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France Asks EU to Halt Monsanto GMO Corn Approval

Anthony Gucciardi
February 21st, 2012
Updated 11/04/2012 at 10:20 pm
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courtrule1 210x147 France Asks EU to Halt Monsanto GMO Corn Approval

France is not bowing down to GMO giant Monsanto, now asking the European Commission to suspend authorization to Monsanto’s genetically modified corn. The news comes after France charged Monsanto with chemical poisoning after it was found that a farmer had suffered severe adverse health reactions as a result of exposure to Monsanto’s Lasso weedkiller. Despite losing court rulings against Monsanto’s GMO corn, the environment ministry is attempting to fortify a ban on the crops over serious environmental concerns.

France originally banned the growing of the genetically modified corn, known as MON810, in 2008. The strain is currently the only GM crop approved for planting in the European Union, and has been targeted as a serious threat to the environment. The French government said back in November, following the ruling against the attempted ban by the highest court, that it would look at all ways possible to suspend GM planting. Perhaps they have finally found a viable strategy.

The risks posed to the environment by Monsanto’s creations are quite well documented. Monsanto’s GMO crops actually require more pesticides, as ‘mutant’ insects have become resistant to the biopesticide used to ward them off known as Bt. Bt is a toxin incorporated into genetically modified crops in order to kill different insects, however Bt usage has subsequently spawned insect populations which are resistant to the biopesticide. At least 8 populations of insects have developed resistance, with 2 populations resistant to Bt sprays and at least 6 species resistant to Bt crops as a whole.

On another front, Monsanto’s Roundup is creating farmland-crushing super weeds. Heavily resistant to the herbicide that Roundup contains known as glyphosate. These resistant weeds currently cover over 4.5 million hectares in the United States alone. Internationally, experts state that the coverage most likely rose to 120 million hectares by 2010. This places the numerical estimate much higher in 2012.

Is it any wonder why France is taking action against Monsanto and genetically modified foods alike? Nations like Hungary have already taken severe action, ripping up Monsanto’s corn from the very farmlands they were contaminating. We are continuing to see countries, states, and cities standing up against Monsanto’s reckless endangerment of the planet as a whole.

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  • joe bassett

    The tricks they pull. Unless the people take control and elect common citizens to one year of public office, then things will never change. They as for a hault when they should say we will sue you for 100 billion if you so much as plant one more seed

  • David Llewellyn Fost

    100% behind France's environment ministry on this one! Monsanto must be brought to book & broken by all available means – should we care a toss about Nicholas Sarkozy's popularity ratings when the natural soil biodiversity of the indispensable crop-lands of the whole earth are being systematically poisoned into sterile, toxic extinction? Didn't anyone ever explain about the birds and the bees to these fanatical gluttonous, eugenicist imbeciles? If ever there was an unalloyed case of a lethal crime being perpetrated openly against our collective humanity, this pack of rabid fools qualifies cum laude.

  • prophet

    Revolution will be necessary

    • joe bassett

      It's going to coem down to Lone Wolves. We burn the marsh where we live. You get a 20 mile an hour breeze and strike a match and burn 1,000 acres. I know there have been cases where someone threw out a cigarette and it burned up a whole field. It's a wonder some of those Monsanto wheat fields haven't burned down.

  • enlight

    Hey, don't get duped!

    It is election time! Sarko is in a dump and he needs to score a trick.

    So the French government for the time being needs to pretend to act tough protecting the people. Once the scumbag is reelected if he is capable of pulling the tricks intimidating and slinging mud, GMO for French people go forward in full speed.

  • James T. Fisher Jame

    The U.S. is attempting to outlaw non-GMO labeling of foods, thereby making it illegal for a non-GMO food product to even claim "non-GMO" on the label. This would result in a global GMO cover-up as consumers are left in the dark about whether their foods are genetically modified or not. You can learn more about GMO labeling at

  • stienster

    It's a sad state of the world, for all European countries, that any nation must ask the permission of a tyrannical unelected governing body to be allowed to not have poisonous toxic damaging to the evironment and all life forms substances (all GMO plants and animals) in their country. DISGUSTING!