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CPS Takes Child After Parents Question Doctors, Seek Second Opinion

Anthony Gucciardi
April 28th, 2013
Updated 05/08/2014 at 11:18 am
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In California, seeking a second opinion for your child might just end up in a CPS home invasion. This what one couple experienced after attempting to bring their child to another medical doctor for a second opinion following failed and improper treatment of a potentially serious condition, all it takes is one angry healthcare provider in order to lose your child to a CPS home raid.

It all started when Anna Nikolayev and her husband Alex took a trip to Sutter Memorial Hospital over some flu-like symptoms that their 5-month-old son was experiencing. Intended to be a visit centered around ensuring the health of their child, who Anna says is the most important thing to her, they were met with resistance when questioning the treatment their young son was receiving. In fact, simply asking why their son was being given antibiotics, which absolutely destroys the small amounts of beneficial gut bacteria in children, was unacceptable.

Child Dosed Up With Antibiotics for ‘Flu-Like’ Symptoms

cps child doctor second opinion 263x164 CPS Takes Child After Parents Question Doctors, Seek Second OpinionAnna recounts asking a nurse why exactly the antibiotics were being given to the 5-month-old, considering that antibiotics do nothing to combat the flu (as it is viral, not bacterial). In response to the reasonable question as to why the child was on routine antibiotics, the nurse at the hospital explained she did not ‘know’ why antibiotics were prescribed. Later on, Anna says that a doctor confirmed that the child absolutely should not have been on antibiotics.

So what did Anna do? What any reasonable person who cares about their child would do, get the heck out of the hospital prescribing 5-month-old children antibiotics for flu-like symptoms. Before this, the Sutter Hospital doctors actually went a step further. Beyond the antibiotic dosing, they actually admitted the couple’s son Sammy into the ICU and started discussing the possibility of heart surgery. Sammy has been receiving treatment for a heart murmur since birth.

To Anna, this was yet another step that was not explained and not making much sense. As a result, she pulled Sammy from the hospital and headed over to find a doctor at Kaiser Permanente who could offer a second opinion.

No Second Opinion For You

Ultimately, this turned out to be a move that would end with Sammy being taken away from the couple for what may be an extremely long time. And although their case will likely be shared thousands of times and potentially lead to the CPS being under such a great degree of public fire that they are forced to return Sammy to his parents,  we need to understand that not everyone will receive the same attention.

Instead, it must be seriously understood that the CPS went and took this child even after the medical doctor at Kaiser Permanente had stated: “I do not have concern for the safety of the child at home with his parents.”

Even police, after seeing that the child was safe, allowed the child to stay in the home — but that was before CPS came. So why would CPS take a child from a home where his safety is not in danger? As you hear in the video, CPS acts on orders from healthcare providers.

Providers like those from Sutter Memorial Hospital, who were improperly drugging up the child with antibiotics for no reason (at least not one they could provide) and discussing serious heart surgery. And despite what appears to be their utter malpractice, their rage that the parents left the hospital for a second opinion (and loss of serious profits) may have led to a CPS raid that you can see take place in the video above.

As Alex, the 5-month-old’s father, recounts:

“I was pushed against the building, smacked down. I said, ‘am I being placed under arrest?’ He smacked me down onto the ground, yelled out, ‘I think I got the keys to the house… It seems like parents have no right whatsoever.”

And he’s right, parents are increasingly losing their rights to treat their own child or even receive a second opinion from another medical doctor.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Terry Adams

    In California there are many child care center and more parents are interested in providing better help to their children and protect their children from child abuse and many children also suffer from depression. In order to protect their child from different rules and regulation they need help right now.

  • Anonymous

    This kind of abuse by the gov on parents could very well encourage parents not to seek medical assistance when needed for their child due to fear of being accused of child abuse and having child taken away. Result being that child ends up being very sick or death, all due to fear caused by gov.

  • http://healthcaRETYRANNY.COM Tyranny

    Check out Anthony on Coast To Coast with John B Wells. Way To go Anthony!

  • Vanessa


  • vern

    We're from the government and we are here to…..

  • Gertrude van Voorden

    Once in a hospital with a child, you loose your legal parental rights to make choices in the best interest of your child, based on the way you live your life. It has been like that forever, also here in the Netherlands. Believing some decades ago, i had the right to take my child out of the hospital, i was asked to wait for the doctor to have a talk, when i was confronted with police entering and a judge signing away my parental custody by a telephonecall. I was lucky for knowing a guy at CPS personally and succeeded in reversing the issue. I wonder how many children die, because of parents refraining from going to the hospital, fearing they will be denied any input, religious or healthcarewise, once they have done so.

  • Mr. RightwithGod

    Take my child away from me… it becomes very personal!

  • jycfrnkl

    I am a school counselor & have noted one of the oldest revenge tactics in the book when one neighbor is mad at another for a drug deal gone bad or what-not is to file a false CPS report on the other family. Clearly, this is the case here-only CPS took the report seriously because it came from what they thought was a reputable health care provider. CPS in the city where I work is pretty ethical and would make note of any future reports from this hospital and proceed more carefully. The parents definately got the guilty 'till proven innocent treatment. Poor parents-I would definately sue the hospital for filing that false report and the police for how they behaved themsleves. Unbelievable.

    • t

      Biased much? You are a communist buffoon who is defending the system of which you are a part. Your opinion does not hold any value among free people.

  • Kyle

    Yeah, but let me go get an abortion and they'll dole out money for me to get it. Our government is all screwed up and ass backwards.


    The claim that the attorney made in this video that a home invasion by cops or social workers without a warrant, emergency or probable cause is not constitutionally defensible on Fourth Amendment grounds is also correct. He should look up the case, Rogers v. County of San Joaquin, 487 F.3d 1288 (9th Cir. 2007) where emergency is limited to situations sufficiently immediate and irreparable that there is no time to go get a warrant. "Fourth Amendment protects children from removal from their homes absent a showing that, at the time of the seizure, there is reasonable cause to believe that the children were in imminent danger of serious bodily injury and that the scope of the intrusion is reasonably necessary to avert that specific injury." The cops and social workers are not trained properly on the law and this kind of thing cannot happen under our constitutional system. The facts here do not support any such contention.


    It's not talked about much, but this type of action is also viewed favorably by hospital risk management departments when there is even a slight hint of the possibility of medical malpractice liability, because when the child or disabled adult is no longer in the custody of the caring parents or relatives, who would be the only ones that conceivably might sue, the medical provider can tell a court the parents lack standing to commence litigation and are not qualified to act as guardians ad litem. This provides a strong defense, especially when there is an odor of alleged abuse hanging over the parents' heads, even if it is obviously pretextual and flimsy as here. It's the hospital's way of insuring themselves against medical malpractice claims, as if MICRA wasn't enough. The clue here is that the parents talked about the hospital "mistakes" at the first hospital and asked for a second opinion to challenge the first hospital, which triggered the fears of risk management; thus their report to CPS, and then they left the hospital AMA (Against Medical Advice) without signing the waiver forms. When CPS said they "follow the lead of the medical providers," that is what they mean.


    Both CPS and APS profile parents that take their children or relatives to multiple hospitals as child abusers, because that's what abusers do. It's not a very good profile because that's also what excellent parents with children with complex medical conditions do and not doing so would actually be abuse and neglect in these situations. Meanwhile the places they send these children to are often not the safest places but that kind of risk is never reported.because it's the government doing it. This is not a new story for them. They have a network of hospital nurses and reporters that have to call in such reports or they will be held criminally liable, and they are called "sentries." This is how the system works, and it's fed by pecuniary gain for the agencies.

  • Brian Lawson

    I totally agree that this is outlandish and unacceptable.

    • cpmt

      YAP, SOMEONE is responsible for this mess and they should pay big time… all of them involved, including hospital and doctor and the stuuuuppppiiiidddd CPA

  • E R

    This is obviously an outrage, but why didn’t they just smile and nod, go to another doctor and chuck the AB when they got home?

  • Juli Lawrence

    As I understand this child is still in the custody of the hospital. The mother was only allowed one hour with her son.

  • horrez

    I hope there is a lawsuit involved.and it sounds like CPA has messed up as always.These people allow a child that is really in danger to stay in the hoe but removes a child that is loved by their parent in the hoe.I swear I don’t know the difference between the corrupted judicial system, crooked cops or a racist judge.So sad.