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Mike is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites. He has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health.

His articles have been picked up across the web, appearing on sites such as Drudge Report, Infowars, NationofChange, and many others. His passion to natural health and overcoming a declining health-food nation is what drives him to help the millions of individuals NaturalSociety reaches.

"It is more important than ever to fight for nationwide food reform where there is a garden at every home, a 'medicine cabinet' of herbs in every kitchen, and burning desire for freedom in every person. It's time to take back what was once ours."

Recent articles by Mike Barrett

Gene-Editing Technology may Replace Antibiotics in the Future

Scientists are creating a pill that uses CRISPR gene-editing technology to kill the Clostridium difficile bacterium, which is dodging conventional medicine.

Walking Beats Caffeine for Temporarily Boosting Energy

In a recent study, walking up and down stairs at a low-intensity pace did more to make participants temporarily more alert than caffeine did.

California Senate Passes Bill Banning Drug Company Gifts to Doctors

A bill is on its way to the California Assembly that would ban drug companies from giving doctors gifts, such as airline tickets and lavish meals.

Getting a Second Opinion About Health Issues Could Save Your Life

A recent study says that 88 percent of people who seek opinions from different doctors about a health issue receive different or revised diagnoses.

Study: Cannabidiol-Based Medication Reduces Intense Seizures by 50%

In a recent study, cannabidiol (CBD) reduced the number of seizures by half in children and adults with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), a severe form of epilepsy.

Scientists Find Link Between Excess Sugar and Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists have recently discovered a link between excess blood sugar and Alzheimer’s disease, paving way for much-needed research.

Are Food Allergies Increasing? Experts Say They Just Don’t Know

Experts say that whether food allergies are increasing is uncertain, as many people who self-diagnose don’t know the medical definition of “allergy.”

Superbugs may be More Widespread than Previously Thought

Drug-resistant superbugs are more prevalent than previously thought, researchers say, and it’s easy for them to hide because many people are asymptomatic.

Scientists Modify Antibiotics to “Rip Apart” Superbugs in Minutes

By “supercharging” certain antibiotics, scientists have found that drug-resistant bacteria can be overpowered and killed. A solution to antibiotic-resistance?

General Mills Offers 100 Million Free Wildflower Seeds to #BringBacktheBees

Cheerios gave away 1 billion wildflower seeds, far surpassing its goal of 100 million, as part of a campaign to increase bee populations.

Deadly Fungal Infection a Growing Concern in U.S. Hospitals

A deadly fungus called Candida auris, is spreading in the U.S. and the CDC is advising clinicians to keep an eye out and isolate any infected patients.

CDC: Birth Defects 20 Times More Likely in Pregnant Mothers with Zika

A new CDC study shows that pregnant women who have the Zika virus are 20 times more likely to have an infant with birth defects.

China Is Building Vertical Forests in Nanjing to Fight Pollution

In 2018, the city of Nanjing, China, will erect the Nanjing Green Towers, 2 buildings that will serve as Vertical Forests designed to fight air pollution.

Alarming Levels of Radiation Discovered in Fukushima Reactor

TEPCO says it recorded astronomical levels of radiation at Fukushima Daiichi’s crippled No 2 reactor. Even a tiny bit of exposure would kill a person.

Delhi Government Passes a Disposable Plastics Ban for the 2nd Time

On January 1, 2017, a law banning the use of all disposable plastics throughout the capital region, which was voted on in December 2016.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Appears in the U.K.

Researchers in the U.K. recently discovered drug-resistant malaria in 4 patients who had traveled to Africa, where the disease is rampant.

What You Should Know About the Carcinogenic Nature of Overcooked Foods

As part of a new campaign, the U.K.’s Food Standards Agency is warning that overcooking starchy foods releases a substance known to cause cancer.