Shocking: Positive Effects of Marijuana on Lungs

The federal government claims that marijuana has ‘no accepted medical use’ and continues to classify it in the same category as heroin, MDMA, and PCP. This claim is made by the government despite countless studies existing which highlight its many industrial and medicinal uses. One very recent study sheds light not only on how the plant could be beneficial, but how casual marijuana use doesn’t even lead to lung damage.

Red Wine Shown to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk When Moderately Consumed

Recently conducted research shows that not every kind of alcoholic beverage leads to an increased risk for breast cancer, which is what most people believe. While it is still being documented that regular alcohol consumption raises breast cancer risk, one type of alcohol, red wine, has actually been shown to have the opposite effect when consumed in moderation. The study, published in the Journal of Women’s Health, was conducted by researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Monsanto’s GM Corn Approved Despite 45,000 Public Comments in Opposition

As previously reported, while people were de-stressing and enjoying their much needed time off during the holidays, the United States Department of Agriculture announced its approval of Monsanto’s ‘drought tolerant’ genetically engineered corn. The decision to give the green light to Monsanto regarding their GM corn didn’t seem too difficult for the Obama Administration, despite receiving nearly 45,000 public comments voicing opposition and only 23 comments in favor since comments opened.

UK ‘Drug-Driving’ Law Ignores Far Deadlier Legal Drugs

The United Kingdom government will soon be advised by an expert panel on introducing a new offense of ‘drug-driving’. Maximum levels for different drugs will be considered for those driving while under the influence of illegal drugs, very similar to laws already put in place concerning alcohol consumption and driving. The panel aims to conclude which specific amount of cocaine, cannabis, heroin, or other drugs constitutes as an offense. As revealed in The Independent, it is expected that the panel begin focusing on these regulations this spring.

Simple Dietary Changes is the Answer to Treating Children Labeled as Having ADHD

A recent article published in the journal Pediatrics evaluated and compared dietary impact as a replacement for pharmaceutical medications in children labeled as having attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Researchers J. Gordon Millichap and Michelle M. Yee analyzed 70 studies and found that a diet heavy in fiber, folate, and omega 3 fats could be the key to helping children deemed to suffer from ADHD.

Nicotine Patches and Nicotine Gum Shown to be Ineffective

A new study confirms what many people may have already assumed to be true – that products such as nicotine gum and nicotine patches don’t really help smokers quit. In the journal Tobacco Control, researchers report that the nicotine patches and nicotine gum products work for a few months at best, but are no more effective than cold turkey when it comes to helping people quit smoking long term.

Exposing Monsanto’s Financial Interest in Government

You may think those helping to pass the GMO bills truly believe that genetically engineering the food supply is beneficial to public health, but the scary truth is that many of said individuals couldn’t care less about humankind or the future of the planet. As far as many government regulators are concerned, Monsanto can spread their wings and far and wide – so as long as those in power are living large.

B Vitamins Shown to Boost Both Short Term and Long Term Memory Function

A newly conducted study coming from Australia has shown that vitamin B12 and folic acid supplements hold some promise in supporting both short term and long term memory function. B vitamins have been shown to support cognitive function by halving the rate of brain shrinkage – a physical symptom connected with dementia and memory loss in older individuals. Similar to previous research, individuals in the recent study who supplemented with vitamin B12 and folic acid for two years scored better in memory tests than those who did not take the vitamins.

Are Air Fresheners Contributing to Poor Health and Sickness?

It seems automatic air fresheners and scented sprays can be found almost anywhere in this day and age. These aroma-emitting devices can be found in any home, school, or work and simply serve to enhance the scent in the area. But since the chemicals used in the products are emitted in the air as well, people are unknowingly experiencing a health decline, all for pleasant aromas. Air freshener use has really risen in the past couple years.

Fatty Processed Foods Trigger Addiction, Brain Damage

Although there are many surprising culprits behind obesity and weight gain, recent research may reveals some shocking information every overweight person should know about. A recent study published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation shows that junk food has a brain-altering effect which makes you eat it more of it. High-fat food processed food consumption causes damage to the hypothalmus part of your brain – an area responsible for levels of hunger, thirst, and the body’s natural rhythms and cycles.

Antidepressants Cause Your Arteries to Thicken 400% More Than Aging

Depression may be the worst emotional experience there is. The causes are many, and it often drives people to zig-zag past everything that matters and into a pill bottle of pharmaceutical ‘treatments’. But these solutions offered by the pharmaceutical industry are nothing but a sham, and their antidepressant products only make you more depressed and trigger suicidal thoughts. One study has also found that antidepressants cause your arteries to thicken 400% more than aging – a main factor in the thickening of the arteries.

Olive Oil You Buy is Often Low-Quality and Fake

Olive oil currently stands at a $720 million industry in the United States alone. The meteoric rise of the oil over the past few years has everything to do with its many known health benefits. People have started to realize that they should not be consuming harmful, unhealthy vegetable oil, and would rather consume an oil that has been shown to fight breast cancer, protect against stroke, and possess many anti-inflammatory benefits.

Pepsi Co. Admits Mouse Body Would Disintigrate from Mountain Dew

There has been some rather shocking news lately concerning the multi-national mega corporation Pepsi Co. and their highly popular beverage Mountain Dew. After reportedly finding a mouse in a Mountain Dew can in 2009, Ronald Ball from Illinois is in the process of suing the soft drink giant after finding a dead mouse in his soda can.Needless to say, Pepsi Co. is completely refuting his claims, saying that the mouse he found could not have been there as the drink is so acidic the mouse would have disintegrated before he opened it.

How to Treat Herpes Naturally

Herpes, both oral and genital, is not only embarrassing and painful, but it can also lead to more serious and life-threatening conditions later in life, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, it is estimated that more than 80 percent of adults in the United States have oral herpes, and that an estimated 50,000,000 people have genital herpes. Figure out how you can rid yourself of the herpetic virus completely naturally.

FDA Claims Walnuts to be Illegal Drugs | Government Lunacy at its Best

Well the Food and Drug Administration has really made a name for themselves this time. In response to claims by a company named Diamond Foods that walnuts possess health benefits, the FDA’s initial response to the claim was to send the company a letter informing them of their wrongdoing. What did Diamond Foods do wrong? According to the FDA, claims made by Diamond Foods that omega-3’s found in walnuts produce health benefits make their walnuts “drugs”.

How Your Taxes are Being Used by the Government to Produce Junk Food

With rates of obesity, diabetes, and nearly every other major health problem rising each year, why has the United States decided to heavily subsidize junk food? Farmers around the country choosing to grow healthy crops like chard, broccoli, and spinach simply do not have the government funding that those growing massive amounts of corn and soy beans (of which above 90% of each are genetically modified) do. Does the U.S. government really think that fruits and vegetables are not as important as grains which are used mostly for processing harmful food items?

Pharmaceutical Companies Struggle With ADHD Drug Shortages

The amount of children being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) has risen dramatically over the past couple years, thanks to questionable diagnosing techniques and profit-driven guidelines. Under normal circumstances the drug companies would be completely thrilled with the influx of ADHD-labeled children. But while they are definitely still excited from the profits being raked in, they are actually struggling to acquire enough of the active ingredient used in the drug to ‘treat’ the ‘disease’, Adderall.