of poverty, we need only outlaw usury (beginning with interest.) Stop listening to self-centered bankers selling you money they print from thin air (at interest.) Lock the criminals away.

    There is no other solution to poverty except killing all of the poor people.

  • HC

    OK…. too many blanket statements here. And where you have made your text bold, those should actually be where you put your links to show your source.

    What we know is GMOs are bad. But thousands of farmers committing suicide because of Monsanto? 900 scientists say what exactly? There is no information to support any of what this article says. I wish this fear-mongering magazine would show some ethics for responsible reporting and start properly linking source information.

    • Anonymous

      The farmer suicides are documented. As I recall, most of them have happened in India. You would know that if you did a simple Google search. Government and corporate control is tightening around the food supplies of he planet. The endgame will be intentional crop failures and mass starvation. Agenda 21, Georgia Guidestones, call it what you want. The elite are culling the populations of the world before they divide it up between them.

    • Lisa
    • Jean

      The suicides were Farmers in India who planted roundup ready cotton and it failed to produce plus the cost of he seeds and spray was so costly they could not show a profit and were losing their farms.

      The GMO crops are reverting back to their original state to a degree and requiring more and more spray to combat resistant super weeds that are no longer killed by recommended spraying levels.This makes the spray economically infeasable.Monsanto should be drumed out of business, fined for the damage and made to pay restitution to those they have harmed.

    • Fly on the wall

      It's really quite simple. I theorized something like this COULD happen back in college, way before I was awake and even knew GMO was a reality, not a theory.

      Basically, GMO's tend to work from a more limited gene pool, they'll use say the genes of one or two seeds and mass produce them, as opposed to the usual genetic diversity of hundreds of combinations of varying seeds from varying genetic donors.

      Now think about this. What happens when a virus comes along that this limited gene pool isn't equipped to fight off? Well, we've seen what happens firsthand. The virus spreads like wildfire, causing massive crop failure. I'm sure Monsanto was well aware something like this could happen too, when they sold people their tainted seeds.

      The so-called "elite" (or as I like to call them, filth) should consider the same thing. In their race to reduce population, what happens when an ultra virus comes along and they've reduced the population so much there isn't enough biodiversity amongst them to fight it off. (because I think Adolf showed us exactly how much biodiversity the elites would prefer.) Well, simply put, more massive crop failure, only the crop will be humanity, not cotton.

      • Fly on the wall

        Actually the more I think of it, i'm sure Monsanto is hoping more attention isn't paid to that angle of it, they deliberately sold people seeds with the collossal flaw– one they were obviously aware of, if I could put it together with not one iota of experience working with actual GMO's– of not being virus resistant.

        I smell a lawsuit in there somewhere.

  • Dee

    Bill Gates is a fraud…putting farmers out of business who sell good quality food and seed. Bill Gates believes in corporate monopolies and genocide. If everyone were to do their bit to help rid of us those like Bill Gates and including him…switch to Linx and toss your windows computers and operating systems. He also believes in tracking and infringing on the rights to personal privacy. Get rid of anything that leads back to Gates. People wonder why the courts are seeing in favor of Monsanto…it's pretty clear that most Judges are probably well invested in Monsanto stocks and anything Gates has to do with! I don't buy food in large grocery chains nor do I buy name brands any longer. I try to get as much as I can straight from local farmers and producers. They need our support and if the prices are just slightly higher sobeit. Better than dying in submission to Gates and Monsanto.

  • Cassandra

    Hi Cassandra

    Can you provide Bil Gates home and office Postal address? We should all write to him letting him know how absurd it is for him along with Monsanto to play God.

    Obviously, Bill knows little about science, our atmosphere and from where we get our OXYGEN.

    CO2 is the plasma for life. Without CO2 and the photo-synthesis of plants, we oxygen living creatures wouldn't exist – PERIOD!!!!!!

    Since 1850 the concentration of O2 in our atmosphere has demised some 35%. This accounts why we people are so susceptible to disease. Without a high O2 concentration in our blood our immune system is weakened, and cannot do what God designed it to do – annihilate disease.

    What we need is more CO2 not less. Along with that we more heavily leafed plants to process that CO2 to leave us with O2 and as well the plants and us with Carbon.

    Carbon cap and storage is dangerous to life and an unnecessary expense, that controls the masses,(higher taxes) and price of raw and manufacturedgoods.

    Added to that carbon is Mother Nature's fertilizer.

    The best example is the after math when we see there has been a brush/grass fire.

    The next year the fields become lush and fast to green up.

    As we know GMOs destroy the DNA of everything that comes in contact with it.

    Blowing GMO pollen mutates and alters adjoining natural seed crops, to one of a UNIC, and destroys Bees and the Honey they produce (a very beneficial food for man)

    How can a man, who cannot spend the money he has, have to lie to overflow his britches??? It's beyond me – beyond belief!

    That's why all of us have to write our own personal letter – telling him the facts.

    Besides, it would be a good ploy to Boycott Microsoft, (don't buy his products) all his products and to organize Rallies outside his businesses (flood the area with brochures tell what his is supporting) and where his products are sol – with Placards – telling like it is.

    Dave Peddle Ph 403 236-8303

  • JamesAt17

    John O. I agree with you. If people really want to know one of those things you mentioned, Chemtrails, they need to look up in the skies over their own heads and see those chemical dumpings for themselves.

    The metal particles in the trails "dope" the sky, turning it into a vast semiconductor so that HAARP technology can be deployed to trigger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, droughts, 'and other destructive freak weather'. <Could that be recent tornados ou of season???

    • REB

      Ya theyre spraying aluminum and barium by the tons and how convieniently monsanto now comes out with aluminum resistant seeds….unbelievable…

  • John O

    GMO's are part of the genocide master plan. People should look up the recent research of Dr. Michael J. McNeill and Don Huber. They discovered an unknown pathogen that is causing widespread stillbirths, infertility, and spontaneous abortions in cattle, hogs, and other animals. I'm a farmer and I know that we humans are very susceptible to the same pathogens that affect other animals.

    Bill Gates is a genocidalist. Vaccines and GMO's, along with chemtrails and other high tech methods are their tools.

    • Fly on the wall

      Heh, i'm so proud of this forum. Not the usual gang of "bahh"ing sheep saying durr, "Bill Gates maeks compewters, why wud he care about populayshion cun-trolls?"