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Global Activism is Taking Down the Toxic Corporate Food Industry

Anthony Gucciardi
March 13th, 2012
Updated 11/04/2012 at 12:04 am
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shoppingpepper 220x137 Global Activism is Taking Down the Toxic Corporate Food Industry

The foundation of the international food industry, monopolized by large corporations that hold zero regard for your health, is cracking. As more and more individuals begin to realize that they are eating their way to disease through the consumption of these products, they become outraged at the companies peddling their latest toxic food product. The result? Companies are now being forced to either answer to the consumer demands (removing the toxic substances from the food supply and adapting legitimate environmental manufacturing practices) , or lose their customers.

Increasingly, we see this happening on a larger scale. Major companies like Campbell’s have begun abandoning bisphenol A (BPA), the cancer-linked chemical found in can linings and plastic containers. The change comes after even the FDA was forced to re-evaluate the safety of BPA, potentially issuing a ban by the end of this month. Linked to cancer, diabetes, and much more, consumers have become fully aware of the dangers that BPA presents — and they aren’t handing over their hard-earned dollars to companies that refuse to remove BPA from their products.

On a larger scale, corporations are also being forced to remove high-fructose corn syrup. Well known for its health effects even throughout the general public, not only does high-fructose corn syrup breed obesity and cancer, but it is even known to contain mercury. Consumers are now refusing to eat anything that contains this ingredient, and for good reason. Even Michelle Obama has gone public in stating that she refuses to feed her own children products that contain high-fructose corn syrup. It is due to this that food titans like Sara Lee and Kraft have begun removing the ingredient from their products to avoid losing a large number of sales.

Activism and education is making legitimate changes in the way that the world eats and thinks.

While it is a major victory that these companies are phasing out these ingredients, it is only the beginning of the mass rejuvination of the food supply that needs to take place in order for consumers to experience optimum health. BPA and high-fructose corn syrup alone are creating biological devastation, but what about aspartame, MSG, genetically modified ingredients, trans fat, and other harmful additives? These harmful substances can be removed as well; it simply requires the same activism and education that is resulting in the removal of BPA and high-fructose corn syrup.

Spread the word. It will not only change the health of your close friends and family, but the entire globe. Removing just a few toxic ingredients can prevent countless unnecessary deaths as a result of disease development.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Global Activism is Taking Down the Toxic Corporate Food IndustryGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • rich

    Check out Hulda Clark's book "The cure for all diseases".

  • BobbyBaxter HCVetera

    Hurrah! Even though it be we now see that we are engulfed in criminal darkness! Not the brightly lit 'consumer paradise' we have been led to believe we safely exist in. This is not Disneyland, this is Toxers & Poxers Incorpseorated. Minds and eyes though are now restoring themselves, what we have thought was real now shimmers uncertainly and is receding into clearer view of its absolute unreality. What now comes clear is gritty and repulsive, and that their teevee remote controls are literally right in our heads 'spinning' everything mirror reversed so that our fatally unperceived induced delusions by this means are carrying us body and soul into their enslavement, else death! Cognition flashes! We now have a chance to save ourselves from our age old nemesis in our beginning to see the truth and the real actors of all this as who and what they really are. The Real Deal though is very darkly uncomfortable, and repellent isn't it? And coiled about your throats every one of you! They have their venoms in you and by their designs in it you are now already 'damaged goods', not well able to perceive, reason correctly, or even physically act effectively in your own defenses! Unthinkable. And that is their first and best line of defense inherently in place and active in the mind of any decent person. They put up a 'good front', gummit, religious, corpseorate, and there succeed in usurping in your minds your own reasoning and moral authority, so that momentarily confounded you choose not to further seriously consider or share the evidences, you there have then beaten yourselves for these legions of slys who are slowly murdering you. Unthinkable. No! Think dammit! Do not retreat back into the womb/tomb they have manipulated into your minds so that you simply defeat yourselves, stand up and clear your heads, move forward and lucidly examine for yourselves, understand and defend yourselves from these legions of much too familiar to us slow murderers!

    The next step, a hurdle to be cleared:

    Solidly, firmly grasp, that every single one of these corpseorate, gummit, religious actors are guilty of murder.

    Yours. Praise to you but most of you just don't quite have your heads fully unspun yet. This is not unthinkable.. it is unforgiveable!

    "Better Living Through Chemisty".. such as dynamite, and gihftgas Zyklon B. Things wicked and mass techniques of this dark nature have become increasingly more 'sophisticated' these days though. Things as subtle as the unnoticed lining in the can of spinach you just bought and fed your family. Slow murder with 'slow bullets', corpseorate legions of clandestine poisoners at their darkly criminal work. Many millions of us are blood guilty of it. And it is yours and my blood, our childrens, that is being slowly, slyly bled out, enriching the perpetrators in the process if we continue to let them get away with all this. They literally weigh their 'profits' in your blood. They (your next door neighbors whose 'pest control' company sprays its paying customers with slow poisons by which they profit themselves by corpseorately 'party lining' that they are not, for instance, and oh, sweet Aunt Millie who secretarys for Chief Executive Robber Biller at PsyCoPath Incorpseorated – she cannot but know what they really 'sell') are all murderers every one. They are absolutely murderers, your murderers! Of knowledge of it, and if only by their silence in failing to warn the victim or victims they are there clearly aiding the planning and the overcoming of obstacles, so that it is then successfully carried forward.. and executed! Even though they do not even know the man or woman who actually fired that fast or 'slow bullet', every one of them is guilty guilty guilty. Pressing this closer to home, if by your silence, or by your direct participation, you have murdered someone, or a nation of us. You are guilty and walking free among us you remain a mortal hazard to every single one of us. By such as these, their delusional, yet clearly calculated criminal intent carried out upon you, it is you that they are killing! Murdering! As the expression goes.. 'right under your noses'! Wake up! They long divided us and set us upon each other like hyenas on a dark night. If though you will not be mentally debauched into dullen obedience by their chemical lobotomies, if you fight them off so that they cannot sterilize you like cattle, if you refuse to allow yourselves to continue in their hidden enslavements, and now throw their more substantial shackles back at them.. yet you allow them to remain free to walk among you, smiling 'those smiles', as they are certainly doing they are icily continuing their poisonings of you in ten thousand ways. If nothing else can be further gained by them, and they remain free to do so. they certainly must then bury the evidence of their crimes.

    Someone raises a gun to your head and blows your brains out on the spot, or someone slips you, or a corpseoration of them slips an entire nation a hidden agent which blows your brains out over a couple of decades, a 'slow bullet', what distinction can be made here between the pistoler and the poisoner. None, other than if you critically think this out it is greatly much the poisoner that you must fear most. In any event, fast bullet, or 'slow bullet', it must be stopped before its calculator fires it. Either way, bang!.. you're dead. With the 'slow bullet' there is rarely ever the easily evident 'smoking gun' witnessed in the perpetrator's hand. It is much much easier to make your getaway into anonymous oblivion if you fire a 'slow bullet'. No one even realizes that it has occurred. You even get to torture your victim, sometimes for 'delicious' years, in ways even your sick minds didn't anticipate. Only those of the nature of inhuman psychopaths murder someone, or a nation, in cold blood. If you don't recognize and stop them every single one right smack there, they will simply fire again, or retreat if they must, but those remaining free among you will fire again and again and again. Invisibly, and into your back. It is now unquestionable, and what a saving turn of the table of realization for us, that if unrestrained they continue to do this and they certainly are. Are they not, we are now coming able to see this more clearly in their dark web of slaver's psywar that they have enveloped and blinded us in.

    These crimes are not incompetence. These are not 'oversights'. Their MedCo DrugCo PsyCo developers and practitioners know exactly the effects of these many agents that they have spent billions of our dollars developing for their covertly desired upon us effects. We are even duped to pay for their corpseorate media 'PR' psywar that they tube into our heads to not question it, only buy it buy it buy it, and consume it. Is it "Got milk?".. or is it really.. You Are State Property Now. Do Not Question. Conform. Obey. Inform. Enforce Upon Others. – Unchallenged, a highly 'profitable' now, but deadly 'investment in the future' for them. SICKOs! Murder Inc. Plausible deniability with bought laboratory and study results, and politicians, only buys them freedom and time to act, but if they succeed you are then no longer present or able to bring them to account for it. They bulldoze you into mass graves and write you out of history. These just out of this world Doktor Mengeles have had much too much time at our throats, many of us are dead, many of us live physically tortured existences which cannot be healed, we are all grimly harmed, most of us just don't know that yet. Yet. Programmed by their teevee in your head you may still 'worship' their hair, their clothes, their cars, their smiles, but they are nonetheless vicious criminals every one, and they are grievously harming you. Do not concede, do not surrender to them, stop them in time! This is real.. not a sitcom. Please don't die.

    Murderers are Murderers. And sweet Aunt Millie for damned sure!!

    Get your heads unspun and cleared, stop commenting about all this as though it is just something unintentional and merely unfortunate that has occurred quite by 'accident', it ain't!! Got that Miss Manners!!

    The Fix is in, unfix it! Fully. Justly. Or die.

    Is this to be.. uh.. your children's inheritance!?

    perhaps a bit of levity before I leave, somewhat shopworn on my creaky old typewriter to be sure ..

    tongue in toxed cheek

    'Ye shall know the Great Satan by it's Minions poisoning your Minds, your Hearts, your Bodily Temples, your Lands…'

    are your hands clean

    BobbyBaxter HCVeteran&MarihuanaFelon

    United States Army Security Agency 69-72

    Founder Alternative Energy Systems SV.74


  • P

    We still need to be diligent to be sure that they are not just renaming these additives and or substituting them with something just as bad. Stay the course!

    Why can't we force the food companies to remove chemicals from food…seems like it is criminal to allow it since it's ill affect on our lives.

  • Shalew38

    Ha-Ha!! Go for it, citizens. You are on the right track. Been feeling sickly, but can't put your finger on why – and neither can the doctors?? Check those labels and buy only additive free food. More and more of the lesser known brands are producing healthier foods without endless lists of chemicals. May cost a bit more, but is there a price on your health??? Those quick-serve meals have the most toxins. Don't think I will ever trust the big brand names after what they have done us.

  • Amerikagulag

    Wonder what McDonalds has to say about all this

  • cindy


    educated and make the healthy choices!! If we REFUSE TO BUY THERE POISONOUS PRODUCTS, THEY WILL DISAPPEAR


  • Yoda

    Kudos Mr. Gucciardi: Excellent expose.

    Our great leader President Obama’s minions are hustling Monsanto, ADM and other giants for colossal campaign donations,

    The global activists’ had better get more robust or we will be living on chemical corn.

    A communist revolution coming to your neighborhood.

    Right on Mr. Gucciardi – WRITE ON!


    P.S.: “May you live in interesting times” Ancient Chinese curse.

  • Ariel

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