Researchers to Trial Ketamine as a Treatment for Alcoholism

Researchers are looking for volunteers to be injected with ketamine to evaluate whether or not it can be used as a treatment for alcoholism.

Study: Fracking may Increase Asthma Flare ups by 50%

A new study suggests that fracking may contribute to higher instances of asthma, with those living near fracking sites having trouble with controlling asthma.

Greek Scientists Find a ‘Way to Reverse Menopause’

Researchers in Greece have developed a new blood treatment that can supposedly help post-menopausal women have children at any age.

Researchers Say This Diet Greatly Protects Against Disease

A new meta-analysis suggests that even high-fat Mediterranean diets reduce the risk of heart problems, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and other health problems.

The Healing Power of Tualang Honey

A honey harvested from the rainforest – known as Tualang Honey – has been shown to treat breast cancer, prevent cardiovascular disease, and more.

New Study Suggests Alzheimer’s May Be in the Brain as Young as Preschool

A gene which may be related to Alzheimer’s disease can show itself as early as preschool, according to a new study published in the journal Neurology.

Gonorrhea Could One Day be Untreatable, Doctors Say

Gonorrhea may soon become untreatable as it develops resistance to the two antibiotics left that can treat it: azithromycin and ceftriaxon.

Regulatory Loophole Allows GMO Products to be Marketed as Non-GMO

Products that have been injected with foreign DNA are considered by the USDA to be genetically engineered, but not products with deleted DNA.

Nail-Biters and Thumb-Suckers may Develop Fewer Allergies

Researchers say parents shouldn’t freak out if their child sucks his thumb or bites his nails; it might actually be helping them avoid developing allergies.

Alzheimer’s May Soon Be Detected with an Eye Exam

Exciting new research shows that in may be possible in the near future to detect Alzheimer’s with a simple eye examination.

Study Reveals Some Awesome News for Gardeners Everywhere

Researchers have come to the conclusion that gardening is actually beneficial to your health, helping to lower blood pressure, improve mood, and more.

Malnourished “Vegan Baby” Removed from Parents’ Custody

A growing number of children in Italy are suffering serious health problems and dying because their parents are feeding them an improper vegan diet.

The Superfruit that May Hold the Fountain of Youth

A new study has shown that pomegranates may actually be able to help slow down the aging process, thanks to the molecule urolithin A.

Scientists Identify Neurons that Tell You to Stop Drinking

Scientists say that they have now identified a particular neuron that once activated, can help a person stop drinking alcohol.

Study: Breast Cancer Survivors Who Exercise Have Fewer Memory Problems

A new report found that women who had survived breast cancer and exercised regularly reported fewer memory problems than those who didn’t exercise.

Trials Show Promise with New Breast Cancer Drugs

New drug trials have shown that new drugs may work to give women with advanced breast cancer a chance at survival and a life after treatment.

Soon You Can Sign Up to Be an Organ Donor from Your iPhone

This fall, Apple will allow users to sign up to National Donate Life Registry directly on their phone without ever leaving their home.