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Garlic Proven to Kill Brain Cancer Cells, Prevent Future Growth

Paul Fassa
January 30th, 2014
Updated 05/06/2014 at 10:05 pm
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garlic brain cancer 263x164 Garlic Proven to Kill Brain Cancer Cells, Prevent Future GrowthA small group of researchers at Medical University of South Carolina found something that’s useful for anyone willing to properly consume lots of garlic. They discovered that certain organo-sulfur compounds in garlic can in fact kill brain cancer cells without disturbing healthy cells.

But they did this in 2007! It didn’t get much mainstream press, if any. Did we miss something? Maybe Big Pharma is trying to figure out how to create those compounds synthetically to get a patent and pay the FDA for approval after offering dubious papers from sketchy trials. Whether it’s useful for the cancer industry remains to be seen. But the results of this study haven’t received much if any attention from the mainstream press.

Instead of using the study to further explore natural methods of nipping brain cancer in the bud, the cancer industry encourages beginning “proven medical treatments” as early as possible. Treatments like surgery, radiation and chemotherapy offer 15 months or less of drooling before dying. But these “treatments” are proven money makers.

Study Specifics Summarized

Three researchers teamed up in South Carolina for an in vitro (culture) analysis of what three natural garlic compounds can do to brain cancer cells, specifically glioblastoma, the fastest growing brain cancer tumor common to adults. Two types of glioblastoma cancer cells were cultured, and three sulfur compounds from garlic were administered into the culture.

The compounds were diallyl sulfide (DAS), diallyl disulfide (DADS), and diallyl trisulfide (DATS). All three provided cytotoxic (cancer killing) effects, especially DATS, which “induced cell death via reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and a mitochondria-mediated pathway”.

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These compounds are able to get through the blood brain barrier to induce cancer cell apoptosis and prevent future cell growth.

Interestingly, what’s implied from the background of the study abstract is that the protection against carcinogenesis provided by these garlic sulfur compounds was already known. The researchers were attempting to determine the mechanics of how these compounds were so protective.

They found out how and more. They isolated the exact mechanics, and determined that these compounds are more than protective. They do what currently accepted brain cancer treatments are supposed to do but don’t, while leaving other healthy cells alone which those “standard of care” treatments also don’t. Here’s the full text study.

It’s recommended that one peels open garlic cloves and exposes them to air for 15 minutes or so to release those compounds. Some even say crush them for more exposure, then consume them raw to get the full benefits. This may not seem inviting to most, but it sure beats a slow agonizing death with a drool cup.

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The article that brought this to my attention by Doctor Dave Mihalovic

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  • Paul

    Reading the book, The Practice of Aromatherapy, by Jean Valnet, MD, it was printed in 1980, and next to the Garlic entry it has preventative of Cancer (A.Lorand) and A. Lorand did their research back in 1934. Just another Cancer prevention and cure they have been hiding for years.

  • RealityCheck

    “These compounds are able to get through the blood brain barrier to induce cancer cell apoptosis and prevent future cell growth.”

    The study makes no such claim.
    This occurred in vitro. Time and time again, the scientifically illiterate draw in vivo conclusions from this where it nearly always fails.

    • John Cook

      More crap from “RealityCheck” – the study doesn’t Need to “make that claim” as it is already well known. Hell those compounds will travel through your skin in minutes so you can tast them in your mouth from a clove crushed in your shoe.
      What an ignorant fool you are – and so aggressive. Why don’t you shut up and stop proving what an idiot you are?

      • RealityCheck

        Typical response to facts. Ignorant, blind anger.

        So tell me how garlic must go through the brain to get to the tongue. I’ll just wait here… lol

        Can’t believe I’m even engaging one of you psycho idiots.

        • John Cook

          You don’t make me angry “RealityCheck”. A bit sad at how pathetic and full of hatred you are perhaps, but definitely not angry.
          As for garlic, if you weren’t such a fool you would know that the tongue can only taste sweet, salty, bitter etc – it’s your nose that tastes garlic. And I am quite boggled by your idea that a taste has to go via the brain to get to anywhere.
          You realyl are a FukWit,

    • Dave Rickus

      You stay with Chemo RC. If there is a minute chance Anything from Mother Earth is better….. I’m All In!!

      • RealityCheck

        Yeah. When your daughter gets cancer, you can tell her “No chemo.” You can tell that little girl to just eat garlic because you read it on the internet.

        For sure dude.

        • Brian

          Who is this pathetic troll ‘reality check’? Please, ban this ignoramus from the discussion. Hey RC, we just started reading about garlic last week ‘on the internet.’ Yeah, like garlic hasn’t been discussed as a medicine for thousands of years. Do some research. I’ve worked in the medical field for years, and I know all about chemo. You go ahead and take your poisons, we’ll stick with mother nature.

          • Womaninsky

            Schill. Dumbass.