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GM Foods Touted “Benefits” are Actually False Claims

Andre Evans
December 31st, 2011
Updated 11/06/2012 at 10:13 pm
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wrong 210x131 GM Foods Touted Benefits are Actually False Claims

Genetically Modified foods are prominently featured in today’s food supply. In fact, GMOs are so prominent that if a product is not labeled as GMO free, then it can be assumed that there is at least some amount of genetic alteration within the food. GMOs dominate conventional food supplies and popular products, perpetuating their adverse effects on the people who eat them.

Before the whistle was blown on the dangers of GM foods, like any other invariably unpopular thing pushed by corporations, claims were that GMOs could actually be beneficial to the food supply, and provide positive value. But how legitimate are any of these claims?

“GM Crops Require Less Herbicide/Pesticide Usage”

Pesticide toxicity is an obvious concern when dealing with crops. Gene tailoring the crops into producing a pesticide theoretically means that you should have to use less. However, the effectiveness of this method diminishes when insects build an immunity to the pesticide being genetically engineered. This actually creates a need for more additional and more varied application of pesticides to crops, destroying the initial premise that using GM to produce pesticides would lessen their application overall.

“GM Foods Will Help Provide for Poor Starving Populations”

One could argue that the use of GMOs provides more opportunities to give food to the poor, despotic countries. However, genetic engineering of food is often an expensive and extensive process. The application of genetically altered seeds used by farmers also poses a threat to the integrity of a whole environmental food supply. As GMO crops spread, they can easily contaminate surrounding crops that are free of engineering, producing adverse effects. Some crops engineered with ‘terminator’ genes actually cause the seeds of the next generation to be rendered sterile. This would actually limit the ability for any kind of farmer to reliably produce food in cycles, unless they can afford to buy more seeds from a company providing them.

“GM Foods are Normal Foods, Cause no Threat to Your Health, and Can Even be Nutritionally Enhanced”

Various studies suggest that consuming any amount of GMOs lead to a number of adverse side effects, ranging from organ failure, to infertility. The nature of attempting to manipulate genetic boundaries produces an uncontrollable amount of anomalies, all of which diminish the quality and purpose originally intended for the food. Essential nutrients can be rendered ineffective, and the mutagenic nature of genetic tampering can actually destroy any of the benefits that the foods originally held.

In actuality, its better to entirely abstain from the use and advocation of any form of genetic modification on foods. The so called benefits are actually non existent, and the nature of the situation actually threatens the integrity of the world food supply. Genetic tampering opens a figurative Pandora’s box of unforeseen consequences, including the contamination of nutritionally sound foods.

The safety of our food supply must be maintained by foregoing the use of GMOs, and preserving the purity of organically farmed, nutritionally satisfying fruits and vegetables. Being a part of the solution is as easy as refusing to use any GM foods, and maintaining your own form of clean and sustainable produce. Like many countries now are deciding to reject these foods, you also have an individual opportunity to secure your own health by doing the same.

About Andre Evans:
Andre Evans has studied the connection between mind and body for the majority of his professional career, offering insights as to why we do the things that we do and how to change our lives for the better. Highlighting the extreme power of the mind and the numerous neurological reasons that you may be experiencing a health crisis, Andre breaks down exactly how to melt away your stress levels and enjoy your life the way you should -- naturally.

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  • Toby

    If Monsanto had a product that was safe and that they were proud of…..why would they not want it labeled ???

  • T Bagg

    Anyone (such as myself) who knows anything about ecology and the huge importance of genetic variability, would praise God for taking millions of years to provide us with such diverse seed DNA capable of outlasting virulent strains of disease, insect infestations, large cold spells etc. Of course Monsanto is focused on profits, not on maintaining a safe, on-going food supply. And thus the crux of the human problem is no different than it was 2000 years ago when they nailed Christ to the cross; greed and power. I didn't even have to study the Bible to see that the Word of God is the Truth. I just sought the Truth and found the Word of God. You can quote me on that. Prepare yourselves for the greatest harvest ever.

    • jeremy kingsnorth

      are you jiizus fella

  • T Bagg

    If I were Satanic, i would want to have a monopoly on the worlds food supply. then I could trade you food for your soul. Just saying.

    Satanic soup for the soul.

  • christophe


    Also look at"

    here at this website. Dont do the "anti-science" shuffle most promoters of GM do…I am not thick and I am aware of the political/cash endowments that so-called-academics get for jumping on board..

  • Jason Major

    Hmm. curious about your sources for this story. Pesticide use. Correct there is potential for resistance – same for conventional farming which is why with good agrnomic management this can be avoided – though not forever, of course. eg with GM stuf crop/chemical rotation, proper integrated pest management, approprioate refuge sites, etc. In Australia. Pesticide use on Bt cotton is about 80% lower compared to conventional cotton.

    Preventing starvation. Not sure where you got this info from. Here you are arguing against how the technology is being applied rather than the technology itself. First there is no such thing as teminator genes in any GM crop – never has been and there are no plans to introduce them. They haven't even perfected the science on that to do it. But yes, there is a lot of control of the existing GM crops in the hands of a few large companies bringing with it opportunities for exploitation. But there is also a lot of research being done with public moey in many African countries and Brazil to develop indigenous crops with what are potentially useful triats – ege disease resistance. The University of Melbourne where TechNyou is based, is developing an iron-rich rice that will have no patents attachd to it.

    Organ failure, infertility, and especially essential nutrients being rendered ineffective. Showe me good robust scientific evidence for this




    • christophe

      Well check out the research by Dr Árpád Pusztai and his research on GM potatoes. Rats were born with fertility problems, weakened immune systems and other problems. Surely you would know this and how the British establishment tried to cover this up..!!The problem with GM is that you are basically not allowed to research or experiment because of patent rights so you rely on the statements from the bio tech industries, which no one can SHOULD trust. MONSANTO is a mantra for the "evil empire" for good reason.

      We have people in the industry, especially tied to grants and Universities trying to get on the bandwagon, who just close their eyes to the nature or should I say the unnatural nature of the gene swapping and the unknown consequences especially when unleased into the wild.

      They will make any excuse to ligitimise their "science" for cash. They dont give a shit about health just cash and their position among peers.


    • Anonymous

      Re:Jason @ Technyou

      Show me good robust scientific evidence that GM foods are safe for human consumption.

      If GM foods are safe, why do Bio-tech companies repeatedly refuse to allow independent testing on the effcts of GM foods on humans? What have they got to hide?

      Also, you have not addressed the contamination issue. It is well documented that non-GM crops have been contaminated by cross fertilisation.

      Ask yourself this question, what are the benefits of GM foods to the consumer?

      Answer: None!

    • jeremy kingsnorth

      "First there is no such thing as teminator genes in any GM crop – never has been and there are no plans to introduce them. They haven’t even perfected the science on that to do it." so "they" are trying to perfect the science. and to what end if not to place these genes in GM seed. you also side step the function of GM crops, that is, for a company to manufacture gene altered seed that is resistant to that companies herbicide. end of story. The 2011 SIK study estimated the total of global food loss and waste to around one third of the edible parts of food produced for human consumption, amounting to about 1.3 billion tons per year. better efficiency in bringing food to market and reducing this loss would more than compensate for any food shortfall. food management and efficient distribution are the key to food security, not GM crops