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Chemtrails: An Obvious Overhead Pollutant Ignored and Denied

Paul Fassa
April 21st, 2013
Updated 05/08/2014 at 11:28 am
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chemtrails 263x164 Chemtrails: An Obvious Overhead Pollutant Ignored and DeniedHave you ever seen those long smoke-lines in the sky and wondered what they are? Some may be jet vapor contrails, but others are known as chemtrails. Most of the population doesn’t know, but these trails, loaded with heavy metals that have been measured in the water and air at several different worldwide locations, are actually a threat to your health.

Contrails are the result of jet engine vapors condensing into tiny ice particles at high altitude. They are usually not very dense and evaporate quickly. They never extend from one side of the sky to the other, not even close! These trails are dense and linger, often from horizon to horizon, sometimes widening to form streaky clouds.

As more have reported the chemtrail phenomena to government agencies, the usual cover story is that they’re being sprayed as part of a geoengineering effort to slow down global warming, or they’re conducting military drills with releasing streams of metallic particulates to confuse radar.

They are cover stories. So what are they covering? Mainstream media thoroughly ignores or debunks it. Congressman Dennis Kucinich seemed to have caught wind of the hazards of geoengineering for weather control.

He tried to into introduce a bill called the Space Preservation Act in 1997 and 2001, mostly intended to stop Star War projects. Within it the word chemtrails appeared as an item to be banned. The bill went nowhere. Most congressmen are ignorant of the issue or afraid to ask, just like the media.

The denial of something so apparent is outrageous. After looking into chemtrails for yourself, ask anyone to look up if you see them and watch them go into denial as well. Sometimes both contrails and chemtrails appear simultaneously, making it easier to differentiate.

So now that we know they exist, it’s important to recognize the dangers of chemtrails.

Consider the Hazards from Chemtrails

Readings taken after chemtrail episodes from air traps, water traps, ground and snow samples vary slightly from location to location, but they usually contain small particulates or nanoparticles of aluminum, barium, strontium, and sometimes ethylene dibromide or EDB, often called dibromoethane, an EPA banned fuel additive.

Consider that these particulates fan out at high altitudes and fall onto the ground invisibly, affecting foliage, forests, crops, rivers and lakes, animals, and humans. Many aware conservationists and environmentalists are aware of the chemtrail damage to our biosphere.

Breathing nanoparticles of toxic metals into the lungs bypasses our primary immune system’s defenses. These substances make their way into the blood directly from the lung’s capillaries. And aluminum gets through the blood-brain barrier. But don’t worry; Monsanto has patented aluminum resistant seeds. How did they know that was needed? Strange.

Just a couple of years ago, an Arizona resident collected certified medical blood test documents from seriously ill Arizonians and sent them to various State and Federal elected officials demanding an investigation. The blood sample documents showed extremely high amounts of either barium or aluminum or both. None of those people worked or had worked with hazardous materials containing those items. Some were retired.

In the past couple of decades, death from respiratory disease in the US have been increasing. Asthma rates have more than doubled in the western world and Alzheimer’s’ disease and autism spectrum disorders have risen dramatically.

Barium can be linked to multiple diseases including respiratory diseases and aluminum to neurological afflictions.

Even if you’re not directly affected by these nanoparticles from chemtrails, your immune system is adversely affected and forced to work overtime with yet more environmental and food pollutants and toxins, leaving you more prone to infectious and autoimmune diseases. And in any case, if the soil is affected (which it is) you are affected.

There are many groups and individuals doing what they can to bring awareness to government agencies. But this operation’s lid is sealed.

If you’re new to this and curious, start checking out those jet trails and notice the difference between contrails and chemtrails. You can Google chemtrails, aerosol spraying, or geoengineering for more resources and sites with photos and videos. Try to sidestep the usual debunking shills and trolls, but without disregarding all the information. It’s important to look at everything from multiple angles to get a better understanding.

Protecting Yourself

Despite all the efforts of individuals and small groups as well as documentaries, nothing gets done about this toxic elephant in the sky. So you have to protect yourself by detoxing often.

A mineral water product called Volvic, available at Whole Foods and online, has been used to remove aluminum from the brain. The recommended regimen is 1.5 liters daily for five days. And there are other ways to remove heavy metals from the body, including professional chelation and do-it-yourself solutions.

Consider consuming these 6 foods for heavy metal chelation or utilizing these 7 tips for detoxing and cleansing the body. Food grade activated charcoal is yet another detox agent that can be used.

Additional Sources:

YouTube - Documentary in seven parts

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  • Sholeh

    Hello to all the people with open eyes and open ears in this community. It is so sad that people like the shills on here do not have a brain of theyre own and can be so obviously bought off by TPTB. Chemtrails are sprayed almost daily around the world, the only people that cannot see them are the blind…

  • Analyst

    Given the shills decided to post more 'hoax' and 'contrails' nonsense, I thought to again encourage others to visit the projectcensored site, a college covering various media-censored items, see their 2012 list #3, though they engage many other issues also as you'll see. The Bye Blue Sky documentary mentioned is good, and there are others available so look into them, also see –

  • wow

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “bio resonance” equipment. Yea… sounds feasible. just like Scientology has their “e-meter”

    i feel sorry for your kid, they’re going to die because you’re sad paranoia keeps them from getting the medical treatment they probably need. No that doesn’t mean drugs, it just means actually identifying any pathogens from a REGISTERED AND EDUCATED MEDICAL PHYSICIAN. Treat said pathogens how you please… but some bio resonance shit isn’t about to tell you he has influenza

  • Ed (guest)

    Chemtrails are bullshit. Contrails which is water vapour as a result from burning jet fuel can and does stay long in the sky. Water droplets from contrails can also form clouds in unstable atmosphere.

    To show how much of a scam this article is is their last sentence on a very specific brand of mineral water to remove aluminum from brain!?!? What, other brands didn't pay for advertising so they're not good enough? This is scam.

    • Gullible

      Hey Brian, I mean Ed. Thank You for explaining the Con Trail Phenomenon! I will never buy that mineral water thanks to your analysis. YOU ARE GENIUS! Can I perform Oral Sex, Please?

  • Brian

    Just because it was 'censored' doesn't mean it's true. Chemtrails are a hoax. They're not real.

    • Gullible


    • Analyst

      Another shill, or same shill using a different name, you're either shilling for the govt, what 'don't look don't look at those sites or documentaries just say hoax over and over' lol. Listen shill, there are dozens of documentaries some now award winning, along with a mountain of government documents and budgetary proofs of these operations, not only the sources above. Tired old govt shilling phrases such as 'hoax' etc. does not negate fact, nor will it stop any of us from simply looking up to see that we are being sprayed, so I suggest you stop now.

  • Robert

    Chemtrails are an obvious hoax that unscrupulous quack medicine salesmen use to trick the gullible into buying worthless products.

    Morten, your homeopath is a con man and you are a dupe. Please, send your kids to a doctor, not to a lunatic with palpably insane theories about medicine.

    Hey guys, you know what they call alternative medicine that's been proven to work and proven to be safe?


    • Anonymous

      Medicine – doctors that prescribe all the newest drugs that big pharma are pushing. They’re not looking into all the side effects to see if is contraindicated to a disease you may already have. I have to switch doctors and move towards holistic treatments because my old doctor was prescribing things that were not good for my other issues.

    • Analyst

      This poster above is either 1) uninformed and refuses to do any research or 2) is a govt troll being paid by our taxes to post disinfo. See 2012 list #3 the site is from a college dept which does research on media-censored issues. On the same list you will find it's report on undisclosed geoengineering.

      There are many good documentaries such as 'Bye Bye Blue Sky' which discusses the Belfort Group study report, and many others. Disregard deniers and pharma shill types, do your research.

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  • MortenB

    The homoeopath I send my kids to says he has 3 types of viruses that comes from chemtrails. And it seems that these are sprayed in times when many have holidays and is out, like July/August and Christmas and maybe Easter. He detects them with a kind of “bio resonance” equipment (as all viruses and bacteria has a resonance freq. (Rife) and also poisons and metals)
    These viruses gives a forever lasting flue like condition and between being sick the feeling you are or are about to be.

    My feeling is that is is something karmic about this, the last 100 years we have sprayed insects with poisons (because plants gets weaker in soil with low nutrient level using chemical fertilizers) and now we now get sprayed ourself the same way.

  • Analyst

    A good, general introduction for those who are yet unaware of this massive operation. All over the US now, and also worldwide. Send others the link to this so more can be informed.
    Thank you for the article