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Experts Reveal Unnecessary Cancer Treatments Accelerating Death

Andre Evans
March 5th, 2012
Updated 05/19/2013 at 7:40 pm
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medicalchemo1 220x137 Experts Reveal Unnecessary Cancer Treatments Accelerating Death

According to a recent study, conventional cancer treatments are on the rise, and many experts are now revealing that the increase is without a reasonable cause. The study suggests that those with lower risk of cancer diagnoses and those expected not to live longer than 10 years (seniors from 80-90 years old) are more apt to receive treatment for cancer despite the fact that it would likely do them more harm than good.

Cancer Treatments Accelerating Death

There is a stigma that follows cancer wherever it goes. Survivors are often heralded as being ‘extremely lucky’ or ‘exceptional cases’ due to the level of fear people have for cancer and the lack of knowledge from the general public in dealing with that fear.

Cancer has become increasingly more common, and people think it’s a death knell to receive a cancer diagnosis. Such a verdict often sends the average person into a panic that gives them frightening uncertainty of their own future. In the midst of this fear, the average person will defer to leave the fate of their lives in the hands of a ‘qualified medical professional.’ Given the less than effective practices of western medicine, putting faith in such professionals is often a grave mistake.

The conventional cancer treatments are radiation and chemotherapy. These treatments are notorious for causing heavy damage to the human body, insomuch that they often can kill the patient, or leave them in a worse state than they were in beforehand. Additionally, chemotherapy has been shown to negatively impact DNA extending to offspring.

Though chemotherapy is able to destroy the cancer, it does not address the root cause of the cancer, nor does it offer a favorable chance of recovery.

Many doctors themselves state that they would not receive conventional cancer treatment if they had cancer. Their decision to refuse mainstream cancer treatments likely has to do with cancer drugs being found to have been found to actually make cancer worse and kill patients more quickly. And yet when individuals first hear that they have cancer, they hastily accept the treatment assuming that it is the only hope for survival.

Why are millions of dollars spent and donated to cancer research while the same dangerous treatments are pushed so heavily today? Is the medical establishment truly trying to make a breakthrough in cancer treatment, or is that not the sought after goal whatsoever?

Are these people too afraid to make a change or address the root cause of cancer? Some suggest that cancer is a deficiency disease like many others, and can be cured with alternative treatments like laetrile or turmeric, which have much higher success rates than conventional therapy. In fact, turmeric has been shown to decrease cancerous brain tumor size by 81 percent in more than 9 studies.

The conventional diet of the American citizen today is unbalanced, and consists of dangerous chemical additives, genetically modified foods (shown to cause cancer), gross amounts of sugar (which cancer cells use as fuel), and no nutritional intake whatsoever.

Along with these causes, there are numbers of X-factors bred from the average lifestyle like radiation, a lack of exercise, unhealthy habits like smoking or alcohol abuse, lack of sleep and especially high stress levels that all contribute to causing cancer today.

Unless the individual is conscious of this and attempts to remedy it, the body will quickly fall victim to cancers and the many diseases that also plague society today. The stigma surrounding cancer is caused by the cancer industry itself. Creating the image of an undefeatable disease, expensive and destructive drugs are pushed as the only solution, when many alternatives exist.

Ultimately, it is the individual’s personal obligation and duty to search for alternative treatments and discover how to truly avoid illness and disease, as opposed to simply accepting the ‘professional method’ which has been proven to be lethal.

About Andre Evans:
Andre Evans has studied the connection between mind and body for the majority of his professional career, offering insights as to why we do the things that we do and how to change our lives for the better. Highlighting the extreme power of the mind and the numerous neurological reasons that you may be experiencing a health crisis, Andre breaks down exactly how to melt away your stress levels and enjoy your life the way you should -- naturally.

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  • Kazina

    as could be assumed, your doctor lied to you.. you’re not really that smart. for one thing there are tons of “good treatments for cancer”. for another, antibiotics are deadly, and there are many Amazing plants in nature that have way better antibiotic properties and don’t damage your necessary good cells and bacteria like the stupid pills do. painkillers and shots are also bad choices for obvious reasons

  • MedScientist

    Some years ago, I moved to a new area, and found a new doctor. On my first visit to meet him and to get a quick check up, he asked me about why I had not had routine cancer screenings done for a number of years. I looked him straight in the eye and said, "When a treatment for cancer is found that does any good, I will do cancer screening. Right now the so-called "best treatment" is to cut, poison and burn (with radiation) a patient who may or may not actually have cancer."
    He asked why I thought people would be diagnosed who did not actually have cancer. I replied " You know that a cancer diagnosis depends on the opinion of only one person, a pathologist. If he says it's cancer, then it's cancer. Did he sleep well the night before? Is he having problems at home? Does he take drugs himself? Is he overworked, with too many samples to look at that day? Doesn't matter, when it comes to diagnosing, his word is law. No one ever gets a second opinion and a second biopsy. The histologist who prepares the sample, the person who labels the sample, and the pathologist, have at least three
    opportunities for error in that one biopsy. But based on that one small sample, a person's life is put into
    extreme jeopardy with extreme and ineffective treatments. From the day of diagnosis, the quality of that person's life is destroyed, his finances are soon ruined, and everyone who cares about him becomes sad. His mental health suffers, he is scared and sad. When treatments start, he gets very very sick. His quality of life has been destroyed. And for what? These treatments do not cure cancer. When cancer can be cured, I will want to know if I have it, so it can be cured, but until it can be cured, why would I seek to find out, when finding out only ruins your life, whatever is left of it?"
    When "cut poison and burn" stops being the preferred treatment, I might get screened. Until then, why get unnecessary radiation from those screenings, when radiation is said to be a carcinogen?"
    "So, what do you need me for?" he laughed.
    "Prescriptions for the very few things that can actually help. Antibiotics if I get a bacterial infection. Tetanus shot if I step on a rusty nail. And if I do get cancer, I might want some painkillers toward the end."
    He smiled. "You might be one of the smartest patients I have."

  • Amber

    Great informative article! It's sad that fear is used to push limited and drastic treatments such as chemo and radiation. Which have been proven to devastate an already challenged immune system when there are so many natural, non invasive treatments that focuses on healing the whole body. I'm going to share this article with our green social network at! We'd love for anyone who is curious or passionate about living natural and healthy lives to come and be a part of it! ~Amber~

  • CannabisOil
  • Sheb

    do a search " Artemisia Cancer "

    sweet annie Artemisinin

  • postman

    The Cancer Trick

    the postman


    Believe it or not, the cancer industry formed out of the American eugenics movement, which was really a movement promoting a Malthusian agenda, so why should we be surprised that cancer treatments cause death? Our first clue should have come from the statistics themselves. In 1904, mortality due to cancer was only 4%. By 1990 (I believe) that number had shot up to 26%! How hard could it be to determine the cause of something that so clearly has a historical starting point such as this? Obviously, there never was a goal to cure cancer…

    It just so happens that treatment for cancer, like AIDS**, diabetes and mental illness follows an iatrogenic model in which fear (or a similar motivation) draws the patient (hereafter referred to as "victim") into the controlled environment of the healthcare system where the real damage is done, by the chosen treatment itself. The model works because no one would ever suspect foul-play when, for example, a person who might suspect that he has AIDS is actually diagnosed with it. If you yourself have reason to suspect that you might have AIDS, would anyone who knows you well enough be all that surprised if you were actually diagnosed with it? Of course not. Likewise with cancer and the others. When the victim eventually dies from the treatment, most would believe that the treatment was too little, too late when in fact, it was the actual cause of death even though malnutrition may have played an initial part. There has been much written about the same model applying to mental illness but I won't address that here. Diabetes is perhaps the most interesting of all because although it follows the same model, it does so with a twist. Here, the victim plays a much larger role in victimizing himself. With the other three conditions the victim must be brought into the controlled healthcare environment for the treatment to be given. With diabetes, the victim begins self-treatment the moment he begins using products containing aspartame such as Equal ™ or Diet Coke ™. Blindness is a well-known side-effect of diabetes and obesity is considered a pre-cursor to diabetes. Not so well known is that both weight gain and blindness are common side-effects of ingesting too much aspartame! Sooner or later the victim is forced into seeking medical help and is diagnosed with diabetes and is put on a special diet that includes… you got it–aspartame (for example, see, the very first recipe for diabetics I located on the web). Of course, this path would never have been taken had the victim not been overweight in the first place.

    Anyone who's serious about their health and wants to become or stay fit and trim can start by educating themselves about the number one cause of weight-gain and obesity. Pick up a copy of either of the books by Udo Erasmus, "Fats And Oils" or the newer revised edition, "Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill" and learn all about hydrogenated oils and how they destroy health. Next, throw out all highly-processed foods, especially those that contain hydrogenated (or partially hydrogenated) oils. Learn to cook (and without canned ingredients or other "shortcuts")! Eat the most nutrient-dense foods possible and avoid nutrient-light foods. Eat three meals a day and don't skip meals. Eat meat. Yes, meat is actually the best source of nutrition. Why? Because animals CONCENTRATE nutrients (esp. EFAs) in their tissues for the benefit of predators. Avoid fish oil and choose plant sources of EFAs instead. Why? It's a very long story… (sorry). Eat farm fresh dairy products if possible (no, eggs don't contribute to high cholesterol). Find substitutes for addictive, bad foods. For example, if you're addicted to sodas (like I once was), try mixing your own from carbonated water + frozen (organic) grape juice. Better, just drink water, but try to avoid flouridated water if possible. Replace all of your aluminum or teflon cookware with stainless, enameled or cast iron. Last but not least, be forever vigilant. For example, most olive oil sold in the U.S. is adulterated purportedly in order to lower its cost and to meet worldwide demand. This adulteration very likely involves hydrogenated oil. Likewise, butter that is sold too cheaply may not be pure butter… Be on guard–it's your health!

    ** see the documentary, "HIV=AIDS – Fact or Fraud" @

  • Natalee is a very good web site for skin cancer and gives very good info on helping any kind of cancer. I used the info at this web site to help with my own skin cancer and slowly but surely it is going away without chemo, drugs, radiation or surgery. I also had a breast tumor years ago which I knew was cancerous and since I wasn't in the money, I could not afford a doctor and did nothing. After 10 years, one day I woke up and it was gone. It makes me wonder how it is that third world countries don't suffer as much from cancer deaths as more so-called advanced nations but maybe just maybe it's not the diet so much as the fact that they don't take surgery, chemo, radiation, etc., and just get well on their own because it just goes away. I know for a fact that it is the chemo, radiation, surgery (especially when they remove the lymph nodes)that kills you and not the actual cancer itself. I know that from what my own mother went through and died a horrible painful death due to all these so-called treatments. The cancer didn't kill her but the treatments sure did. Its a sad world when we can't just trust our own gut instinct and just change our diet and lifestyle a little to cure ourselves rather then relying on the AMA and big pharma and their poisonous artifices.

    • Anonymous

      Would you like to know why third world countries might have lower rates of cancer??? BECAUSE THEY DIE YOUNGER FROM COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE DISEASES. CHILDREN DIE EVERY 30 SECONDS FROM MILARIA, I WONDER F****ING WHY THERE'S LESS CANCER. By the way yes chemotherapy is cytotoxic but IT IS PROVEN to reduce cancers. If cancer could be cured by friendly fairies that bring sparkles of goodness from flower wands then life would be grand BUT the genesis of cancers is not known THAT IS A FACT and what honestly makes you think that you know more than someone who has decicated their life to understanding it?? These internet forums promoting these therapies make me sick and the BIGGEST HIPOCRISY of all is that none of you understand that when you take a plant extract to treat your disease that you are actually inducing a pharmacokinetic response in your body WHICH MEANS YOU ARE TAKING A DRUG!!!!!!!!!!!! Many modern medicines contain these extracts except they have been purified and given in a dose that is able to help you. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CANNOT DENY BECAUSE QUITE FRANKLY LOOK AT THE STATISTICS – THOSE OF US WHO ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE ACCESS TO MODERN MEDICINE ARE LIVING LONGER. PLEASE PLEASE SEE REASON.

      • T0YB0AT78

        Tell it to my dead mother, 30 different pills at the time of her death, was given 10-12 months to live, lasted 8….. Plenty more stories where that came from…..

  • American Patriot

    I had friends that took chemo and always got sooo sick with every chemo session. Every one of them died without being cured.

  • Douglas Westerman

    There is a good website, that gives lots of information on alternative methods for cancer. I wrote a book some years ago on patients who were given a terminal diagnosis, and got well using such methods, it helps to read about others, as it gives us faith we can do it too.


    douglas westerman

    • fabrice leu

      Hello, if you are looking for scientific natural treatment on cancer, I had great result with them as a therapist :

      it is all science based

  • David

    The Great Cancer Conspiracy:

    A cancer tainted polio vaccine, a government cover-up, and what you can do to protect yourself from the current cancer epidemic

    by David Collins

    A cancer virus in the polio vaccine

    What is the cause of the dramatic rise in cancer rates in the United States today? Author Edward T Haslam offers an explaination and the picture he paints is not a pretty one. In his book Dr Mary’s Monkey: How the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans and cancer causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the Kennedy assassination and emerging global epidemics ( Haslam weaves a tale of a 1960′s covert government operation into cancer research, murder, espionage, a cancer tainted polio vaccine from the 1950s and a cancer epidemic today which effects millions of innocent people.

    Haslam claims that a million new cases of cancer each year can be traced back to the 1950s polio vaccine which was made from monkey kidneys contaminated with a cancer virus. He says 100 million doses of the cancer carrying vaccine were administered to the public before the contamination was detected. Then, he claims the rest of the cancer contaminated doses were knowingly administered by health officials to an unsuspecting public. The result, according to Haslam, is a massive epidemic of soft tissue cancers that we see today. Author Jim Marrs calls this government cover-up “perhaps one of the biggest medical scandals in history.”

    What you can do to protect yourself from the current cancer epidemic

    Max Gerson (, (1881-1959) was a German physician who experimented with diet to cure migrane headaches and skin tuberculosis in the 1920s. Gerson’s friend, Dr. Albert Sweitzer, used the Gerson diet to cure his type II diabetes. Sweitzer’s wife cured her lung tuberculosis also using the Gerson diet. Gerson later used his dietary protocol to treat and successfully cure heart disease, kidney failure and cancer. A 2006 documentary film by Stephen Kroschel called Dying to Have Known ( ) gives a history of Gerson’s work and shows how Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte, started a clinic in Mexico which is successfully treating cancer patients today.

    The Gerson diet is a plant based, predominately raw food diet. The Beautiful Truth

    (, a 2008 documentary by Steve Kroschel, is another presentation about the Gerson raw food diet cancer cure.

    Another documentary which shows how a raw food diet can treat and cure cancer without subjecting a patient to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery is Healing Cancer from the Inside Out ( by Mike Anderson.

    The American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute and a host of popular physicians with connections to the pharmaceutical industry have attacked the Gerson Therapy as being useless in the fight against cancer. These documentary films point out, however, that the Gerson antagonists have not studied the work of Dr. Gerson and have ignored and failed to interview patients who have been cured by his raw food diet.

    The treatment developed by Dr. Gerson is similar to treatments proposed by Dr. Lorraine Day (, Dr. Leonard Coldwell ( ( (,Wayne Green (, Dr Gabriel Cousins (, and many others , who all advocate a raw food diet as a way to cure cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

    Water and Sea Salt

    Also see for information on the curing powers of water and sea salt. “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj is a revolutionary book on the healing power of drinking water. Natural Himalayan crystal sea salt contains all 84 minerals essential to good health and can be purchased at, telephone 888-668-3661.