Big Owner of Monsanto Shares: Does Bill Gates Want Population Control?

Owner of 500,000 Monsanto stock, Bill Gates has been quoted saying that ‘if we do a really good job, we can reduce the world population by 10-15 percent’.

This Nutrient may be Able to Help You Sleep

Recent research has found that increasing intake of omega-3 fatty acid long-chain omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid may help aid those suffering from insomnia.

Ecology Uncovers Baby Shoes, Toys with Shocking Levels of Toxicity

Ecology tested 200 children products, measuring levels of toxic ingredients. They found shockingly high levels of toxicity that could be harming children.

Appalling: Task Force Tells Pediatricians and Doctors to ‘Paint’ Toxic Fluoride on Baby Teeth

The US Preventative Services Task Force is telling primary care physicians to paint toxic fluoride on baby’s teeth, despite the known dangers of the toxin.

Coffee Reduces Diabetes Risk: Caffeine or Not

Americans are known to run on coffee. A new study suggests whether you choose regular or decaf, you could be reducing your risk of diabetes.

4 Solutions for Naturally Healthy Skin from the Inside-Out

Everything you ingest affects your body AND your skin. From water, to tea, here are 4 things to help you promote beautiful skin.

Canada Presents First Cannabis-Dispensing Vending Machine

The first ever cannabis-dispensing vending machine has opened in Vancouver, Canada, where individuals can purchase marijuana easily and anonymously.

Antidepressant Use Up 400%: 5 Ways to Boost Happiness Naturally

Depression does not require antidepressants! Here are 5 things people can do to boost their happiness levels without ever popping a pharmaceutical pill.

8 Ways to Use Nutritional Yeast: A Complete Protein

Heralded as the vegan ‘cheese,’ nutritional yeast is wonderful for people considering a healthier diet. Here are 8 different ways to use nutritional yeast.

Big Pharma Spends $65.4 Million on Lobbying in Q1 of 2014

An incredible $65.4 million was spent on lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry during 2014’s first quarter. No wonder all the drugs get approval.

MN House and Senate Must Agree on Medical Pot In Order for Passage

Both the state House of Representatives and the state Senate in Minnesota recently signed off on medical marijuana legislation. Will it go through?

County in Florida Rejects Spending $800,000 to Fluoridate Water Supply

About 60,000 households in Hernando County, Florida were debating spending $800,000 to poison themselves with fluoride. Thankfully, they decided against it.

Two Common Kitchen Items to Combine for Amazing Health Benefits

Honey and cinnamon’s combined effects are proven and recognized as valid for several health issues including diabetes, arthritis, and even cancer.

New Report: 5 Nobel Prize Economists and World Leaders Say ‘End the War on Drugs’

Nobel Prize-winning economists and world leaders are endorsing a just-published report which seeks to end the drug war, referencing its abject failure.

Limited Study Suggests Paleo Diet is “Best” for Weight Loss

A recent study comparing the Paleo diet with a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet determined the ‘cavewoman’ diet was best for weight loss. Is it true?

Another Reason to Ditch Anti-Bacterial Soaps at Home

A new study indicates that being too clean is actually a bad thing. People are using antibacterial soaps incorrectly, leading to resistant bacteria.

The Dirty Details Behind the Attacks on Seralini’s Notorious GMO Rat Study

After Seralini’s GMO toxicity study showed rats getting tumors, a tsunami of outrage unjustly took place. Here are the dirty details on those attacks.