Leaked: Big Pharma Bought Human Guinea Pigs from Stasi East Germany

Leaked: Big Pharma Bought Human Guinea Pigs from Stasi East Germany

big pharma testsBig Pharma has been caught time and time again testing experimental drugs on unwilling patients behind the scenes, but newly-leaked documents have unveiled what may be one of the largest and most disturbing cases of Big Pharma’s human guinea pig operation to ever surface. With dozens of unknowing innocents killed through severe side effects from FDA-backed Big Pharma and millions upon millions of deutschemarks made, the miles and miles of East German Stasi files divulge the secrets of the ‘most important testing arena’ for western drug companies.

As The Telegraph reports, the human trafficking exchange went on for around 6 years, ending only due to the collapse of socialist East Germany back in 1990. Without the collapse, the trafficking may have continued to this very day behind the scenes. During the 6 year trials, tens of thousands of humans were illegally experimented on for cash.

The report details how even though dozens of innocent ‘human guinea pigs’ died from extremely harsh and painful side effects, nothing was done to stop the trials. The exact number of deaths may never fully be known due to the damaged state of East Germany health ministry files, though ‘dozens’ dead could ultimately mean quite a large number.

The leaked documents were presented in a television documentary titled “Tote und Deaths” that recently aired in Germany.

Fake Pills Given to Dying Patients, Dozens of Deaths from Experimental Drugs

As it turns out, journalists actually had their hands on this information as far back as 1989. Whether due to cowardly reporters or censorship, they were not successful in getting out the message. It all began back when one man named Gerhard Lehrer in East Germany dying from a heart attack was given pills by his doctor and assured the pills were ‘very effective’. The man took the pills, and died soon after.

Contacting reporters, the man’s widow had the pills tested. Coming back as placebo pills, she contacted reporters. Western Big Pharma corporations were buying human beings, giving them experimental or fake pills, and documenting the results. Through a deal between Big Pharma and the socialist East German Stasi state, western doctors were able to come in and literally kill patients simply to run tests. As historian Christoph Friedrich from the University of Marburg explains, the secret experiments began after a meeting gone incognito between Big Pharma and the Stasi state:

 “A secret Conference with politburo Central Committee members responsible for health care provided the stage for a momentous deal… At selected hospitals, doctors from western pharmaceutical companies were able to perform clinical tests of non-approved drugs.”

A History of Secret Testing

Sadly, this is not the only case of secret testing on behalf of Big Pharma and the United States government. One of the most famous cases that you’ve probably heard about is the Guatemala event in which the United States government purposely infected unknowing prisoners and prostitutes (so that they would have no means of taking action and no large ties) with syphilis. As the Reuters article states, the researchers ‘did not treat the participants as human beings’. And of course the ‘participants’ were not knowingly participating.

Another similar incident involved injecting plutonium into unsuspecting patients just to see the effects. Ruining the lives of the patients and causing serious health effects and death, the black ops tests ran undetected until being admitted by the US government decades later.

Unfortunately, the list could go on. The common thread between all of these events, however, is that virtually no action is taken against Big Pharma. And when considering that these experiments are ultimately unveiled decades (if ever) after their completion, it is easy to see that Big Pharma is likely still conducting multiple experiments across the globe and inside the United States today.