Study Suggests Homeopathy ‘Aided Pain of Cancer Patients Ten Fold’

Study Suggests Homeopathy ‘Aided Pain of Cancer Patients Ten Fold’
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A new study has shown a dramatic improvement in cancer patients who have had to undergo chemotherapy or radiation who have used homeopathy to alter their ability to endure fatigue and pain. The study also found that recovery rates of patients improved between seven and fourteen times when compared to those who didn’t use homeopathic remedies.

It isn’t another pharmaceutical drug that has this enormous effect on cancer patients’ recovery. Homeopathy dramatically improved patients’ mental health. Of 373 cancer patients involved in the study, more than half reported “significant improvement” in their overall health, according to researchers from the Medical University of Vienna.

All patients in the study were being treated with conventional (toxic) means to deal with stage 3 and 4 cancers. They were interviewed weekly while taking homeopathic remedies about their pain, hunger, and mental health. Compared to the group that was not taking homeopathic remedies, who were asked the same interview questions while they were being treated with chemo or radiation or both, the homeopathically treated group fared much better.

“Results suggest that the global health status and subjective wellbeing of cancer patients improve significantly when adjunct classical homeopathic treatment is administered in addition to conventional therapy.”

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Improvements in the cancer patients overall health were 10 times greater in the homeopathic group over the three weeks the remedies were taken. Among the ‘alternative treatments’ that proved to be so effective were massage, shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, and support groups.

“Homeopathy requires dialogue between practitioner and patient. It is patient specific. That takes time and patience, something MDs don’t have time for. Practicing homeopathy is more subtle and demanding than cookie-cutter “here’s your prescription” medical practice.

But this is also the one downside of homeopathy. It’s important to consult a good classical homeopathic practitioner to get optimum results.

But it’s hard to go too wrong with homeopathy because homeopathic solutions are without side effects and are much less expensive than pharmaceuticals. Treating an autistic child often comes to a couple of hundred dollars worth of homeopathic remedies over a year’s treatments.”