Activism Works: White House Announces New GMO Regulation Plan

Activism Works: White House Announces New GMO Regulation Plan

Will activism once again turn the tide in the political battle for GMO transparency? Following millions of concerned individuals speaking out over Monsanto’s monopoly of the food supply, the White House has officially announced that it will be rolling out a new ‘GMO regulation’ plan that could radically change the current food supply.

In a recent announcement that you probably missed, as it was released just before the Fourth of July weekend on the White House website, the White House finally declared that a new review on the current GMO regulation laws is being launched. Regulation laws that have not been changed since 1992, when biotech juggernauts did not have nearly the firm grasp on the food supply that they do today.

In other words, the 1992-based regulations are completely outdated, and the White House is being forced to (maybe) do something about it. And before you say that it will never happen, remember that it was our activism that forced the federal government to lower water fluoridation levels for the first time in 50 years. Once again, we are seeing our activism pay off in the form of action.

Now, this new GMO regulation memorandum promises to:

  • Develop new regulations that would clearly delegate responsibilities among the different agencies (which would be helpful, as the USDA and FDA now simply juggle back responsibility for GMOs like it’s a hot plate)
  • Create a ‘long-term’ strategy to increase transparency in the regulation process of GMOs
  • Securing an independent analysis of the future of the biotech industry

These items, if executed properly, would be a huge move forward in the fight for our food supply. That said, it’s a stretch to think that the White House will actually fulfill these promises in an effective and trustworthy manner. After all, I told you back in early 2012 how the United States was caught threatening other nations with ‘trade wars’ for rejecting Monsanto’s GMOs. You simply cannot make this stuff up.

Regardless of the outcome, this move by the White House is yet another sign of how far the mission to reclaim our food supply and highlight the Monsanto GMO monopoly has come. With the federal government finally speaking out on the issue, it opens up a powerful new opportunity to spread the word and educate the many millions who still no idea what they’re eating on a daily basis.