Biotech is Creating GMO Human Babies: What Could Possibly go Wrong?

Scientists in the UK and US have already submitted proposals to legally create GMO babies. Actually, GMO human embryos have already been created.

Ginger: Over 14 Bio-Active Compounds to Fight Numerous Diseases, Including Cancer

The spice ginger contains astonishing medicinal qualities due to over 14 bio-active compounds that have been shown to fight and prevent numerous diseases.

U.S. Wastes 133 Billion Pounds, or 141 Trillion Calories, of Food Annually

Every year the U.S. wastes some 141 trillion calories of food, the equivalent of 1,249 calories wasted per person per day or about 133 billion pounds.

New Ag Gag Law In Idaho Protects Animal Cruelty, Restricts Activism

Idaho has recently passed an ‘ag-gag’ bill that would make filming on agricultural and dairy farms illegal, thereby protecting animal cruelty.

Could Low Vitamin D Levels be Causing Brain Damage?

A recent study indicates that vitamin d plays an important role in brain health, and deficiency could cause brain and other organ damage.

Will Russia Ban GMOs? 80% of Citizens Oppose GMO Creations

Almost 80% of Russian citizens want to ban GMOs along with a legislative bill which would make cultivating any GMO seed in the country illegal.

University Bans Unvaccinated Students from School After Mumps Outbreak

One university is telling students they can’t attend class if they haven’t been vaccinated after a mumps outbreak, but the victims were all vaccinated.

FDA to Review Over-the-Counter Drug Safety After 40 Years, Aims to Regulate Herbs and Supplements

The Food and Drug Administration is about to launch a review of the way it determines if drugs are ‘safe’ for public consumption, while regulating herbs.

Minnesota Law Enforcement Could Stop Medical Pot Law

Minnesota is looking to change their marijuana laws, but the governor will only sign such a bill if it has support from law enforcement in the state.

Black Seed Shows Promising Health Effects for Women

Black seed (Nigella sativa) has been used as a healer for ages. Two recent reports, for example, show how black seed can benefit woman in particular.

Next Target: GMO Biotech Descends on African Countries

Biotech bullies want to weasel their way into African governments to allow GMO biotech farming in countries where thousands are already dying.

New Highly Radioactive Leak Found at Fukushima Plant

Officials announced this week that a leak in a Fukushima holding tank recently allowed 100 tons of radioactive water to pour out.

Extreme China Smog Leading to ER Visits Rise, Businesses to Shut Down

In Bejing and six other Chinese provinces, citizens are being suffocated by a heavy haze of smog. Emergency room visits are through the roof.

Study: Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Use in Pregnancy Linked to Behavioral Problems in Children

A study suggests maternal use of acetaminophen (Tylenol) could be to blame for the rising number of children diagnosed with hyperkinetic disorders and ADHD.

New Rules Would Limit Predatory Junk Food Makers in Schools

The USDA and the White House announced new rules that would limit the amount of marketing for unhealthy foods that children are exposed to in school.

Big Ag Fights Kauai’s GMO Ban in Federal Lawsuit

Shortly after the Hawaiian Island of Kauai restricted GMO crops, Big Ag corporations quickly swept in to legally fight and destroy the restrictions.

FDA Delivers New Food Labels, But GMO Labels are Missing…

The FDA has released new-and-improved nutrition label for food to help consumers make wise choices, but the decision is missing something…GMO labeling.