Gene Patenting Causes People to Be Company-Owned Intellectual Property

While science and technology continue to exceed new levels never before reached by humankind, the chance of the human race becoming more of a scientific research project increases along with it. Over the past 30 years, over 40,000 patents were created and accepted on genes alone. As these genes are acquired and patented, it is only a matter of time before large corporations own patents on a large number of human genes and tissues.

Dangerous Levels of Arsenic, Lead Found in Commercial Apple and Grape Juice

A new report was recently released by Consumer Reports showing that many common apple juice and grape juice brands actually contain high enough levels of arsenic to increase the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. These chronic illnesses are the top health problems rising today. Unfortunately, children are especially prone to increasing the risks for these diseases as they make up a very large portion of individuals who consume fruit juices such as apple and grape.

Pharmaceutical Industry Payouts Prompt Conflict of Interest Concerns

How would you feel knowing that the doctor insisting that smoking is completely safe is actually being paid by the tobacco industry? This kind of information would be extremely off-putting to say the least. But unfortunately this conflict of interest is absolutely rampant among the mainstream health community, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, recent news has come out revealing that thousands of doctors, researchers, and medical experts in Texas are being paid handsomely by the pharmaceutical industry.

Childhood Vaccine Exemption Rates Increasing Nationwide

It seems as though the “necessity” of childhood vaccinations, as widely voiced by health officials and the government, is simply not being accepted by parents around the country. While the rates of children receiving vaccines remains high, we are seeing an increase in childhood vaccine exemption rates in eight states now with more than 1 in 20 public school kindergartners not receiving all the vaccines required for school attendance.

Immunize Your Child or Lose Benefits, Parents Told

Starting July 1 of 2012, Australian parents will be stripped of family tax benefits if their child is not fully immunized. Once the immunization alterations take effect next year, families who refuse vaccinations will also be refusing up to $2,100 per child in benefits. It seems that this is just one attempt by the Australian government to force vaccinations on children before potentially making it a federal law.

Merck Pays $950 Million in Criminal Fines and for Falsely Marketing Vioxx

It was announced on Tuesday that Merck will pay upwards of $950 million as a means of resolving investigations carried out regarding the company’s marketing tactics of their painkiller Vioxx. The corrupt, profit-driven company is planning to pay $321.6 million in criminal fines while the remaining $628.4 million goes toward a civil settlement agreement. Merck will also be pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge due to false advertising and deceptive marketing tactics by marketing Vioxx as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis – all without FDA approval.

Water Successfully Turned into a Commodity by the Bottled Water Industry

It turns out that much of the population is spending almost 2000 times more for water than they normally would. A typical price of bottled water is $3.79 per gallon while a typical cost of tap water is $0.002 per gallon. The bottled water industry seems to have successfully turned a nearly free resource into a commodity, selling it for about a 1900% markup from what you’re paying at home. People are virtually throwing money away, all in the name of “purity”.

5 Surprising Culprits Behind Obesity and Weight Gain

There is no doubt that the western diet holds most of the weight regarding the escalating obesity epidemic we are facing today. Ingesting overly large portions of foods containing fat-promoting ingredients coupled with an inactive lifestyle is the perfect recipe for a gigantic disaster.

The True Cost of Smoking | Smoking Shortens Life and Empties Your Pocket

Smoking is not a cheap venture in any way, shape or form. But it seems that the price tag on a pack of cigarettes hardly deters anyone from partaking in the activity while at the same time economic complaints are being greatly voiced. Although the price tag of a single pack of cigarettes may not be intimidating enough for those experiencing the relaxing effects from smoking maybe a look at overall cost would make somewhat of an impact.

Replacing Your Chemical-Leaching BPA Plastics

Every parent loves having plastic containers and plastic bottles around for their children. Plastic containers can be extremely useful as they don’t weight much and can’t break into a hundred pieces if dropped or slammed. While the convenience plastic containers provide is quite tempting, many parents are unaware that this convenience actually comes with a health-impacting price, especially for young children.

Bottled Water Regulation | Regulated Less than Tap Water

Bottled water regulation operates on a different level than tap water. It is treated as a food in the United States, and is therefore subject to the rules and regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Tap water regulation, on the other hand, is performed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and does not undergo the same rules of regulation.

Cost of Organic Food Verses Conventional | Paying for Health

It is hard to measure how much money you save by buying organic in terms of your health. But one thing is for sure, you DO save money. By buying organic, you won’t be subjecting your body to all the negative aspects of conventional food. Thinking will be enhanced, and you’ll notice your health problems disappear one by one assuming you are eating a nutrient-rich diet full of organic superfoods and fresh produce.

Microwave Dangers – Why You Should Not Use a Microwave

America’s most convenient appliance – microwave ovens are an absolute necessity in today’s fast-paced world. Microwaves are currently present in at least 90% of homes in America. They offer a simple and extremely rapid way to cook or reheat food or liquids. The majority of people use this kitchen appliance without question and think they are no more than a simple alternative to conventional ovens for when they don’t feel like cooking or need food fast.

Merck vs Monsanto | Fighting for the Worst Company Award

Companies Merck and Monsanto may very well be two of the greatest mass health-impacting companies in our world today. Unfortunately for the entire global population, these health-impacts are far less than positive. Although many large corporations are riddled with deception and corruption, these two companies are the two top nominees for the grand prize.

Genetically Modified Salmon Approval Pushed by USDA with Nearly $500,000 Funding

In September of 2010, a new genetically modified animal hybrid sparked mass concern as well as nation-wide controversy. The possibility of having genetically modified salmon for dinner did not sit well with many independent scientists, consumer groups, environmental organizations, and especially the healthy consumer.

Pharmaceutical Drug Adipotide May Reduce Body Fat by 39 Percent in One Month

Forever people have been seeking quick and simple fixes for various life issues. These include tight finances, relationship complications, and most definitely one of the top contributing causes of virtually all health problems – obesity. Instead of adopting the sound solution of eating healthful foods and exercising, it seems the quest for the magic bullet continues.

Radiation Exposure | Variables to Consider for Protection

Unfortunately, radiation exposure is unavoidable as radiation is everywhere at all times. No matter where you are, some type of radiation is being emitted near you either by a nuclear plant nearby, radio towers, the TV in your living room, or from within the earth’s crust. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when discussing radiation exposure and it’s dangers.