Scientists Reveal How to ‘Train Your Brain’ to Eat Healthy

A new study suggests that your brain can be trained to prefer healthful foods over nutrition-less junk foods, even if poor diet is a long-standing habit.

Big Pharma Attacks Natural Medicine to Hide Own Death Toll (And It’s Shockingly High)

The FDA and AMA continue to attack natural and alternative remedies while hiding the high toll of pharmaceutical adverse effects and deaths.

Totally Safe: China Greenlights Monsanto’s RoundUp After Hiding Safety Studies From Public

China approved the safety of Monsanto’s toxic RoundUp years ago, yet will not release toxicology studies, leaving gmo-free advocates angry and confused.

Drug Companies Begin Push for Alzheimer’s Vaccine on Millions

A possible ‘cure’ for Alzheimer’s disease will be offered in 5 years, as long as those suffering from the disease just subject themselves to a vaccine…

Report: Marijuana Users 3 Times Less Likely to be Obese

Multiple studies suggest that moderate use of marijuana can actually lessen the probability that someone will be obese. Surprising?

Annie’s Sells Out to General Mills: Watch Out for GMOs in this Popular ‘Natural’ Brand

GMO labeling advocate Annie’s food brand is selling out to the food manufacturing giant, General Mills, who is known for fighting GMO labeling efforts.

6 Foods Your “Second Brain” (Your Gut) Absolutely Loves

Intestinal flora, or friendly gut bacteria, influences our mental acuity and health profoundly. Here are 6 foods to help support gut health.

Have Antibiotics ‘Shut Down’ Your Immune System?

New evidence found that early antibiotic treatments affect the health of our entire immune system and its ability to fight specific diseases later on.

Naturally Improve ADHD Symptoms in Children with This Single Herb

Children suffering from ADHD do NOT need medications to see improvements. In some cases, one herb, Ginkgo biloba, can help to lessen symptoms in no time.

Double-Blind Test: Boosting Selenium Intake ‘Cuts Cancer Rates by 41%’

Studies show that those who took selenium supplements for at least 10 years had almost half (41 percent) the rate of cancer as those taking a placebo.

Brain-to-Brain Communication Thousands of Miles Away Proven a Reality by Harvard Researchers

A group of neuroscientists and robotics engineers discovered that human brains can indeed ‘talk’ directly to one another in brain-to-brain communication.

How These 2 Drinks Could Spark Winning Creativity

Both coffee and beer, while ignored due to potential dangers, can offer benefits. They can even be used (sort of) together to execute creative ideas.

Microscopic Plastic Pollution Consumed by Fish Ultimately Hurt Humans

A new study analyzing microscopic plastic particles in the ocean indicates plastics could be doing serious harm to fish, and ultimately humans.

Independent Lab ‘Confirms Viral DNA in Merck Vaccine’

It has been reported that the Gardasil vaccine contains fragments of DNA that should not be in something given to young women.

Study: Increasing Intake of This Vitamin can Boost Fertility

A study has found that increasing micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) improved the DNA in sperm of older men, leading to less complications.

Healthful Rice: Report Shows Rice Least Contaminated with Arsenic

Arsenic in rice is still a serious issue. Consumer Reports shows that organic basmati white rice from India is least contaminated. Here are other results.

How Traditional & Natural Farming CAN Surpass GMOs

Genetically modified foods are grown under the mono-cropping agricultural model, but crop rotation is a more viable and effective way of farming.