US Forest Service Ignores Nestlé’s Illegal Take Over of Water Supply

US Forest Service Ignores Nestlé’s Illegal Take Over of Water Supply

That’s right, the US Forest Service has been turning their heads while a multinational corporation, whose former CEO thinks water is not a human right, and should be privatized, has been stealing our water.

Talk about being asleep at the wheel.

Nestlé is the largest bottled water producer in the world – the corp has been known for extracting pristine ground water from towns everywhere, and then selling it back to them at inflated costs. But illegally extracting water from one of the most drought-stricken places on the planet while the U.S. Forest service simply allows it? That sounds almost premeditated.

After all, what would be the best way to make a killing on water? Make sure you have it in places that don’t – right?

The first call to action is to boycott all Nestlé foods and water brands. This includes Perrier and San Pellegrino brands.

Additionally, we must demand that the U.S. Forest Service take immediate action to stop this multinational company from stealing our water. A similar action happened in Ontario, Canada, when residents demanded that the company be stopped from taking their water during times of drought – but I say Nestlé should be stopped completely.

What’s worse is that Nestle’s former CEO believes that water is not a basic human right, and that corporations should own the water we drink and determine who is allowed to drink it. Back in 2013, Nestle’s former CEO and current Chairman went on record in saying that water should in fact be privatized — owned entirely by corporations like Nestle.

If we don’t act, Nestlé will use California as a stronghold to privatize water like is has in places like Africa. Private contracts are awarded to companies to suck the countries water up, and you can guess who goes thirsty.

It is appalling that the U.S. Forest Service has allowed this, but it would be even more egregious if we don’t act to correct it. Sign a petition here, and also let Nestlé know you know what they are up.

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