Experts Reveal Unnecessary Cancer Treatments Accelerating Death

Experts Reveal Unnecessary Cancer Treatments Accelerating Death
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According to a recent study, conventional cancer treatments are on the rise, and many experts are now revealing that the increase is without a reasonable cause. The study suggests that those with lower risk of cancer diagnoses and those expected not to live longer than 10 years (seniors from 80-90 years old) are more apt to receive treatment for cancer despite the fact that it would likely do them more harm than good.

Cancer Treatments Accelerating Death

There is a stigma that follows cancer wherever it goes. Survivors are often heralded as being ‘extremely lucky’ or ‘exceptional cases’ due to the level of fear people have for cancer and the lack of knowledge from the general public in dealing with that fear.

Cancer has become increasingly more common, and people think it’s a death knell to receive a cancer diagnosis. Such a verdict often sends the average person into a panic that gives them frightening uncertainty of their own future. In the midst of this fear, the average person will defer to leave the fate of their lives in the hands of a ‘qualified medical professional.’ Given the less than effective practices of western medicine, putting faith in such professionals is often a grave mistake.

The conventional cancer treatments are radiation and chemotherapy. These treatments are notorious for causing heavy damage to the human body, insomuch that they often can kill the patient, or leave them in a worse state than they were in beforehand. Additionally, chemotherapy has been shown to negatively impact DNA extending to offspring.

Though chemotherapy is able to destroy the cancer, it does not address the root cause of the cancer, nor does it offer a favorable chance of recovery. Actually, these cancer drugs may even make cancer worse and kill patients more quickly. And yet when individuals first hear that they have cancer, they hastily accept the treatment assuming that it is the only hope for survival.

Why are millions of dollars spent and donated to cancer research while the same dangerous treatments are pushed so heavily today? Is the medical establishment truly trying to make a breakthrough in cancer treatment, or is that not the sought after goal whatsoever?

Are these people too afraid to make a change or address the root cause of cancer? Some suggest that cancer is a deficiency disease like many others, and can be cured with alternative treatments like laetrile or turmeric, which have much higher success rates than conventional therapy. In fact, turmeric has been shown to decrease cancerous brain tumor size by 81 percent in more than 9 studies.

The conventional diet of the American citizen today is unbalanced, and consists of dangerous chemical additives, genetically modified foods (shown to cause cancer), gross amounts of sugar (which cancer cells use as fuel), and no nutritional intake whatsoever.

Along with these causes, there are numbers of X-factors bred from the average lifestyle like radiation, a lack of exercise, unhealthy habits like smoking or alcohol abuse, lack of sleep and especially high stress levels that all contribute to causing cancer today.

Unless the individual is conscious of this and attempts to remedy it, the body will quickly fall victim to cancers and the many diseases that also plague society today. The stigma surrounding cancer is caused by the cancer industry itself. Creating the image of an undefeatable disease, expensive and destructive drugs are pushed as the only solution, when many alternatives exist.

Ultimately, it is the individual’s personal obligation and duty to search for alternative treatments and discover how to truly avoid illness and disease, as opposed to simply accepting the ‘professional method’ which has been proven to be lethal.