Victory: Another EU Country Extends Ban on GMO Crops

Victory: Another EU Country Extends Ban on GMO Crops

The new EU regulations are allowing for almost a complete sweep of GMO banning throughout Europe. Bulgaria’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food has announced that they will extend a GMO-crop cultivation ban already in place to keep their image as a ‘clean, green’ country intact.

Bulgaria sent out ten letters via the Ministry to the European Commission to ensure that “no GM crops will be grown in our country.”

Bulgaria has led the way with GMO banning in Europe, with the ban of 8 GM maize varieties, one GM soy variety, and one GM carnation variety – sending a clear message that crops which have been tinkered with in a lab are not favorable to Bulgarians.

For years now, the country has stood strong against companies like Monsanto, Dow, and Syngenta to ensure that its people are eating food that isn’t questionable in nature. Bulgaria’s former Agriculture Minister Prof. Dimitar Grekov has even said that the ban on GMOs in Bulgaria will never be canceled!

Germany, Italy, Scotland, and many other EU nations have taken actions against GMOs, instituting some type of restriction or ban. And Russia recently announced a huge ban of GMOs.

Meanwhile, in the US, we are fighting a sitting duck Congress, bought-out Senate, and even a president who can’t seem to follow through with his campaign promise to label GMOs, let alone support a ban on them.

All of Europe is banning GM crops seemingly as fast as they possibly can. Who runs our country?