5 Enlightening Reasons to Embrace the Power of Meditation

When you read these 5 excuse-busting motivations, you’ll want to find at least 20 minutes a day to clear your mind and partake in some meditation.

‘Female Viagra’ is Close to FDA Approval Despite Serious Side Effects

Rejected twice since 2010, a woman’s sexual enhancement drug deemed ‘female Viagra’ may soon be approved by the FDA despite serious side effects.

The #1 Weird Way to Remineralize Teeth and Heal Cavities

With the right natural remedies and proper technique, teeth can actually remineralize themselves – and eggshells are the perfect tools to make this happen.

Ag-Gag Bill to Protect Employers from Whistleblowers

A new ‘Ag-Gag’ bill being introduced in North Carolina would essentially protect animal cruelty by punishing those who try to expose these cruel practices.

You have until June 22nd to Submit Comments to the FDA to Keep Homeopathic Remedies

The US Food and Drug Administration is taking a look at the alternative medical treatment homeopathy. Without your comments, it may soon be unavailable.

The Common Drink That Damages Your Brain, Heart, and Stomach

Like it or not, alcohol is a poison. Why then do not people understand the disturbing truth?

Organic Takeover: Toxic Food Makers Lose $4 Billion in Sales in One Year

Big Food lost $4 billion last year alone due to the inability to answer market demand for non-GM, organic food void of questionable ingredients.

New Study Confirms Dolphin Deaths in Gulf Caused by BP Oil Spill

A new study has found that because of BP’s awful 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, bottlenose dolphins, among other sea creatures, are dying in mass.

Organic, Non-GMO Fast Food Drive-Thrus? It Isn’t a Dream. It’s Happening

Organic food brand Amy’s has just received approval to build one of the first non-GMO, organic, fast-food drive-thru’s in Rohnert Park, California.

Hospitals Giving out Less Formula to Boost Breastfeeding

A new study shows that hospitals have been giving out less baby formula to signal to mothers the importance of breastfeeding for newborns.

Scientists Unveil Genetically Modified Insects with ‘Kill Switch’ Genes

Biotechnologists have developed a ‘kill-switch’ for genetically modified insects to help control these creations when they are set free in the wild.

Class Action Suit: Major ‘Organic’ Baby Formula Isn’t Organic

Baby formula maker Abbot Laboratories (who makes Similac) may soon have to pay $5 million in damages for falsely claiming that one of its baby formulas is organic.

Shocking Photos: California’s 101,000 Gallon Oil Spill Hits Pacific Ocean

Pictures have come in from the oil pipeline rupture near Santa Barbara that initially sent 21,000 gallons of crude oil into the Pacific Coast waters.

WHO About to Deliver Huge Blow to Companies Like Monsanto

The WHO is now set to review Big Ag chemical, 2,4-D, which could prompt a similar reaction to Monsanto’s Glyphosate – bans, consumer boycotts, and more.

Big Beer Company Cuts Production to Provide Water to Storm Victims

Beer-producer Anheuser-Busch has cut beer production in order to provide water to those recently affected by storms in Texas and Oklahoma.

Study Suggests Homeopathy ‘Aided Pain of Cancer Patients Ten Fold’

Research suggests that the wellbeing of cancer patients improves significantly when homeopathic treatment is given in addition to conventional therapy.

Here’s What Happens When Floating Farms Meet Solar Power

Have you heard of ‘floating farms’ that can harvest sunlight and rainwater to grow 20 tons of vegetables every day? This may be the way of the future.