Switzerland Fed Council Extends GM Moratorium Until 2021

Switzerland Fed Council Extends GM Moratorium Until 2021

The number of countries saying NO to GMOs is growing as more nations express their desire to protect their territories from biotech’s greedy hands. In a meeting held in Bern, Switzerland on December 18th, 2015, the Swiss Federal Council decided to extend the country’s moratorium on the cultivation of GM seed until at least 2021. [1]

The Federal Council extended the moratorium under the Gene Technology Act (LGG). Currently the only GM crops allowed in Switzerland are for genetic research, but the moratorium has now been extended twice. The current moratorium does not expire until 2017, so the recent decision of the council looks ahead to protect Swiss citizens from GM infiltration. Some areas of Switzerland have decided to ban GM crops completely.

The Federal Council also asked that ”principles guaranteeing the protection of conventional crops as well as the free choice of consumers (coexistence) are specified,” in a draft ordinance that would protect non-GM crops from GM crops.

The Federal Council stated that:

“. . . the vast majority of sectors invited to the consultation procedure expressed their opposition to the cultivation of GMOs in Switzerland, at least at present, and have criticized the proposed provisions.”

They continued stating that the moratorium was an opportunity for:

“. . . a thorough and objective debate on the future use of GMOs in Swiss agriculture. The discussion should be based on considerations which are not confined to the issue of biosafety, but also take into account the economic and agricultural aspects.”

Considering the expanded view of the Federal Council, it should be easier to show that GMOs are potentially harmful on numerous counts. The moratorium may even be extended perpetually, or turned into a country-wide ban.


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