US Grain Terminal Goes GMO-FREE to Meet Consumer Demand

US Grain Terminal Goes GMO-FREE to Meet Consumer Demand

Big Food companies that want to switch to non-GM soy and corn products without worrying about contamination through normal supply chains can now count on a North Dakota grain plant. Captain Drake LLC, has acquired a million-bushel terminal with dedicated rail cars that will be used exclusively for the holding and transport of GMO-Free grains to meet the growing demand in the US for non-GM food.

The private investment firm, Killer Whale Holding, led by Mark Anderson, President of Captain Drake, said the new facility is strategically located to handle the burgeoning demand for non-GM grains. He remarked:

“By providing growers and end-users this key facility, Captain Drake will consolidate and streamline the sourcing of non-GMO grain in the Red River Valley. We will be able to obtain the best non-GMO commodities from three regions: North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba, Canada.” [1]

The grain terminal will also allow non-GMO food to be sourced locally, instead of importing.

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Anderson explained:

“The supply chain needs to be tightened up and moved domestically. We consider this to be another strategic asset for our food and beverage clients seeking suppliers committed to guaranteeing the integrity and purity of non-GMO commodities throughout the supply chain.”

The facility will also support efforts by food companies interested in switching to non-GMO ingredients, according to Anderson.


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