Scientists: Air Pollution So Bad It’s ‘Linked to Suicide’

Suicide may be linked to air pollution, according to new research that finds spikes in completed suicides in the days following peak pollution levels.

Is Your Tea Full of Pesticides?

Many teas such as peppermint are allowed 100 times higher the levels of glyphosate than some GM foods, and they are being washed off in your cup.

Report: 100% of Corn in These Popular Chips is ‘Completely GMO’

Bad news: so-called ‘healthy’ Frito-Lays SunChips have just tested positive for a popular herbicide chemical as well as GMO ingredients.

Is Starbucks’ Newly Offered Coconut Milk ‘Fake’?

Starbucks is now offering coconut milk as an additive for your daily coffee habit. But this coconut milk may not be so pure.

Is Mandatory Vaccination on the Horizon Amid Measles Outbreak?

Could the recent measles outbreak result in vaccine regimens that may amount to several dozen “shots” during a “catch-up” phase?

Research Exposes How our Water is Making us Depressed, Sick

A recent study has found that fluoride within our water supply may be fueling thyroid issues experienced by millions, leading to depression and more.

CRE Superbug Outbreaks Reveal The Lack Of Proper Sanitation in Hospitals

Media outlets are reporting that antibiotic-resistant ‘nightmare bacteria’ known as CRE are infiltrating 42 states. The number of hospitals grows daily.

Nestle Drops Artificial Colors and Flavors – But Still Wants to Own the Water

In a tactically-influenced move, mega-food corporation Nestle announced a phase out of artificial flavors and colors from its candy bars by 2015.

This Natural Food Could Finally Put an End to Harmful Pesticides

We are looking at a completely safe, natural technology that my soon replace toxic pesticides – and it can be found in the unsuspecting mushroom.

Record US Farmers Switching to Non-GMO Crops in 2015

Due to failing crops and massive consumer demand for organic food, many conventional farmers are turning away from GMO crops in 2015.

Victory: Hershey to Remove GMO Ingredients from Milk Chocolate

Candy-maker Hershey has announced that it will soon remove genetically modified ingredients from its candy while moving toward ‘simple ingredients.’

75% of Air and Rain Samples Contain Monsanto’s Round Up

A new study proves just how invasive Monsanto’s best selling chemicals are, revealing how herbicide toxins are appearing in 75% of rain and air samples.

Processed Foods Indisputably Linked to Auto-Immune Disease

A study points to processed junk food for the heavy increase in auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, alopecia, asthma, and eczema.

Science Discovers Molecule that ‘Stops Alzheimer’s in its Tracks’

Scientists from Cambridge University have found that a naturally occurring molecule may be the answer in stopping Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages.

4 Reasons Why More People are Turning Away from This Popular Fish

From over-fishing to radiation and mercury contamination, here are 4 reasons more people are turning away from canned tuna.

Why Some Experts Say Pregnant Women Should Reconsider Many Vaccinations

Pregnant women are being encouraged to receive many vaccinations to confer immunity in their newborns. But are all these vaccines necessary?

Even If We Ban GMOs, Can GMO Contamination Ever Be Stopped?

That BIG problem with GMOs is that you can’t recall genetically modified corn, soy, or other GM crops. Once they are unleashed, there is no turning back.