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Antibiotics Could be to Blame for Skyrocketing Mental Illness Rates

Anthony Gucciardi
October 19th, 2011
Updated 11/09/2012 at 1:34 pm
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bacteria9 210x131 Antibiotics Could be to Blame for Skyrocketing Mental Illness Rates

A new report published in the popular journal Nature has revealed that antibiotics are permanently destroying beneficial bacteria within the gut, a condition scientists link to mental illness. While it has been known for some time that antibiotics contribute to the development of drug-resistant superbugs and certain gut problems, the link between antibiotic use and mental illness through the permanent destruction of beneficial bacteria only further tops the pharmaceutical paradigm. In fact, the pharmaceutical paradigm set in place by drug makers is so vast that it actually offers drug-based ‘solutions’ to the very problems that drugs originally created!

After kids are given excessive amounts of antibiotics that lead to the destruction of their gut health and the subsequent onset of mental illness, they are then given deadly antipsychotics and other psychiatric drugs to ‘treat’ the condition that originated from pharmaceutical drug use. It is a system that, whether purposeful or not, generates large profits for many prescription-happy doctors and drug manufacturers alike. Perhaps the most troubling part of this system is the massive fraud committed by financially-invested corporations to stop the truth about these drugs and other mainstream medical ‘treatments’ from getting to the general public.

The Pharmaceutical Paradigm

The general public has the right to know that dangerous antipsychotics are not going to ‘cure’ anything, and researchers have found that simply improving gut health and bacteria through probiotic supplementation or consumption will make a profound difference in your mental health and clarity:

“It may be that those changes in gut bacteria not only contribute to the generation of gut symptoms, like diarrhea or pain, but may also contribute to this altered behavior that we see in those patients,” said researcher Stephen Collins.

It seems that many large corporations act as gatekeepers, doctoring study results and attempting to discredit any research that endangers profits. Unfortunately, there will always be greedy individuals willing to go along with the scam. Such is the case with Dr. Scott Reuben, a well-respected anesthesiologist who was the former chief of acute pain of the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield Massachusetts. Dr. Reuben altered the results of 21 studies to deceive customers into thinking that Vioxx and Celebrex were safe. Of course this is not an isolated incident, simply one that received mainstream attention.

Rejuvenating Gut Health

While the damage to beneficial bacteria may be permanent, you can still utilize natural strategies to put that good bacteria back into the gut. Through the consumption of probiotics, you can restore beneficial bacteria that has been damaged through use of antibiotics. It is possible to do this through either supplementation or probiotic-rich foods, though you may find consuming such foods to be a challenge. Fermented food items such as sauerkraut, tempeh, miso or kefir are all rich sources of probiotic bacteria.

In addition to restoring beneficial bacteria into the gut through the use of probiotics, eliminating or severely reducing sugar intake will also be instrumental in restoring gut health and eliminating mental illness. Not only will you be improving your digestion and mental performance, you will be drastically slashing your risk of cancer, inflammation, and countless other diseases.

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  • Michael Carr

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  • LIsa

    It is disturbing that the author of this article has such acclaim (see below), but fails to follow the most common practice in scientific research – the citation of sources. The journal, Nature, that he mentions in the first paragraph and upon which the entire article is based, is not cited. All the other links are to other article he or others have written for Natural Society. That is poor investigative journalism and calls the validity of the article and his claims into question. I am a proponent of natural health, alternative health practices and I do not take antibiotics. But, I am also a scientist and recognize poor reporting when I see it. I'm sorry the author has chosen this route, because I think there is substance to what he has written but I am not given the opportunity to read what the his sources say and this makes me question his honesty and his professionalism.

    "Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. Anthony's articles have been featured on top health & political websites read by millions worldwide such as Reuters, Yahoo News, MSNBC, and Bloomberg."

  • Richard

    I was on antibiotics for 6 months which striped the walls of my colin,and tore up my stomach.An old family dr.told me to take metamusil and 8oz. plain yogurt daily. In 6 months I was good as new,and still follow that regimine . IT WORKS

  • greg

    please clarify – it mentions a few times that it is 'permanent damage' to the healthy bacteria in the gut … but doesn't explain, and then says you can put more back in … does this mean it is permanent but reversible (aka not permanent) or what do you mean?

  • Boala Lyme

    This article should be read by 1 billion people world-wide.

    The cure is in the nature.

  • Betty

    I was just given an antibiotic for pre surgery called Levofloxacin. to take ea. day for 14 days before surgery. I took it for 3 days and could barely get out of bed and everybone in my body hurt and really depressed. I stopped it and called the pharmacist. she said to stop immediately and call the Dr. It was sunday so I left a msg. on what to do. It is tues afternoon and not one word from him! (I read the side affects and this product could cripple for life or even death. I can't believe that ANY dr. would go along with this sort of thing! Obviously this surgery will not happen as scheduled. I am not sure if the damage is permanent or will go away. too soon to tell I guess.

  • The Federal Farmer

    I feel safer every day!

  • Edwin

    Thank you for this article. I haven't even got a gut feeling that antibiotics can have a hazardous effect on one's mental health.