4 Solutions for Natural Allergy Relief

Suffer from allergies? You probably would rather try a more natural solution over a medication. Here are some solutions for natural allergy relief.

U.S. Health Care Ranked Dead Last Compared to 10 Countries

When compared to 10 other countries, the United States once again ranked dead last when comparing health care systems and their efficacy.

Eating Fermented Foods to Boost the Immune & Digestive System

Do you eat fermented foods? Beneficial bacteria within the fermented foods can help regulate your digestive system, improve immunity, and fight radiation.

Supreme Court Sides with POM Wonderful in Coca-Cola Lawsuit

Pom Wonderful is taking Coca Cola to court, saying Coca Cola is stealing customers with misleading claims. The Supreme Court is allowing it to move forward.

Why we Must Save the World’s Rapid Deforestation by Agriculture

It may or may not be surprising, but the way industrialists grow food is killing our forests. It is time to make deforestation come to a halt.

Why to Use Real Maple Syrup as a Healthful Natural Sweetener

Harnessing over 30 beneficial compounds, real maple syrup is a nutritional powerhouse that can be quite beneficial as a natural sweetener.

Oenophilia: Benefits and Risks of Your Love of Wine

If drank in moderation, did you know wine can be beneficial? When it comes down to it, health is important, but so are the simple enjoyments of life.

Genetically Modified Maggots may Appear in Fruit Due to GMO Fruit Fly Experiment in Brazil

Brazil may allow for the release of GMO fruit flies, which may lead to GM maggots in fruit. Should we really be tampering with nature like this?

Why to Consider Traditional Chinese Medicine for Healing

What’s energetic medicine about? How do emotions relate to vital organs and vice-versa? Here is why to consider traditional Chinese medicine for healing.

Annual Retail Sales for Hemp at $581 Million, Growing by 24% Annually

Hemp is gaining some much-deserved attention. In fact, annual retail sales for hemp are at approximately $581 million and growing by 24% annually.

Quinoa: The Benefits and the Controversy

It’s heralded as a superfood and an “ancient grain”. Quinoa is both. But quinoa, like everything these days, has been surrounded by controversy as of late.

Mental Illness Comparable to Heavy Smoking in Reducing Life-Expectancy

A new study shows that serious mental illness is just as bad for our health as heavy smoking – sometimes taking an entire decade off our lifespan.

Study: Meditation & Natural Remedies Lead to 28% Reduction in Medical Costs

Meditation (not medication) is so effective for healing that in a 14-year controlled study, it was shown to reduce medical expenses in Canada by 28%.

Tips on Avoiding Fake Olive Oil and Choosing the Most Pure

Did you know that many olive oils are fake or low quality? Here are some tips on avoiding fake olive oils and choosing only the most pure.

The Health Benefits of Cranberries

Cranberries are loaded with essential vitamins and phytonutrients which promote health in various ways. Here are some health benefits of cranberries.

Virus Spreads from Pollen to Bees, Possibly Contributing to Bee Colony Collapse

In an alarming event, a “rapidly mutating” virus has made the leap from plants to honeybees, and could be furthering the collapse of bee colonies.

Monsanto’s Toxic RoundUp in Breast Milk? Moms Say ‘No More!’

Monsanto’s RoundUp and it’s ingredient glyphosate are appearing in women’s breast milk. ‘Moms Across America’ is working hard to fight the threat.