Watch Out: Thousands are Overdosing with ‘Fake Marijuana’

Watch Out: Thousands are Overdosing with ‘Fake Marijuana’

According to recent reports, poison control centers are seeing a huge spike in cases involving use of synthetic marijuana, which has sent nearly thousands to seek medical care.

“The American Association of Poison Control Centers says more than 1,900 calls related to synthetic pot have been made since the start of the year. That is four times more than there were at this point last year.” – Reported by CBS News.

There have been many cautionary tales regarding synthetic recreational drugs over the past few years. Synthetic marijuana, however, seems to be the one that many users are caught off guard by. So many buyers of the synthetic marijuana will only hear “marijuana” and ignore the “synthetic” to their own detriment.

Perhaps the following excerpt from the same article will sober up many about the extreme dangers associated with the synthetic version of marijuana.

“Synthetic marijuana goes by many names: ‘Spice,’ ‘K2,’ ‘head trip,’ ‘fake weed.’ It’s a plant material coated with THC, the active chemical compound in marijuana. But unlike pure marijuana, the man-made version is much more potent and can be deadly.”

The real problem with synthetic drugs is that they are, well, synthetic. Therefore, there is a manufacturing process, if you will, that is systematically utilized to create them. The key question, then, should be about who is actually overseeing the whole process. What kind of quality control, if any, is the process even subjected to?

The critical points here are really twofold: (1) What is the plant source that is coated with the man-made THC? and (2) Where and how is the THC produced?

In the absence of extremely accurate answers to both of these questions, who would want to take the risk of using such a dangerous synthetic drug?

“’People have presented with seizures, people have presented with stroke-like symptoms, or heart attack-like symptoms,’ said Dr. Ruben Olmedo of Mount Sinai Hospital, who has treated several cases.”


With wide-ranging and serious symptoms like those described above, it appears that each individual can react differently to synthetic marijuana. Even the labels are now being written with language that is both alarming and off-putting.

“There are hundreds of varieties and new formulations of synthetic marijuana appearing monthly. The products often carry a “not for human consumption” label in order to disguise the true purpose of the substance.”

Buying any kind of drugs on the street has always been a very risky proposition. You never really know about the quality of the ingredients; however, the profit motive is almost always an overriding consideration on the side of the seller. This reality alone ought to keep any prospective buyer focused on the notion “Buyer Beware!”

It can be stated with absolute certainty that there will be instances when recreational drugs will be cut with highly inferior and substandard ingredients. Unfortunately for buyers, there will also be many cases where some ingredients will be downright dangerous.

The number of deaths and comas due to synthetic marijuana can no longer be ignored. It now comes down to the process of education and raising awareness. Hopefully those who are the most vulnerable will be exposed to articles like this and the many others which have been appearing throughout the MSM and alternative news media.

“This week in Louisiana, one person died from synthetic marijuana. Earlier this month in Mississippi, two brothers, Joey and Jeremy Stallings, were in medically induced comas after their mother said they smoked Spice.”

Otherwise, many more communities will be reading stories like the preceding one for the foreseeable future. Situations like these occur only because the buyer is unaware of the risks associated with synthetic marijuana.

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