New Genetically Modified Creation Threatens Health, Environment

New Genetically Modified Creation Threatens Health, Environment

It has been nearly 20 years since genetically modified ingredients were first introduced in America. Since then, scientists have used genetic engineering to create horrifying animal hybrids. Scientists have borrowed genes from a jellyfish to make other organisms glow, and have even implanted spider genes in goats as a means of creating super-strength silk. Now, the US is following a similar path, with the FDA considering genetically modified (GM) salmon for approval.

The supposed safe for consumption AquAdvantage salmon was partially created through a combination of genomes taken from other fish such as a gene from the pout fish to prevent freezing, and a growth gene from the Chinook salmon to bring forth faster growth. On September 19th, the case for the approval of AquAdvantage salmon will be presented. This means that the FDA could give the green light to allow for more poison food on our dinner tables over the next few weeks.

Many independent scientists, consumer groups, and environmental organizations are in disagreemnt with the possibility of AquaBounty’s genetically modified salmon being approved by the FDA. AquaBounty is able to claim much of their data is confidential, and therefore do not need to supply it to the public. This concerns many organizations due to the fact that certain information is being kept hidden from researchers that want to research the safety and effectiveness of the salmon for themselves.

It is also feared that the GM salmon could escape from fish farms and threaten the very genetic code of salmon worldwide. This could occur through genetically modified salmon reproducing with natural salmon. This has been recently seen with genetically modified canola growing beyond its farm field, and into the wild.

Despite the bounty of inarguable truth that proves genetically modified foods to be harmful to the body, it seems that the government still has not taken action. In fact, the government has allowed for Monsanto, the largest producer of genetically modified ingredients, to expand profusely over the past few years. Had the government heeded all of the indisputable evidence proving that genetically modified foods were negatively affecting not only the human body, but society as a whole, then perhaps countless lives could have been saved and improved. Alas, this is not the case.

There is no sign that the creation of genetically modified food is slowing down. As time goes on, more genetic experimentation will be conducted, and new genetically modified organisms will be developed. Fortunately, however, people from around the world are taking a stand against the usage of genetically modified ingredients.

It is unknown at this time whether or not restaurants and markets will be obligated to label their salmon as genetically modified. When looking at the history of product labeling, we can see that this will most likely not be the case. Supermarkets can currently sell genetically modified food products without explicit labeling. Hopefully there will be some indication as to whether or not the fish is genetically modified, as there are ways to tell with other products.

Knowing what we’re consuming is vital, and the people have a right to know if they are consuming mutant fish. Find out if your food contains genetically modified ingredients.