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Bill Gates’ Foundation Funded Approval of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Anthony Gucciardi
November 6th, 2010
Updated 11/16/2012 at 7:32 pm
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bug 210x145 Bill Gates Foundation Funded Approval of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Bill Gates, who recently bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock, is reportedly funding the approval of genetically modified mosquitoes. It seems that not only will genetically modified salmon enter the environment along with unforeseen changes, but a new self-sterilizing mosquito may be joining them.

The plan, concocted by United Nations’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, involves creating genetically modified mosquitoes that either kill or sterilize themselves.The United Nations’ aim is to combat Dengue fever through the genetic manipulation of nature.

As with other genetically modified organisms, the long-term repercussions are widely unknown, and introducing a genetically modified creature into the environment may make for the genetic coding of an entire species to be altered. The United Nations news service IRN reports:

Scientists fighting mosquito-borne diseases are racing to obtain approval to release genetically modified insects designed to stop the spread of dengue, a potentially fatal virus.

People generally do not like the unknown and are alarmist. Because there has never been a [field] release of GM [genetically modified] mosquitoes, critics are free to imagine what can possibly go wrong, said UK-based entomologist and professor at Imperial College London, John Mumford.

However, such moves have made environmentalists nervous as a science long used in agriculture is applied to public health.

These mosquitoes are engineered with an extra gene or inserted bacterium or have had a gene altered so that either their offspring are sterile and unable to spread dengue, or simply die.

The report goes on to credit the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for funding Australian researchers from the University of Queensland, which received approval to release the genetically modified mosquitoes in December.

Australian researchers from the University of Queensland, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have received regulatory approval to begin in December to release mosquitoes infected with a bacterium that prevents the dengue virus from multiplying, as has the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

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  • Sandra Knight Gehler

    Ok, so what about the frog that eats the mosquito? Or the animal that eats the frog? Or the tiny organism that eats the larvae? Or even mosquito excrement? You see the problem…….

    I am not a scientist and do not have a solution, but genetically modified mosquitoes or corn etc. cannot be without serious consequences.

  • Marthe Morin

    A question I often ask myself : "To whom a planet so rapidely and so deeply transforming in the essence of it's capacity to maintain human live can be of any use?

    Some answer me : To the ones who have the money and the power, of course !"

    But what is money and power if there is no form of Human life capable to survive on it? An other question that leads us to a lot of theories.

    And that leads also to other files we never or rarely mention in the open.

  • Marthe Morin

    Jim, Stephen, Tim…I am so much all the way with your line of thoughs…difficult not to fall in derision sometimes. It makes us all go through so much physical adaptation, high impact emotions, and intellectual and spiritual transformations.

    It is not always easy to stay in the present moment…and we all know that "being there" with the conscience of it all is the only way to reach some other dimention where there could be a release of all the tension it creates.

    I always say that all there is left for us to do is to "CULTIVATE the GRATITUDE of all there is in THE PRESENT MOMENT". I like the word "cultivate" since, with time, it creates a continuIty in the process of getting to maturity : the Present Moment". Gratitude is there in between as the spirit of the Heart.

    But it is only a recepie among so many others. It could be subject of SHARING…"What is your recepie? It could be usefull to others.

    Et je vais essayer de rester présente à ce site que je viens de découvrir….pour recevoir ce que vous penser…quelles sont vos recettes?

  • rph

    Well said, Mr. Bell.

  • Jim Bell

    Genetic Engineering

    Hey, the world’s a crazy place. The human creature is endowed with infinite cleverness and almost zip wisdom.

    Genetic engineering is the latest example of this. But unlike past manifestations of our cleverness, genetic engineering represents the first time in history where human decisions have the potential to change life on our planet forever.

    I see a pattern here.

    The pesticides and toxic waste we’ve created and continue to release into our life support system will take tens and potentially hundreds of generations to be rendered harmless to human and other life.

    With nuclear power, we’ve created and continue to release radioactive materials into our life support system that will take thousands if not hundreds of thousands of generations to become safe for unprotected human exposure.

    Now comes genetic engineering with potentially infinite consequences.

    Given our track record up to now, I don’t believe that the human family is yet conscious enough to be trusted with making potentially forever decisions.

    Especially considering some people are:

    •So insane for money and power that they are capable of doing anything to impose their agenda on the world.

    •So sure they are doing God’s will that they will do anything to impose their religious agenda on others.

    •So sure that their ideology is correct that they will do whatever they deem necessary to impose their worldview on the rest of us.

    And even when our motives are pure, intelligent, democratic, and totally dedicated to improving the common good, who among us has the wisdom to fully comprehend the ultimate consequences of releasing self-replicating organisms of human creation into our common environment, however noble our motives?

    I’m not saying that we should abandon our quest for knowledge in this or any other area.

    I’m insisting that for the sake of our youth and future generations, that wisdom and its partner humility should be foremost in our minds and hearts before we choose to unleash whatever our cleverness makes possible.

    The human family has lived at least 100,000 generations, each generation being 33 years (enough time for a human to reproduce and raise their child to adulthood). Our job is to ensure that we leave the next 100,000 generations with a healthy, happy, functional world.

    • Stephen Adler

      Monsanto is the evilest corporation I know of. They create crops basted on inaccurate and distorted science and our government,bribed and bought by Monsanto, goes along with those lies and we the people can’t even get them to label genetically modified foods. GMO’s have the power to destroy the food chain as we know it.

      • Tim

        Monsanto is just another of the thousands of grains of sand that is being heaped on the backs of the world population. We have Gates, Soeros, Bush, Clinton, the British royals and many others plotting against humanity. We cant live without the toys they have created,(electronics, cars, constant fashion changes, etc.) so we willingly give them all our money. To tip the balance further in their favor they modify and twist domestic and international laws. Now that they have virtually all of the worlds wealth our food and water is being poisoned. Medicines are developed to eliminate and control us. The elites that plan to own the earth will only need five to ten percent of us to serve them, guess what happens to the rest. Here, have another drink of kool aid.