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Cancer-Linked Fluoride Doesn’t Even Effectively Prevent Cavities

Mike Barrett
April 16th, 2012
Updated 05/20/2013 at 1:13 am
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Despite numerous research pointing out the toxicity and harmful nature of fluoride, it continues to be added to the water supply. Being touted for its proposed benefits of reducing tooth decay and cavity development, fluoride is added to the water supplies of a significant number of cities and towns alike. Interestingly, research shows that the supposed benefits aren’t really what they appear at all, and that fluoride actually has no positive effect on reducing tooth decay or cavity development.

The West Virginia University Rural Health Research Center reports that urban U.S. children, with more exposure to fluoridated water and dental care, have just as many cavities as less fluoride-exposed rural children.

“For children’s dental health measures, it was found that fluoridation rates were not significantly related to the measures of either caries or overall condition of the teeth for urban or rural areas,” the researchers write, as reported by FluorideAlert.

Since the 1940′s, fluoride has been added to the water supply as a claimed method of  preventing tooth decay. It was once believed (and still believed by some), that the primary benefits for teeth resulted from fluoride ingestion during the tooth-forming years. However, it is now thought by scientists, dentists, and researchers, that fluoride’s primary benefit comes from topical treatment, and not from ingestion. Fluoride has also been shown to be ineffective at preventing tooth decay in the pits & fissures of teeth, which is where most decay occurs.

Research conducted by the Cochrane Oral Health Group shows how the ingestion of fluoride is ineffective at reducing tooth decay in primary teeth. Not only does the research show that fluoride supplements are ineffective, but health risks from fluoride supplementation aren’t even studied enough for the supplements to be pushed in the first place. It was found that fluoride supplements, which are heavily endorsed by the CDC, provide no more benefit than topical treatments, which is safer due to minimal fluoride ingestion.

Adding to the downfall of fluoride use in our water supplies, the ineffective tooth-protecting nature of fluoride is accompanied by some serious health-related downfalls. In 1977, it was shown that water fluoridation caused about 10,000 cancer deaths in epidemiological studies by Dr. Dean Burk, former head of the Cytochemistry Section at the National Cancer Institute and Yiamouyiannis. Another research paper documents how fluoride ingestion causes tumor growth rates to increase by 25% at only 1 ppm (part per million), while also producing melanotic tumors and increasing carcinogenesis of other chemicals.

Based on the research at hand, it is safe to say that fluoride ingestion should be avoided if at all possible. Investing in a reverse osmosis water filtration unit is one solution to reducing fluoride ingestion, while drinking distilled water for 3-6 months may also reduce the soft tissue fluoride levels.

About Mike Barrett:
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  • Michael Leonard

    Flouride in water is naturally occuring it is everywhere it is in what you eat it is in what you drink. Most naturally aquifers have Flouride levels in ppm that meet or exceed levels that are added to municiple water supplies. The deception is look at who is against Flouride and what they want to SELL tyou to get rid of it, detoxify your body etc. This is a survey from many years ago on the ppm of natually occuring Fl levels in ground water

    • EUnderhill

      Whiled it is true that fluoride is found in water naturally, it is not the same fluoride that is artificially added. The added fluoride is sodium fluoride a waste byproduct of aluminum manufacturing. The naturally occurring fluoride is calcium fluoride. Calcium fluoride is quite beneficial to our teeth while sodium fluoride is quite detrimental to our teeth. Sodium fluoride weakens the tooth enamel accelerating tooth decay while calcium fluoride strengthens tooth enamel slowing tooth decay.

  • Stu Sweeney

    I am a "Certified Natural Health Professional" and after more than 38 years of studying "Natural Health" I believe that drinking the right kind of water in meaningful amounts is the most important thing that any of us can do for our health no matter what the current state of our health is. That may seem like an exaggeration. It is not.

    Fluoride is highly toxic and may cause cancer faster than any known chemical and should be avoided! Reverse osmosis and distillation of water may eliminate the fluoride but YOU SHOULD NOT DRINK EITHER TYPE OF WATER! Contrary to the popular myth that these waters are healthy, they are not fit for human consumption because they are demineralized. The same processes that take out the fluoride also take out the naturally occurring minerals in the water. These "purified" waters do not exist anywhere in nature and because of their extreme purity they absorb carbon dioxide from the air leaving them acidic with little or no dissolved oxygen. Essentially, "dead water" that is of little use to the body. Drinking these waters will leave your body "acidic and low in oxygen" which is the breeding ground of all cancers and all disease! Because they are demineralized waters they seek to balance themselves when entering your body by leaching vital minerals from your bones,organs,glands and tissues. These demineralized waters also have larger "bond angles" which promote larger molecular water clusters and increased surface tension making it more difficult to hydrate your cells. Regular consumption of reverse osmosis, distilled or deionized water will leave your body overly acidic, demineralized and dehydrated. These waters also have a high positive oxidation reduction potential (free radicals/missing electrons)that make them corrosive causing oxidation of the bodies cells which will kill many cells and damage the DNA of others. Cancer, disease and early death are more likely with regular consumption of these waters. THE BEST WAY TO REMOVE FLUORIDE FROM YOUR DRINKING WATER is to use an alkaline water ionizer along with a KDF pre-filter. The water ionizer separates the naturally occurring alkaline minerals from the naturally occurring acidic minerals that are found in all waters in nature. The alkaline minerals come out of the drinking water hose and the acidic minerals are discharged down the drain through a separate hose. Fluoride is acidic and depending on the strength of the ionizer about 40% to 80% of the fluoride is discharged down the drain. Enagic is the only company that makes an ionizer that will consistently remove the 80% or more. This is because their machines are stronger and use much larger, thicker electrode plates made only with surgical grade titanium that are dipped and sealed in surgical grade platinum for safety to insure that the highly reactive heavy metal titanium does not come into contact with the water you will be drinking. These larger, thicker, better sealed plates allow them to use a much more powerful, steady, transformer supplied electrical current in the electrolysis process. This makes the ionization process more thorough, separating more of the acidic minerals from the water thus eliminating more of the fluoride. It also greatly enhances the other health benefits associated with drinking alkaline, ionized "Kangen" water. The KDF pre-filter will eliminate much of the fluoride as well so that the combination of filtering out the fluoride and discharging most of the remaining fluoride with the acid water is very effective at eliminating almost all of the fluoride. An added benefit of drinking the alkaline ionized Kangen water is that it actually detoxifies your body every time you drink it. In nature opposites attract. The water has a negative charge that is attracted to the positive charge of fluoride and most other toxins and binds with them and carries them out of the body. It literally detoxifies your bloodstream, lymph fluid, liver, kidneys, colon and even crosses the blood brain barrier to remove heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium. To see a video of the amazing detoxification properties of this water go to and enter "Dr Shinya colon video" into the search bar.

    This alkaline ionized Kangen water has many health benefits. It is the exact opposite of drinking reverse osmosis or distilled water. Whereas demineralized waters are acidic, ionized water is alkaline. Demineralized waters leach minerals from our bodies but ionized water supplies minerals to our bodies that have a negative charge and are therefore bioavialable and easily utilized by the cells. Demineralized waters have a positive oxidation reduction potential and ionized water has a negative oxidation reduction potential. Demineralized waters have billions of free radicals in each glass whereas ionized water has billions of antioxidants in each glass. Demineralized water acidifies your body,is very low in dissolved oxygen and promotes cancer and disease whereas ionized water alkalizes the body, is high in dissolved oxygen and discourages the existence of cancer and disease. Also, demineralized water does not effectively hydrate the body whereas ionized water is extremely hydrating. (The very best technology and components are used only by the Japanese company Enagic that has been manufacturing these ionizers as medical devices for the Japanese hospitals for almost 40 years! They are the most expensive machines but the only ones I can recommend and the only ones I would ever buy for several reasons. You get what you pay for. Be careful because there are several cheap knockoff versions of this technology being made in China, South Korea and Taiwan that are being promoted unscrupulously on the internet as being just as good as the Japanese Enagic machines for less money. Nothing could be further from the truth. These websites are deceptive and deliberately misleading and make several false statements. Some even pretend to be "independent raters of water ionizers or ionizer review sites". These sites are not independent raters but rather have an agenda and are sponsored by salesmen promoting the units they rate as best(a common form of deception being used today on the internet). Other examples of the deception they use is the promotion of SMPS power supply(switch mode power supply) as being superior to the time tested, tried and true use of a transformer. The transformer supplies the strongest steady supply of electrical current into the electrode plates, more thoroughly ionizing the water, enhancing the incredible health properties of the water and eliminating more of the fluoride and acidic minerals. However, since these cheap knockoffs use much smaller, much thinner and in most cases non-solid mesh electrode plates that are sprayed not dipped in platinum, they cannot handle the heat generated by high levels of electrical current steadily supplied by a transformer. Thus they use the SMPS power supply at a much lower wattage so that their smaller, thinner, cheaper electrode plates will not melt! SMPS switches the power supply on and off very rapidly to avoid overheating of the machine. In reality when you are producing your drinking water with these cheap machines the machine is in "full off" position half of the time so that half of the water is not being ionized at all. Thus you will have a less thorough ionization of the water resulting in less removal of fluoride and acidic minerals and weaker health properties that don't last as long from drinking the water. The deception is not in using the cheaper components and inferior technology but in trying to "spin" it as the SMPS power supply being the latest and greatest thing and alleging that it is superior to the transformer when in truth it is just to cover up for the fact that the smaller cheaper plates can't stand up to the level of heat produced by the higher wattage steadily supplied by a transformer. Another common deception of these cheap knockoffs is the use of mesh plates. They present this as the latest technology when in reality it is just a way to use less titanium and platinum in order to lower the price of the machine. The mesh is not solid metal but rather full of holes much like a screen window. The less precious metal used the less expensive the machine. The smaller thinner mesh plates require a much lower wattage so that the plates won't melt. This makes the ionization process less thorough and lessens the health properties associated with the water being produced by the machine. Instead of acknowledging the need to lower the electrical wattage due to smaller, inferior plate size and composition they spin it as an energy saving technology of the latest design. Another important deception is there warranty coverage. The websites talk of 5 year, 10 year or even life time warranty coverage that is supposed to be superior to Enagic's full parts and labor 5 year warranty. The deception is that they don't tell you of the FINE PRINT THAT VOIDS THE WARRANTY if you use the machine with "hard water". Almost all water in America is hard water or very hard water. This makes the supposed lifetime warranty useless! The Enagic machines have no problem with hard or even extremely hard water and have no such warranty exclusions. The biggest deception of all is leading people to believe that their cheap inferior machines are as good as or better than the Japanese technology. They are not even close. Dr. Dave Carpenter, a Naturopathic Physician, bought 8 of the various cheap machines offered on the internet over a 13 year period trying to find one that would produce the same health benefits in his patients that he had witnessed with patients in the Japanese hospitals that he toured for two weeks as a guest American doctor. After giving thousands of gallons of water produced by these cheap machines to hundreds of his patients over a 13 year period he never had one patient report any significant health improvement from drinking the water produced by ANY OF THESE MACHINES. Nor had he noticed any benefits personally from drinking these waters. When the Enagic machines from Japan finally became available in the U.S. he bought one and began drinking the water and giving it to his patients. He said that it was like a miracle overnight as all of his patients started reporting significant improvements in their health as soon as they started drinking water produced from the Enagic machine. Finally he had found a machine that would produce water capable of giving the same health benefits to his patients as he had witnessed personally in the Japanese hospitals. He even wrote a book about his experiences with Kangen water called "Change Your Water Change Your Life". I am happy to send you a FREE condensed version of that book in PDF format via attachment if you request it by email or call me. Which machine you buy makes all the difference. Be careful of who you believe. The cheap knockoff websites may appear to be convincing but they are not true. I can provide you with ample information to support this if you wish to contact me.

    I didn't intend to provide so much detail here or take so much of my day to share this information with all of you but the truth is that I have been giving seminars on the health benefits of this water for almost 5 years now. By far it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen for ones health. I have not found any person or any health challenge that does not benefit from drinking this water. It doesn't matter what your health condition is, the body has the innate ability to heal itself at a cellular level if you can just get it back into balance(homeostasis). Good water and optimal hydration that supports an alkaline state within the body are the keys to health. Doesn't it just make sense that if 70% or more of your body is made of water and if cancer and disease only exist in an acidic environment that is low in oxygen that drinking alkaline water that is high in dissolved oxygen would promote good health? This is by far the best water you can put into your body to help it reach the balance needed so that the body can begin to heal. I have personally seen miracles with it over and over and over. If you would like to learn more about it I would love to share the information with you. You can go to my website: or email me at or call me at 949-494-0609. To your good health!

    Stu Sweeney

    • JLS

      thankyou for this information. I ask when will this fluoride deception stop..the evidence is available to every person interested in health and unexplained reasons why the suffering of many health problems. The use of fluoride is a disgusting deception to man kind. Not only to humans, we share this planet with many other species that are adversely affected by this heavy metal environmental toxin. We are poisoning our own nest. Put a stop to fluoride.

  • Kathryn

    My mother gave me fluoride drops as a child. My baby teeth rotted from my mouth and the adult teeth came in permanently, horribly stained. I never had much energy as a child.

    I had a fluoride treatment at 16. I was horribly sick the rest of that day. I began having serious, severe insomnia and eventually depression. I have struggled with chronic fatigue since that time.

    I was sure there was a physical problem, but the doctors kept saying, "You're just depressed," and throwing pills at me. I now know that many of those pills were fluoride-based.

    Almost 5 years ago i was given Cipro for an infection. My life has never been the same. Cipro is a fluoroquinolone drug – it is fluoride-based.

    Fluoride is dangerous, dangerous, dangerous in many many ways and doctors are clueless about these dangers.

  • Fluoride Free Florid

    There is NOTHING beneficial about INGESTING fluoride!

    Topical applications may be fine but everyone should reconsider ingesting it through the tap water. Approximately 75% of Florida residents are being forced to ingest fluorosilicic acid by the municipal governments. The FDA has approved 3 fluoride compounds to be used in toothpaste but has NEVER approved of the toxic waste that they are polluting our drinking water with.

    Please join us in our effort to stop the practice of putting toxic chemicals in our tap water.

    Fluoride Free Florida

    50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation

    On Facebook, “click to join” in upper right hand corner!/groups/fluoridefreefl