Nestle Still Bottling 80 Million Gallons of Water Amid CA’s Crisis Drought

Nestlé has continued its water bottling practices even while California has struggled though its worst drought in history, sparking widespread outrage.

5 Ways to Defund Monsanto Through Universities

Here are 5 ways to get your institution of higher education to divest from Monsanto, one of the most hated companies on the planet.

Major Hospital Infected 700 with STDs in Experiments, $1 Billion Lawsuit Says

A class action lawsuit has been filed by a large group of over 700 Guatemalans seeking $1 billion for being infected with unknown STDs.

Govt: 80,000 Could Die in Coming Antibiotic-Resistant Outbreak

A government doc states that approximately 80,000 individuals could die if there were a “widespread outbreak” of an antibiotic-resistant blood infection.

US Farmers Going Out of Business Due to GM Crop Contamination

Genetically modified crops are contaminating the organic crops we’re fighting so hard to keep, causing numerous hardships for organic farmers.

New Study: GE Crops DON’T Increase Crop Yields

A new study published by the Environmental Working Group has revealed that biotech’s claims concerning higher crop yields are FALSE.

Report: New Drug-Resistant Bacteria Brought into the US

A new report says that a drug resistant strain of shigella has been brought into the United States by travelers over the last few months.

Dr. Oz Slams Glyphosate, Monsanto, and Regulators Allowing its Release

Dr. Oz recently gave the public a fair and accurate portrayal of Monsanto’s flagship carcinogenic product, glyphosate. Yes, it is dangerous.

Hormone Disrupting Chemical Banned in EU Found in 50 Top US Snacks

A recent Harvard study says a widely used chemical used in US food products causes fertility issues, yet it is still allowed to be used.

The “Perfect” Man According to Men – and Women

A recent study shows what kind of body men think women want, and what women actually want. Tell us what you think – the results may surprise you.

Eating Pesticide-Laden Fruit Found to Cause Infertility

A recent study is showing that pesticide contaminants found in produce is having a negative effect on male fertility by damaging men’s sperm.

Prescription Drugs Kill More than Homicide in New York City

Prescription drug abuse kills more than cocaine and heroin combined in the United States, and statistics show it’s even more than hominide in New York City.

7 Home Remedies for Gum Disease

Treating gum disease is not especially difficult. In fact, there are numerous natural home remedies for gum disease you can utilize right here.

GMO Lies: Study Shows How Pesticide Use Soars with more GMO Crops

A new study points out how biotech has caused a “rapid increase” in neonicotinoid insecticide use – especially in the widely planted GM corn and soy crops.

This GMO Debate Shows How GMOs are Failing

It has been more than 30 years since GM crops were planted. Is the world better off? Here is a recent GMO debate that may answer that question for you.

The Cellulite Lie: 11 ‘Treatments’ that Don’t Actually Work

Can you get rid of cellulite? Many products claim they can, but it is often a lie. Here are 11 cellulite solutions that do not really work. Save your money.

Harvard Finds Amphetamine-Like Compound in Supplements

Scientists from Harvard have called on the FDA this week to alert the public about a substance showing up in certain categories of dietary supplements.