CDC: 3 out of 4 Americans’ Hearts are Older than Their Chronological Age

Using an online tool taking into account numerous factors, CDC researchers found that 3 out of 4 Americans’ hearts are older than their chronological age.

Experimental GMO Wheat Crop Fails to Deter Pests

Rothamsted Research says it is disappointed that the transgenic crop, known as whiffy wheat, utterly failed to deter pest aphids.

Bee-Killing Neonics Found in 50% of Rivers and Streams Sampled in Study

Neonicotinoids, known as bee-killing pesticides, were present in varying amounts in ever water sample collected from 9 sites in Nebraska and Iowa.

7 Awesome Health Benefits of Sex

From boosting total immunity to preserving your youth, here are 7 awesome health benefits of sex everyone should know about.

1 in 5 Children are Improperly Diagnosed with ADHD

A new report by the Centers for Disease Control reveals how 1 in 5 children at improperly diagnosed with ADHD, leading to unnecessary medication.

Humanity’s Big Fight: The Corporate Ownership of Food and Water

Privatization and corporate ownership of our food and water is approaching. Here are ways 2 of our most basic needs – food and water – are being controlled.

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Sued Over False Marketing Claims

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is being sued by a customer who claims the company is not so honest. The fuss is over reportedly ineffective sunscreen.

Study: Using Mobile Devices in the Sun Increases Exposure to Sun’s UV Rays

Could using your favorite handheld device outside on a sunny day increase your risk of skin cancer? Here is what some research has to say.

Lawmakers in New York Call on Online Retailers to ban the Sale of Synthetic Marijuana

State and local lawmakers in New York called on retailers to stop selling synthetic marijuana, or K2, saying the drug is turning people into zombies.

Pesticides Linked to Brain Cancer in Children

Researchers found that children are at an increased risk of brain cancer if either parent had been exposed to herbicides up to 2 years before the birth.

Pentagon Freezes Work at 9 Biodefense Labs Working with Bioterror Germs

Defense officials say the Pentagon will announce plans to place a moratorium on all operations at 9 labs with viruses, toxins, and bacteria such as anthrax.

Research: You’re 4x more Likely to Catch a Cold with this Mistake

Researchers say people are 4 times more likely to come down with the common cold if they get less than 6 hours of sleep each night.

Pfizer to Pay $2 Billion for Failing to pay Medicaid Rebates for Drug Protonix

Pfizer faces a $2 billion lawsuit that accuses its Wyeth unit of failing to pay Medicaid rebates for a stomach drug called Protonix.

Class Action Suit Against Chipotle Says its GM-Free Claims are False

A class action lawsuit against Chipotle claims that the restaurants has never been GMO-free as it claims to be, and has never tried to prove it.

Biotech Found to Use GM-Contaminated Rat Feed in Fraudulent Studies

It is being revealed that laboratory rodent feeds for both test AND control groups are highly contaminated with pesticides, toxic metals, PCBs, and GMOs.

Researchers Warn Americans to be Wary of “Stem Cell Tourism”

Too many people, believing stem cell research to be the holy grail of medical science, are willing to try untested procedures in an effort to treat what ails them.

VA Confirms Whistleblower’s Allegation that Thousands of Vets Died Waiting for Care

The Department of Veterans Affairs has confirmed allegations made by a whistleblower that more than 250,000 veterans with pending applications for VA health care are likely deceased.