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Chinese Pharma Companies Accused of Selling Pills Made from ‘Dead Babies’

Lisa Garber
December 21st, 2012
Updated 12/21/2012 at 2:01 am
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pillswhiteinhand1 260x162 Chinese Pharma Companies Accused of Selling Pills Made from Dead BabiesNo, that is not a typo. A South Korean SBS TV documentary accused Chinese pharmaceutical companies in 2011 of selling “stamina pills” that contain ground up dead babies. The report claims that certain hospitals and abortion clinics sell baby corpses to the companies, who then use their bodies to grind up for their stamina pill ingredients. The team ran a DNA test, and found that the pills were 99.7 percent human. They were even able to tell the gender of the baby.

Babies Left to Die, Ground up into Pills

According to the documentary, Chinese hospitals and abortion clinics give stillborns and aborted babies to drug companies, but reports suggest that some of these remains even come from China’s infamous “dying rooms.” These are places in which babies are left intentionally to perish when families cannot—or, for the legal limit of having only one child lest a fee or even a physical beating be incurred by officials, will not—raise them. Chinese hospitals perform about 13 million abortions annually to keep its enormous population in check.

The companies then take the infant remains to families who are secretively instructed to keep the babies in their own homes so the companies avoid suspicion. The remains are put into medical drying microwaves and ground into pills, finally sold as so-called stamina boosters. Since August 2011, over 35 smuggling attempts of at least 17,000 capsules have been made.

The ingredients list doesn’t mention, of course, the super bacteria and other harmful ingredients in the pills. Just in case it doesn’t bother the consumers that they’re eating people.

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Diplomatic Tension

The Daily Mail says the Chinese officials likely know about the trade and have attempted interrupting it, but ethnic Koreans from China smuggling the capsules to South Korea were thwarting their efforts.

“They are normally brought into South Korea in luggage or posted by international mail.”

While many capsules have been confiscated, punishment has been absent due to its small amount and intended, personal use. Moreover, South Korean officials seem reluctant to ruffle feathers in China when diplomatic tensions remain, as ever, fragile.

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  • Tgh

    13 million abortions? Should be 13 million sterilisations a year.

  • Elizabeth

    How despicable is human greed? Where's the love?

  • Deb

    Why am I not even remotely shocked by this.. I'm sure it's been going on for far longer than we know. There's nothing that will stop human greed or the vain attempts at immortality. Sigh…. so sad… so disturbing… so utterly void of respect for human life.

  • Morgan Azoh

    God’s Word in ” Timothy 4:1-5 “has clearly stated what we see today on planet earth. So should seek to know the LORD of life JESUS Christ of Nazareth,who alone as man came from heaven to overcome evil & his human agents. They are all over as politicians,scientist,religious bigots/business moguls all doing the bidding of Satan-the fallen Angel.

  • Luther

    Reuters leaked a story a few years back that the Chinese government were importing the body parts of executed Chinese prisoners in skin creams! That's right, these are the same ones you see on countless 'infomercials' about remaining young. The disgusting part is the practice continues and nothing is ever reported about babies or human bodies. How long before Soylent Green is fully realized?

    • jeff

      you've apparently not seen the story about hamburgers made from poop.

  • Daniel Beck

    Freakin disgusting. Thats the most disgusting thing ive heard of in a while. That’s worse than Monsanto’s GMO food!! The Chinese just bought AMC Theatres…….wonder what they will be putting in the movies we watch? I think that people in high places are trying to out do each other and see who can be more vial, corrupt, and disgusting. Is there any good news out there????????? Haha, what a bummer to always be reading these terrible things.

  • Lawrence

    This is outright unacceptable and the culprits should be answerable

  • Christinne

    blame the retards who breed recklessly thus providing stuff for that, dont blame the doctors….

    • Cashmere

      Even if people are breeding to fast there's no excuse for this !

  • Aboulkhair

    Is there any way out of human greed? Every emerging power is following the West even when it is born out of people's revolution. No wonder majority of human race has given up and accepted slavery.

    • Demetra

      @Alboukhair…I completely agree with your sentiments! We humans have a very dark and ugly side….the older I get, the more apparent this becomes:(

  • michael davis

    Yet another reason why china sucks, I’m surprised with all the citizens of china protesting as much as they have that there has not been a military coup d’etat. I’m suddenly reminded of the old movie Soilent green, “Soilnet Green is people” now its “Chinese stamina pills are people, go figure.