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Fake Eco-Friendly Corporations Shell out Millions of $ to Stop GMO Labeling (Infographic)

Mike Barrett
August 17th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 12:10 am
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proposition 235x147 Fake Eco Friendly Corporations Shell out Millions of $ to Stop GMO Labeling (Infographic)

By now most of us know of the enormous issue surrounding GMOs, GMO labeling, and California’s Proposition 37. Proposition 37, a bill that would require all genetically modified foods to be labeled in California, has gained tremendous support from the public. But while an overwhelming number of individuals want nothing more than GMO foods to be labeled, others are doing everything in their power to stop such a bill from existing. It isn’t surprising to see biotech giants like Monsanto go against Proposition 37 and GMO labeling, but do you have any idea who else is fighting Prop 37?

Who is Really Supporting Prop 37? More Importantly, Who is Really Against it?

On November 6, 2012, voters will decide if California’s Proposition 37 will be the first bill to require the labeling of genetically modified foods. About 18 states have made similar attempts, fighting for the labeling of GMOs, but nothing has even come close to Prop 37.

Since Proposition 37 came to light, it has received significant backing both from the public and various entities. A recent poll shows that GMO labeling is so desired that the pro-labeling side has a 3-to-1 advantage. Organic leaders supporting Prop 37 have contributed approximately $2.6 million so far, with leaders like Dr. Mercola, Organic Consumers Association, Nature’s Path, and Lundberg donating the most. But even as supporters rise up and speak out, those fighting GMO labeling aren’t even close to throwing in the towel.

You would think that donations of at least $2.6 million would be enough, and maybe it is, but the funds are nothing compared to the opponent. While $2.6 million had been raised so far supporting Prop 37, a whopping $23.5 million (for visual purpose: $23,000,000 dollars) has been donated to fighting Prop 37. Biotech giant Monsanto donated $4,208,000 alone. Here is a short list of the top deep-pocket anti-labelers and their respected donations.

  • Monsanto – $4,208,000
  • Pepsi Co. – $1,716,300
  • Coca Cola – $1,164,400
  • Congara – $1,076,300
  • Kellogg – $632,500
  • General Mills – $520,000

It may be surprising for those just getting into the organic lifestyle to see these major corporations putting forth hundreds of thousands or in some cases millions of dollars to fight the labeling of GMOs, but it is clearly ongoing. Many companies selling organic products are actually owned by multi-national corporations; companies like Kashi, Cascadian Farm, and Santa Cruz Organic are actually child companies of giants like Kellogg, General Mills, and Smucker – all of which are against GMO labeling.

While these corporations are dumping millions of dollars to ensure the public doesn’t know about GMOs, millions of people are seeing who they truly are. Such publicity will only result in the massive loss of customers and an eventual disintegration of power. These corporations are trying to keep GMOs hidden from the public eye – it is time we stop supporting these companies, and spend our dollars with trusted companies.

 Fake Eco Friendly Corporations Shell out Millions of $ to Stop GMO Labeling (Infographic)

About Mike Barrett:
2.thumbnail Fake Eco Friendly Corporations Shell out Millions of $ to Stop GMO Labeling (Infographic) Google Plus Profile |Mike is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health.

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  • Masini Spalat

    Nice investigation mate!

  • Anonymous

    You people are retarded. PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT before you open you mouth. The GMO are not harmful, companies like Monsanto eat the same food we all do. So do you really think that they would try and posion it? From what I have read here I think eating organic must cause mental retardation.

    • rick

      'I think eating organic must cause mental retardation.'

      Really? Then why spend $4,208,000 to try and hide the fact that any food is GM? Is Monsanto a bit mentally retarded?

      • barry parks

        go ahead and eat the crap ricky BOY i emphasize the word BOY because im giving your candy ass the benefit of the can be poster BOY for gmo.speaking of retards hows your mother?

    • Steve

      Please tell that at least they pay you…..

    • John

      You know, Monsanto will not serve their own GMO prodtucts in their own coporate cafeterias. They don't eat it . . . they know better.

    • barry parks

      you are an ignorant asshole.if this food is so safe then why dont they label it sounds like they have something to hide,how do you know they are eating it. i have a right to know whats going in my body.its all about money and profits.what about all the drugs out on the market that are being causes of law suits because the side effects are screwing people up.we are the guinea pigs you are one of those mental midgets that thinks the major corporations give a crap about must be on their payroll.

    • Anon

      Speak for yourself, TARD-Man. You should get a cape, and a blue body-suit, with a big "T" emblazoned on it, like the "S" sported by SuperMan.

    • Jeza B

      Just shut up you moron!! If you honestly believe that load of crap, then you deserve to eat gmo!

    • Lisa


    • Mikayla

      I believe you need to get your facts straight before you open your mouth.

  • bman

    Great info. Don't buy labels (organic or not) when the company is fighting to keep us uninformed.

  • Tom 6-pack

    This issue is indicative of the corporate elite's long-standing program for the dumbing down, drugging, control, and brainwashing of the individual. Our so-called government works for these corpoations, not for us, the people. Actually, just about everything we think we know about history, nature and the world around us — everything sanctioned by academia and the media, that is — is a carefully contrived lie. EVERYTHING! We are living in a false reality or matrix.

  • Bill

    I'm all for the labeling law, but even if it passes it will not mean much unless it gets strictly and vigorously enforced. Considering the financial clout of these companies and the burning hunger for more money by California politicians, I doubt that will ever happen, pass or no pass.

  • Steve W.

    I find it pretty sickening that this has come down to money. This would be illegal in most democratic countries.

    • Mel Cownzowfsky

      While I agree with you wholeheartedly, that, 'We the People,' have a right [or should have a right] to know what we're buying and eating or otherwise using (as to whether or not the items or products are genetically modified) I'm afraid that you are not quite clear as to just what a 'Democracy' is! In effect, it is mob rule. The best description of the various forms of government, that I've ever seen anywhere, can be found here for your edification and correction, Please see/go to:
      The Founding Fathers of the u.S. never, at any time supported, wanted or held in 'high esteem' the form of government loosely (these days) referred to as a 'Democracy.' Many seem to fully and totally erroneously think that a 'Democracy' is the end all be all best thing that could ever be when it comes to government.

      The Founding Fathers supported and delivered to 'We the People,' a Representative Republic, not a 'Democracy!' In point of fact those Founding Fathers were quite concerned that the Republic, which they so thoughtfully and carefully provided to us, might at some future point degrade into a 'Democracy.' Sadly, their worst fears have long been established, especially since the act of 1871. I encourage you to investigate it.

      If you'd really like to know what sort of government truly exists in America today see/listen to the following audio discussion between Tex Marrs and George Noory. Go to:

      Then you will be better prepared to make statements regarding government(s) and the sort of government that actually exists in America today. I'll warn you in advance, it's not a pretty picture.

      May God (definitely not allah) bless and keep all of you who are His own.

      By the way, the best of all possible forms of government is a Benevolent Dictatorship, under God Almighty! This is why so many in 'government' want little to nothing to do with Him.

      Sincerely, Mel

      • Gayle

        Mel, thank you for continuing to blow the trumpet of truth. If even one person reads this and understands that America is not a Democracy and was never intended to be a Democracy, it will be worth it. One pebble at a time.

        God bless you for your efforts,


        • Kaotik

          Nice comment until you had to ruin it with prejudice and religious zealotry

      • rick

        The nice thing about being a layman is you can pick and choose your experts, because you don't have a long enough life to investigate everything that's important to you. Concerning the Bible, I choose Zecharia Sitchin as my expert. Throw in a little Alan Watts and most of the concepts I learned growing up in a Baptist atmosphere take on a different meaning. Mel, I would suggest Genesis Revisited, by Zecharia Sitchin.


  • Roy Kaiser

    We need this labeling law. California proposition 37 is the only way to stop these biotech bullies and the politicians whose pockets are lined with their money.

  • organic dream

    Come on California people. We are backing you, stop the Monsanto's of the world, There Crazy Mother Earth Killers. GMO labeling is a must. I boycott these corporations and there big evil money.

    Monsanto – $4,208,000

    Pepsi Co. – $1,716,300

    Coca Cola – $1,164,400

    Congara – $1,076,300

    Kellogg – $632,500

    General Mills – $520,000

  • Delmonde

    Hope the proposition I'll pass

  • Bains R.S.

    They are poisoning the future of our children for their dirty profits which is unending without any ethical or moral consideration and are short sited drugged creatures who do not see beyond their profits and beyond their noses. I am amazed to see such creatures roaming on the mother earth with enormous resources to poison it. Let us all stop it now.

  • Don Jusko

    Go Prop 37!! We need protection over here in Hawaii too. Show us how to do it.