Senate Passes TPP ‘Fast-Tracking’ That Could Make GMO Labeling Illegal

The Senate has adopted a law that would give fast-track ability for the Trans-Pacific Partnership – a secretive bill that can restrict GMO labeling abroad.

10 Amazing Foods to Add to the Standard American Diet

Americans are consuming way too much junk! Here are 10 great foods that have lots of nutrition that need to be included in your daily diet.

EPA to be Sued After Endangering Pollinators with New Chemical Cocktail

Concerned citizens intend to sue the Environmental Protection Agency for approving a toxic new pollinator-killing pesticide called bicyclopyrone.

Kidney Cleanse: 22 Foods for Kidney Health

Both kidney cleanses and consuming essential foods for kidney health are sound ways to boost kidney health and avoid complications. Here is what to do.

The Plague Comes Back from the Dead in Colorado

Colorado teen Taylor Thomas Gaes who came down with and died from the plague is said to have contracted the disease from a flea bite.

Herbicide-Resistant Insects Are Destroying GMO Crops Like Never Before

As evidence from a GMO corn lab comes in, we are learning how the pests are living the lives in fields planted with GM Bt corn seed.

How You’re Probably Chewing and Drinking Yourself Sick

Are you eating and drinking yourself sick? There are simple rules when it comes to food and eating everyone should adopt for optimal health. Here they are.

10 Ways to Use Orange Peels for Home and Health

So many foods we throw out have so many uses. Here are 10 ways to use your orange, lime, and lemon peels after you have enjoyed their juice.

Prescriptions Drugs Now the Leading Cause Of Death By Overdose

Sadly, nearly 52 percent of the drug-related deaths were related to prescription drug overdoses, paving way for reform in the modern medical world.

A Reason NOT to Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach

Some say drinking coffee on an empty stomach may not be so great for you after all, here is why you may want to fill up first.

Drug Companies Donated Millions to California Lawmakers Prior to Forced Vaccination Bill

California lawmakers passed a mandatory vaccine bill (SB277) which removes parental exemptions – making it so parents couldn’t refuse or delay vaccines.

Can This Little-Known Pine Bark ‘Solve’ Skin Aging?

Worried about skin aging? Natural substances such as maritime pine bark can reduce the damage caused by UV radiation, a major contributor to skin aging.

Dairy Allergies: Why Do So Many Children Suffer from Them?

Over the past several decades, children have developed dairy allergies at an ever-increasing rate. What is so different about today’s dairy products?

Amy’s Kitchen to Launch First Non-GMO, Organic Drive-Thru

Amy’s Kitchen is launching the first 100 percent non-GMO, organic-based drive-thru that will offer a host of locally sourced meals.

Genetically Modified Moths Released in New York

Biotech company Oxitec has released genetically engineered diamondback moths in New York as part of an outdoor trial, and New Yorkers are mad.

Guess How Many Calories Are in a Typical Fast Food Meal

Can you guess just how many calories that fast food restaurants like to put in their mass-consumed food? It is probably WAY more than you think.

“Smart” Villages Incorporate High-Tech and Sustainable Agriculture

Some parts of the world are moving toward high-tech ecological and ‘smart-villages’ where sustainability is high priority. This is the way we need to go.