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Cancer Fighting Foods – 4 Anti-Cancer Foods

Mike Barrett
May 14th, 2012
Updated 02/06/2013 at 2:26 am
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spicesassortment 220x137 Cancer Fighting Foods 4 Anti Cancer FoodsCould it be that cancer rates are so rampant because people are simply not eating the right foods? While there are many factors that play into the development of cancer, diet and smoking habits make up nearly 60 percent of cancer cases. The good news is that with dietary and lifestyle changes, cancer rates can drop dramatically. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself against cancer is to consume many cancer fighting foods – here are 4 of them you should never forget about.

Cancer Fighting Foods – 1. Turmeric (Curcumin)

Among the most currently researched of cancer fighting foods, turmeric has repeatedly been shown to be an effective cancer-fighter and even block cancer growth. Previously found to reduce tumors by an astounding 81%, the naturally occurring compound found in turmeric, curcumin, exhibits numerous anti-cancer properties. Researchers at UCLA found that curcumin is the component harnessing the ability to actually block cancer growth. Not surprisingly, the cancer-fighting ability that turmeric possesses makes up only a single facet of the many benefits of turmeric.

2. Papaya Leaf Extract

study conducted by University of Florida researchers Dr. Nam Dang and colleagues in Japan has documented papaya’s powerful anticancer properties and impact against numerous lab-grown tumors – and without the negative consequences of chemotherapy. The researchers used papaya leaf extract for the study conduction, with the anticancer effects being even stronger with a larger dose of the extract. What’s more, the extract can be taken for a long time without nasty side-effects.

Another study also shows how papaya leaf extract is able to fight various cancers including cervix, breast, liver, lung, and pacreatic while aiding the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems.

3. Ginger

Adding another to the list of cancer fighting foods, ginger, a cousin spice of super anti-cancer substance turmeric, is known for its ability to shrink tumors. The subject of one study based out of Georgia State University, whole ginger extract was revealed to shrink prostate tumor size by 56% in mice. The anti-cancer properties were observed in addition to ginger’s role in reducing inflammation as well as being a rich source of life-enhancing antioxidants. You definitely won’t want to disregard the health benefits of ginger.

4. Garlic

For centuries, the benefits of garlic have been experienced by many cultures for the treatment and prevention of disease; garlic’s status as one of the cancer fighting foods is perhaps one of the most notorious. Scientists believe that the anti-cancer properties may be due to the production of something known as hydrogen sulfide. Also known to protect the heart, researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that damage to the heart muscle as a result of heart attack is halted by directly injecting hydrogen sulfide into mice. Researchers believe that the production of hydrogen sulfide is responsible for garlic’s ability to prevent various cancers including, prostate, breast, and colon cancer.

Beating cancer with nutrition is possible, you simply must recognize which foods to consume and which foods not to consume.

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  • daliya

    I am no doctor but don’t use any honey or rice or any carbs if you fear cancer.

  • Natya d’Avelino

    oh, I see… thank you.

  • Natya d’Avelino

    Why is it I wonder, that in such a website of health information, almost everybody is hiding their names?
    I don’t understand.
    I do respect the need for anonimty (however your write or say that), in the internet, for some people, a few people, specially the ones who are more often vulnerable in society, for instance. But from the moment that one is busy with an activism so important as health food, what we need is serious people who give their faces for what they defend and know to be right. Right on and straight on.

  • Narayanan Rengaswamy

    Seems astonishing that these simple things aid in preventing one of the rampant health diseases of the century! No wonder a lot of our ancestors never suffered from such issues. Thanks a lot for the post Sir!

  • Michele

    Kangen water and Young Living's Frankincese oil is also very powerful antitumoral.

  • Dee

    I am thankful for this info but one thing that is sometimes frustrating is that often times little to no knowledge is shared about how best to obtain the foods/supplements to receive the most benefit. For example, I have tumeric and ginger in my kitchen now, but am unsure as how best to use for the benefit of helping prevent cancer. For example, is placing a teaspoon in the water used to make our brown rice sufficient for our family? Should it be placed in a capsule and taken? If so how much, how often, etc…Same with ginger. I often make ginger tea by boiling a few pieces of fresh ginger root and adding raw honey. I also cook with it quite a bit. Again, its hard to take broad info and know how to best use what I have.

    • David

      The reason why there's no information on dosage is simply because there's no money to fund studies on these foods.

      Big pharma will never fund a study on the dosage of garlic to prevent/reverse cancer because they can't patent it. Cancer institutes and charities would never bother or fund a slanted study so they don't upset their big pharma donors.

    • donna
      There is a recipe on there which you can modify

  • kostavsm

    There is a cure for cancer.Cancer is caused by fungus when our body pH from alkaline move to acidic.
    Dr Tullio Simocini discover that but he is suppressed by Big Pharmacy
    His web site is
    and there is listed all protocols for every type of cancer.
    God Bless Tullio Simocini

  • Guest


  • john

    cancer is all lymphaitc problems 99 percent of the time get your kidneys filtering

  • John Pope

    Dear Mike,

    Interesting article – we have had great experience with a liquid Turmeric/Curcumin extract called Curcumall, which also contains ginger extract. We have seen very positive results on cancer patients.

    You may also find a comprehensive list of research findings related to Turmeric and Cancer at –

  • the Don


    Cancer of all types is the pandemic right under our noses.

    Nuclear reactor #4 at Fukushima WILL dump its toxic load into the Pacific Ocean. All too soon, the cancer pandemic will increase exponentially to the point of claiming at the very least 4 billion of us, plus an uncountable number of other species plant and animal alike.

    Japan will no longer exist, the kill zone will most likely extend out to a thousand mile radius and that's a conservative estimate. Earth's air and water supply will be irrevocably poisoned with radiation. For those of you less intellectually endowed this means a horrible, burning death and physical mutations incomprehensible in nature.

    No one on this planet is even stepping up to make an attempt to bury that place with every truck full of cement we can scavenge. This tells me one thing, the scope of this disaster has gone outside the boundaries of hope. We can't even hide deep enough underground for a long enough period of time to be safe.

    Make peace with whatever god's you worship. No more mercy or second chances will be extended to us.

    The Don

  • Paul

    This information is not unique to your website. This type of article is found widespread on the internet and in countless books. A healthy diet and lifestyle is very important, however, a person's genetic makeup is more important.

    Being a prostate cancer survivor, a longtime organic vegetarian, as well as conferences with oncologists have confirmed this. Steve Jobs initially took the holistic approach to curing his cancer. By the time he underwent surgery it was too late to save his life.

  • bobbie boteler

    The US has the highest rates of cancer and deseases because we have NOT listened to the experts (and our own bodies)from India, Asia, etc., who have literally hundreds and hundreds of years experience with natural food and supplements…The medical profession in the US (according to numerous sources and doctors themselves)spends almost ZERO time learning about nutrition because the Big Pharm. owns or operates almost all of the hospitals in the US.

  • Igor Kock

    We have the capacity to heal ourselves with proper foods and nutrients of them, especially herbs & spices, fruits & vegetables. We have the capacity to live forever in the physical body if we wish with proper food that creates the mood we need and with mental power to stay forever young and healthy especially if we live for the greatest good in all of Us. Positivism, positive affirmations and improvising the world with our thoughts, see the beauty in everything that exist. Remembering LOVE withstand and transform everything also, thus love our foods, our mind, our body, our existence itself.

  • ramesh

    this a great information and we in INDIA use turmeric,ginger and garlic every day in our food,

  • Dawn Roznowski

    Thank you for this info, I heard a out Tumeric & Ginger, it I would love more info about the leaf. extract still fight CA & it's chronic pain. Thank you

  • johnny mars

    BS: "Beating cancer with nutrition is possible, you simply must recognize which foods to consume." It's that simple, is it? Becoming an NBA basketball star at 65 is also "possible", but not likely. I would reword that statement: "Certain foods may be helpful in fighting cancer."

    Read more:

    • Christien

      It is that simple, much simpler than becoming a basketball star at 65. Our bodies are designed to effectively maintain optimal health. More than 90% of "illness" is the result of environmental conditions, a body out of balance.

      Lifestyle choices are the most effective and simplest measures that we can take to maintain and support our health. Cancer, diabetes, heart diseases are all metabolic conditions…conditions in which the body systems become disabled in their ability to maintain optimal health.

      They can be remedied by restoring the body's capacity to maintain itself…enough rest and stress reduction, adequate nutrition from living food and nutritional supplementation if needed, fresh air, fresh pure water, and some exercise..

      • Anonymous

        I wonder when the increases of environmental toxins will overtake the benefits of raw vegetables….

        • Anonymous

          thanks for this great information

      • Ben Evans

        True, true, and true! Ive seen this in effect in many many people and have helped many not only relieve but reverse cancer through nutritional knowledge and stress reduction, and through giving them hope! So many people who are diagnosed with cancer almost instantly lose hope, and therefore any chance of recovery. Hell who wouldnt when faced with 2% cure rates from our Western pharmaceutical treatments and the inevitability of the expensive life destructive chemotherapy which is sold to them as their only option. You have a 27% chance of recover if you go through no treatment… When you remove all carcinogens, rebalance the PH levels of our bodies to an alkaline, oxygen rich environment, and include these many well known super anti-tumerous natural substances along with a dash of hope, anyone can recover from cancer. Dont believe the big pharma/government propaganda.

  • Sunflower

    Hopefully, you must be referring to the artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, processed meats, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Arby's, factory farms which abuse the animals, etc etc. Now there is a money hungry group if I ever saw it. You eat any of the above, you will find yourself on pharmaceutical drugs that are run by the most money hungry bunch in the world. I can say in the long run eating garlic, turmeric and ginger with your vegies is a lot cheaper in the long run!