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Anthony is a natural health and human empowerment writer, speaker, and entrepreneur whose writings have appeared in #1 USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling books and top 100 websites.

After overcoming Lyme Disease and nerve-related facial paralysis, Anthony's work now reaches several million readers per month through his highly prolific group of social media pages and websites.

Focused on self-development techniques and living a healthy lifestyle, Anthony currently sits on the Advisory Board to Natural Society in addition to managing and directing several other companies dedicated to enhancing social good.

Anthony's work routinely appears on both alternative and established websites and television programs alike, including Drudge Report, Thom Hartmann, Simple Reminders, RT, Infowars, Michael Savage, Gaiam TV, and many others.

Recent articles by Anthony Gucciardi

How to Improve Your Eyesight – 4 Natural Ways to Enhance Vision

Poor vision afflicts countless people worldwide, limiting certain daily activities and leading to expensive prescription glasses and contacts. What if there were a natural way to improve your vision, without prescription glasses or fruitless gimmicks? Try these 4 methods that have been shown to naturally improve eyesight. Backed by research and practical experience, these free methods may be the only thing needed to obtain sharper vision.

3 Reasons You May Not be Getting Enough Vitamin D this Summer

Vitamin D has finally become accepted by the mainstream medical community to be a powerful nutrient that is necessary for proper health function. Vitamin D has been found to slash the risk of multiple cancer types (including skin cancer), aid in fat loss, and even prevent diabetes. Why then, is the population so horribly deficient in vitamin D that we are seeing a resurgence of the rickets? Here are 3 reasons why even informed individuals may be severely deficient in vitamin D this summer:

McDonald’s Rejects Anti-Obesity Campaign, ‘Proud’ of ‘Responsible’ Menu

After shareholders proposed altering the McDonald’s menu to help cut down on climbing obesity rates, particularly childhood obesity rates, it was quickly rejected by both the corporate board and retiring Chief Executive Jim Skinner. Instead of adopting the policy, which was actually drafted in an attempt to enhance worker productivity and overall quality of life, the former CEO instead stated that he was ‘proud’ of McDonald’s menu changes.

Operators Admit Fukushima Radiation Levels Exceed 2 1/2 Times Announced

Fukushima plant operators are now admitting that the Fukushima radiation levels emitted from the disaster exceeds almost two and a half times the initial ‘estimate’ produced by Japanese safety regulators. The announcement comes after independent researchers exposed the true amount of radiation leaked from the plant back in October of 2011.

Home Remedies for Sunburn – 4 Natural Solutions

As summer hits the nation, sunburn presents itself as an unwanted side effect of extensive sun exposure. A number of natural home remedies for sunburn exist that can be utilized to help soothe and treat any case of sunburn that has already affected you.

Blatant Corruption Exposed as EU Blocks France’s Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Maize

Just after France legislators and officials moved to ban Monsanto’s genetically modified strain of GMO maize over environmental and health concerns, the European Union has decided to step in and re-secure Monsanto’s presence in the country — against the very will of the nation itself.

Probiotics Can Actually Make You More Attractive

The evidence continues to mount that a healthy lifestyle is a fundamental key to becoming more attractive and overall good looking. In the past it has been observed that simply eating fruit and vegetables can make you more attractive, and now it is being reported that beneficial bacteria — known as probiotics — can do the same.

Calcium Supplements Double Your Risk of Heart Attack

New research is confirming once more what many have known for years — calcium supplements, which are biologically foreign to the body (as opposed to food sources), can actually spike your risk of heart attack by a very significant amount. Labeled by the researchers as “not safe or effective,” the latest study reached the startling conclusion after examining 24,000 middle-aged and elderly participants for 11 years.

Flashback: Researchers Propose Eating Insects Instead of Animal Meats as Dietary Staple

Researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands have proposed that the world begin eating bugs, as opposed to traditional animal meats. The reason? The researchers claim that bugs produce less greenhouse gases than animals such as pigs, and therefore we should all begin chowing down on crickets and locusts. While this sounds ludicrous, and it is, real problems could arise if the United Nations or other powerful organizations begin backing this ridiculous ideology under the guise of environmentalism.

‘Scientists’ Say Eating Organic Food Makes You a Jerk

Do you eat real, organic foods? If you do, you must be a jerk, according to a new ridiculous ‘scientific study’ that most likely has financial ties to factory farm corporations and junkfood makers across the planet. Instead of discussing the wide variety of health benefits of eating real food — the kind made without harmful pesticides that actually make you stupid.

Scientists Discover Natural Celery Ingredient Apigenin Can Halt Breast Cancer

The answer to halting the growth of an aggressive form of a breast cancer may be found in your kitchen pantry or local farmers market, according to new scientific research. Researchers recently unveiled amazing new research that shows an ingredient known as apigenin — found in celery and other produce — is a cheap way of stopping breast cancer in its tracks.

World’s Oceans ‘Plasticized’ and Trashed, Finds Research Ship

The world’s major oceans are full of concerning amounts of ‘plastic waste’ that amounts to a colossal ‘synthetic soup’ according to new reports from a large research ship that has set out to determine the condition of the world’s oceans. What is known as the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’, which is essentially a large mass of trash inhabiting the Pacific ocean, is reportedly only a small extent of the contamination.

Monsanto’s Mass ‘Super Weeds’ Force Sustainable Farming

What happens when Monsanto’s modified creations get out of hand and threaten the biosphere with mutated ‘super weeds’ that continue to suffocate farmland across the entire planet? Experts call upon farmers and government officials to return to traditional sustainable farming practices — the kind without Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.

Natural Antibiotic, Digestive Aid | Powerful Oregano Oil Benefits

The exceptional amount of health benefits associated with the use of oregano oil have been repeatedly documented by scientific research, yet very few individuals even know what oregano oil truly is. Respected among many health conscious consumers and the natural health community alike, many swear by the many oregano oil benefits as a cure for a host of ailments and conditions.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup Damages Learning Abilities, Memory

High-fructose corn syrup, a ubiquitous ingredient present in processed foods and sugary beverages across the globe, is a well-known health destroyer with ties to conditions like metabolic damage and cancer. Now, scientists have revealed that the substance can damage the brain.

Leading Antibiotic Linked to Sudden Death

Following the news that drugs like Tylenol can actually lead to death when taken correctly in low dose form, new information has found that one of the most widely used antibiotics also has a very concerning death link.

5 Ways to Replace Your Toxic Cleaners Naturally

Synthetic household cleaners are oftentimes full of hazardous and toxic chemicals that could be endangering the health of you and your family — particularly if you live in a ‘green’ home with very little airflow to the outside world.