Report: McDonald’s Global Profits Are Continuing to Fall

Report: McDonald’s Global Profits Are Continuing to Fall
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The decline of fast food giant McDonald’s continues in full swing, as the company reports yet another quarter of ‘disappointing’ global losses.

I’ve been telling you about McDonald’s decline for quite some time now, as millions of informed eaters continue to turn to higher quality food options when it comes to feeding themselves and their families.

More and more individuals are realizing what’s really in their food, and they’re taking action. And as they begin to read food labels, research toxic additives, and even find out about GMOs, McDonald’s is always a ‘poster child’ for everything wrong with the food industry.

That’s why, as you may remember, McDonald’s has decided to stop reporting their monthly losses altogether to their investors. Because they’re losing so many customers, and even major news outlets are highlighting the company’s demise.

McDonald’s Keeps Losing Global Profits & Closing Stores

The latest news on the state of McDonald’s comes from their second quarter financial report, which is just hitting the news cycle. As The Daily Meal and others are detailing, McDonald’s has once again been forced to report a global decrease in sales and consolidated operating income.

Specifically, McDonald’s reported a 16% decrease in consolidated operating income, a 10% decrease in consolidated revenues, and a .07% decrease in global sales at large.

Are you surprised?

I believe that McDonald’s could have made a ‘tough’ decision about a decade ago to begin removing toxic additives and artificial chemicals from their food, around the same time that popular documentaries and food investigation films had been highlighting their presence in their fast food creations. If they had made the proper moves, introduced some organic items to their menu, and re-branded themselves, I believe they would not be seeing this kind of decline.

Instead, McDonald’s decided to keep trying to push chemical-laden garbage on the public and tell us that it’s perfectly safe. That’s where their business moves truly failed.

Now, the fast food juggernaut is desperate to try and convince us that they’re ‘going natural!’ That they just happened to decide it was in the best interest of customers to start adding more ‘natural’ meal options to their menu.

That’s why they’re launching press releases about using ‘antibiotic-free’ chicken at some unknown point in the future — it’s all about re-branding themselves in the new marketplace (where people are actually starting to care about what they eat).

Just look at what McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said about the latest losses:

“I am confident that we will create the transformation necessary for McDonald’s to become a modern, progressive burger company delivering a contemporary restaurant experience.”

McDonald’s is trying to become a ‘modern, progressive’ burger company that will start throwing up ‘natural’ labels on their menus. Unfortunately for the multi-national fast food behemoth, the food IQ of America is far surpassing their marketing tactics.

Keep eating high quality organic and voting with your dollar!