Watch: Italians Try American Snacks for the First Time

Watch: Italians Try American Snacks for the First Time
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Living in the United States, it can be tough to remember that the so-called ‘food’ we often eat on a daily basis is actually a slew of processed chemicals and dehydrated filler material. We’ve seen what happens when Korean girls eat American snacks for the first time (and the Korean food supply is also quite processed so it just goes to show how much worse the US processed food supply can be), and now it’s time to watch Italians try American snacks for the first time.

Checkout the reactions below:

The responses in the video almost seem like these Italians are being force fed ‘food’ products intended for livestock or something, but it’s actually the kinds of food products that compromise more than 90% of most major grocery stores. Processed junk has long captured the attention of American eaters, and is only recently rescinding its grasp on the arteries of the US public. Now, we’re seeing the boom of organics, the fall of McDonald’s, and so much more. But many of us are still gorging on some Dorito’s every now and then.

Even following the conclusion that processed foods are reducing IQ, they still make up a large part of the American diet.

I would encourage you to checkout what actually happens inside your body when you eat processed food to really get an idea of just what’s going on biochemically when you shovel down a few Cheetos on your lunch break. It’s simple: switch to some real organic food instead.