Turmeric Extract a ‘Miracle Solution’ in Preventing and Treating Diabetes

Disease Research

turmericIn addition to regular exercise and a diet low in processed carbohydrates and sugars, a study indicates turmeric extract could help ward off the development of diabetes, with significant effectiveness.

The study comes to us from researchers in Thailand, who wanted to assess the effectiveness of curcumin, the active component within turmeric, in delaying diabetes in people with prediabetes. What they found was nothing short of amazing:

“After 9 months of treatment, 16.4% of the placebo group were diagnosed with T2DM (type 2 diabetes mellitus), whereas none were diagnosed with T2DM in the curcumin-treated group.”

The study included 240 participants, assigned to either receive a placebo or a supplement of 250 mg of turmeric extract every day for 9 months. It was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study and all subjects met the American Diabetic Association’s criteria for prediabetes at the onset of the study.

The researchers concluded:

“A 9-month curcumin intervention in a prediabetic population significantly lowered the number of prediabetic individuals who eventually developed T2DM. In addition, the curcumin treatment appeared to improve overall function of β-cells, with very minor adverse effects. Therefore, this study demonstrated that the curcumin intervention in a prediabetic population may be beneficial.”

The findings were published in Diabetes Care, the journal of the American Diabetes Association, a very reputable and “mainstream” medical journal.

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Such a promising study is clear evidence of the healing powers and benefits of turmeric. This root, used commonly in curries, has a wide range of healing properties and has been linked with weight loss, cancer prevention, heart disease prevention, and even depression treatment.

It is an affordable and highly accessible treatment and food supplement. You can use the spice in a variety of dishes, including curries, casseroles, salads, and soups. You can add it to smoothies and juices as well. When we begin taking advantage of all the healing foods within our reach, we’ll see our collective health take a turn for the better.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate around 40% of Americans are prediabetic. This means they have elevated blood sugar levels that don’t quite amount to diabetic levels.

This also means they will likely develop type 2 diabetes if their diet and lifestyle don’t dramatically change. It’s time to incorporate, exercise, a healthful diet, turmeric, and some cinnamon in your everyday life.