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Cellphone Radiation Detector App Banned by Apple

Mike Barrett
April 11th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 11:41 pm
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Although many individuals think nothing of radiation emitted by cell phones, or even believe it to be true, there is a large amount of evidence showing how damaging cell phone use can actually be. In response to the released information and growing fear of cell phone radiation, a company has ironically released a mobile app which reportedly measures radiation levels emitted by smart phones.

Company Creates Radiation Detector App, Apple Bans it from App Store

The app was created by an Israeli company named Tawkon, and while not necessarily brand new, is relatively unknown. The lack of popularity probably has much to do with Apple’s banning of the app from their online app store since Apple rules the smartphone market. The company instituted the ban because it felt the app would be confusing to customers, though the ban was likely due to the fact that the app could only decrease sales for Apple’s iPhone. Whether Apple’s decision was driven by profit or not, there are some valid questions and concerns regarding the app’s accuracy.

Using a complex proprietary algorithm, Tawkon estimates the amount of radiation emitted by cell phones at any moment. As a way to measure the amount of radiation being emitted and ultimately picked up by the user, the company considers factors like current antenna strength, and whether a headset is being used or speakerphone is currently selected. The problem, however, is that the app depends on radiation baseline figures provided by device manufacturers. The app itself has no way of actually measuring radiation emissions, so it must rely on the publicly posted radiation emission quotes by manufacturers in order to estimate a device’s radiation output at all times.

Even if the app does rely on the figures from manufacturers, the creation of the app is a step in the right direction. Cell phone use has been shown to cause numerous problems and health complications by altering important regions of the brain. Consequences ranging from a negative influence on fetal brains to the downfall of biological systems of birds, insects, and humans has been pinpointed as a result of these devices and their respective towers (cell towers). What’s most concerning, though, is the impact they have on young, developing minds and bodies. Tons of evidence shows why children should not be using cell phones.

Although completely limiting exposure is nearly impossible, taking steps to avoid exposure to cell phone radiation is important. Simply talking on your cell phone less will result in less radiation exposure. Even placing your cell phone far away from you instead of in your pocket at all times limits exposure. You may also consider investing in an EMF protector or other similar technologies that limit exposure.

About Mike Barrett:
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  • Steve D

    Follow the money, gang. Look at the ads on this site. That's who's profiting from all this.

    • In Lak'ech

      Profiting from what exactly? Nowhere in this article do I see something like, "buy this" or "buy that"

      I see one ad and it's for Natural News, another cool site like this one.. Go read CNN and post a comment like you have here.. You would be stating a more accurate opinion there instead.

  • Wily

    info; For the young and 'stupidity is bliss' folk out there, the cellfone (initially) was created for the convenience to track you. The BS of the pings was an intended event so the sheeple would accept 'there' lying crap, it really is time to wake up, understand that your nothing to 'them' and i can assure u that according to the 'Georgia guide stones' in no way would you be a useful idiot to 'them'! "They" want strong backs and weak minds, 2nd thought, u might fit!

    note; this advice is just for those who do not get it, no one else. we have to wake up and also stop 'agenda 21' also!

  • Chuck

    I have no use for cell phones. I have seen too many turn into demented vegetables from using them.

    • Anonymous

      there's a company (Aerius, USOTC symbol AERS) that makes a cell phone that eliminates 98% of the radiation emitted by all the other cell phone makers. this has benn documented by this country's (U.S) FCC. google Aerius for the rrest of the story.

    • Joel

      As opposed to smart vegetables?

  • Anonymous


  • wiseman

    RE: user F..K, your feedback was crazy and you are one insane potential killer.

  • Jeff

    Of course Apple would want to curb any worry about cell phone radiation. Anything that threatens profits even in the face of harming human health is taboo. Don't buy. Monetary is the only language these pursuer's of death or harm understand.

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