A Viciously Honest Coke Commercial You’ll Never See

coca cola
General Health

If the millions and millions of dollars spent every year on marketing junk food and beverages to the American people had to be spent on 100% honest and translucent ads, we would see quite a different world. An honest commercial from Coca-Cola, for instance, would likely tell you that no matter which beverage it was, all of those offered by the company have detrimental health effects.

They would tell you that they are partially responsible for the obesity epidemic, and they would tell you that you’d be far better off without them. But, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a commercial like this.

The honest Coke commercial is a glimpse inside another world, one where products are sold based on their merit and worth rather than on how much their producers can spend “selling” it to you. Note that the commercial above is not real. It is a parody created to depict the fallacy of Coca-Cola bettering the world.

The foods we see commercials for are not the foods we should be eating.

When’s the last time you saw a commercial with bright colors, high tech effects, good music, and celebrity endorsement for vegetables? It’s never happened. And it won’t happen because vegetable growers don’t have the budget that processed food makers do.

While Coca-Cola and other such toxic food producers would like to give themselves a pat on the back for developing things like “zero calorie soda” and “fat-free” junk food, they won’t tell you what these products sacrifice for those things taken away. They won’t tell you which harmful chemicals are really in their products, and they would rather not tell you that they spent hundreds of thousands or millions to fight GMO labeling.

Sure diet soda doesn’t have sugar or calories, but instead it contains aspartame—known for destroying kidney function , altering metabolism, damaging cells, and leading to obesity—as well as numerous other toxins. Is diet soda bad for you? Generally yes, unfortunately. All soda, regardless of the calories, contain things like E150D– a coloring combined with ammonium sulfate, known to cause an increase in asthmatic reactions and an ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp.

A “real” Coca-Cola commercial would talk about the toxins within and how those toxins could lead to cancer, Alzheimer’s, headaches, obesity, metabolic syndrome, chronic fatigue, and more. They would tell you how they’ve spent a fortune deceiving the public about their products and selling disease in a bottle.

While a real advertising campaign by any one of today’s junk food makers would be refreshing and eye-opening, it would destroy their profit margin. And for that reason we will never see one. Where these companies spend their money is evidence of their priorities, and those priorities are not in providing healthful foods for the masses.