Key Study Proves Again that Cannabis can Slow Cancerous Tumor Growth

A new study uncovers how the cannabis compound THC is able to shrink cancerous tumors through various signaling processes in the body.

This Gardening Tip can Lead to 30% Faster Home-Grown Food with 80% Less Water

What if you could grow more food with less water in something that takes up only 8 square feet of outdoor space? The Pyramid Garden may offer just that.

Try These 10 Small Things Right Now to Feel Better

When is the last time you bought someone flowers or smiled at a stranger? Little things may not seem like much, but collectively they can change the world.

Cannabis Shows Great Promise in Treating Autism and its Symptoms

Researchers say there is significant evidence that suggests compounds in medical marijuana may be a highly feasible treatment for autism.

Many “Cancer Deaths” are from Conventional Treatments Themselves, Not Cancer

Few dare to write or say that mainstream medicine such as chemo and radiation cause more harm than good, often resulting in the death of cancer patients.

‘Horrific': Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Now the Size of Connecticut

Scientists say that the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, largely fueled by the BP oil spill, is the size of Connecticut – a startling 5,052 square miles.

Rosemary and Lavender Essential Oils Proven to Boost Mood and Memory

After various lab testing, scientists now agree that lavender and rosemary essential oils can alleviate depression and improve intellectual performance.

7 Tips to Ignite and Maintain Your Digestive Fire

Digestive health is the foundation of good health or disease, according to Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Here are 7 tips to ignite your digestive fire.

These 4 Over-the-Counter Medications Don’t Really Work

While some over-the-counter medicines do work (with side effects), not all of these meds are worthwhile. Here are 4 OTC meds that do not really work.

Reduce Depression, Avoid Cancer, and Relax with Nature

Nature can do much more than just help clear your mind and promote relaxation; it could even help treat depression and protect your body against cancer.

6 Extremely Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

Here are 6 really easy ways to protect your bones from wearing down and breaking as you grow older. It is never too late to control your well-being.

Turn it Down! Consistent Loud Noises Hurt Brain’s Ability to Function

Noise pollution is more than annoying. Researchers found that consistent loud noises hurt the brain’s ability to function, especially when decoding speech.

5 Foods to Eat for Cancer Prevention

Many of the top researched cancer-fighting foods are easy to find and simple to incorporate into your diet. Here are 5 foods to eat for cancer prevention.

8 Lesser-Known Natural Bug Repellents that may Work

Bugs can be VERY annoying in the summer. Fortunately, you don’t have to opt for toxic chemicals for a solution – natural bug repellents do exist.

Could Coffee Prevent Tooth Decay and Help Fight Plaque?

A new study suggests moderate consumption of black coffee could protect your teeth from decay and actually help fight plaque. Could it be true?

Are You Drinking The Wrong Kind of Wine?

Should organic wine be your go-to when shopping for a drink? As with food and produce, there is indeed a difference between organic wine and conventional.

4 Great Herbs/Roots for Boosting Liver Health

Optimal liver health is essential for overall health. Try using these 4 herbs to bolster live health and ensure overall immunity to countless ailments.