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Citizens Call for GMO Labeling in Washington – The Movement Continues

Mike Barrett
January 4th, 2013
Updated 01/04/2013 at 3:46 pm
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gmocorn 265x165 Citizens Call for GMO Labeling in Washington The Movement ContinuesOnce again the fight for GMO labeling has reignited with the introduction of a new GMO labeling bill, but this time in Washington. The “Label it Wa” campaign has already gained 350,000 signatures, and is finally headed to the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia for submission. As the movement comes during the same time that a New Mexico law calls for mandatory labeling of GMOs, it is obvious that individuals everywhere are still deeply concerned over the issue of GMOs.

If you aren’t concerned about GMOs, or think that foods aren’t labeled due to a lack of support over the issue, think again. In addition to being linked to weight gain and disrupting vital organs like the liver, GMO foods have actually been shown to cause massive tumors in rats, in addition to causing early death. Even more concerning is the fact that nearly 80% of the US food supply contains GMO ingredients. Ingredients that are likely created by biotech giant Monsanto, who is responsible for upwards of 90 plus percent of the world’s GM seed supply.

Perhaps this is why grassroots movements are popping up all around the country, and other nations have already taken a stand against GMOs. Despite the largest GMO labeling campaign Prop 37 taking a dive (due to false advertising and quite possibly questionable vote counting), still over 90 percent of citizens in the United States are heavy supporters of GMO labeling legislation.

Will the interest of Washington citizens win this campaign? One county in Washington, San Juan, has already succeeded in banning GMOs – at least to a degree. The residents helped pass Initiative Measure No. 2012-4 late last year that makes it illegal to “propagate, cultivate, raise or grow plants, animals and other organisms which have been genetically modified.” Despite not effecting GMO products in stores, it’s still a step in the right direction for Washington citizens. It should also be noted that citizens of Washington have also helped pass one of the first amendments allowing for the recreational use of marijuana – another move that shouts ‘we demand individual rights’ by the people.

In the end, every act toward the labeling of GMOs brings us one step closer to winning the fight for these rights (and an overall ban on the disease-linked creations). California’s Prop 37 may not have passed, but the bill, along with the Washington bill and every other GMO labeling bill, are necessary stepping stones for both labeling of GMOs and the essential ‘right to know’.

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  • Kizi

    good luck, thanks for share, i like it

  • bcbossarte

    Obama put Tom Vilsak as head of dept of agriculture… He was high up in Monsanto !!! We have been duped!
    The justice department screwed us too! They allowed Monsanto to patent life because it was so different to regular non gmo. Then in 1992 the justice department sided with them again saying they didn't have to label or notify people as it was declared ' substantially the same' !!!! So they contradicted themselves giving big m the leverage on opposite sides! They handed them came and letting the eat it too.. Watch 'why in the world are they spraying' free on the Internet . Read the book ' Seeds of Destruction' it will blow you away.
    This whole issue is BIG ! Educate others! Being kept out of mAinstrea. Media.

  • suss

    Of course polititians lie, thats what they do best this is why they are where they are- they lie and fool all the "dupes" out there- and boy are there alot of them too- you know the zombie movies that are so popular? I believe thats the "elitists" view of ordinary people. I think that is what they think of the "masses", they probably think their gravy train will never end too! I think in the end it will by some act of God but short of that it won't. people are just too dumbed down nowadays!

  • Michael

    Where is Obama's promice to have the GMO products labeled? Did he "bluff" us again?

  • Pure Energy

    Where is the good news!