10 Steps to Optimum Health – Part 2

10 Steps to Optimum Health – Part 2

By: Dr. James Chappell

Natural SocietyAlmost four decades ago I was taught a different approach to health and healing than what is now taught at western medical practices. I was taught how to find simplicity in the complexity of life. As stated, the cure is always found in the cause. We must always seek the cause for health challenges and then the signs, signals and symptoms will simply disappear. I was also taught we must stop doing those things that contribute to dis-ease first and then start doing those things that contribute to health. As doctors or healers, we should suggest the minimum in recommendations and supplementation for the maximum result. The below is a simple ten step program continued for achieving optimum health and longevity.

The Simplicity of Complexity | Ten Steps to Optimum Health – Part 2

5. Mind

What we don’t use we lose. Reading is mentally stimulating, therefore always be reading a good book. By simply not watching TV for a couple of hours a day it will give you some time to read. Learn how to play a musical instrument. You don’t need a $10,000 Baby Grand piano. A flute, guitar, violin, or one of many other inexpensive instruments will get you in the game. If that is not interesting to you, perhaps you can learn woodworking or sewing? There are literally hundreds of hobbies or projects you can wrap your mind around. Playing chess or cards is not only challenging, but you may just develop a lifelong friendship with your “playmates.”

6. Attitude

Don’t take life so seriously. We are not here for a long time, but the time spent here should be comprised of good feelings. Learn to forgive the unforgivable. Through daily prayer or meditation and relaxation you will learn to deal with or release emotional issues, thereby creating a more peaceful life. There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself emotionally; in fact, to emote is to promote internal balance and harmony, however, emotion is Energy-in-Motion. We need to keep emotions moving. If you are angry about something, express your anger and then question why you are angry. As with all concerns, correct the cause and you will remove the affect. Emotions and/or the stress they cause should be in our control. How we emote is the key to living a less stressful life.

7. Spirituality

I am not talking about religion, I am talking about spirituality. Unless you are an atheist, seek to re-discover your own divinity or specialty. I used to be a truth seeker until I realized I am that which I am seeking. Creative consciousness develops the Law of Attraction. Setting your intention and accepting it as reality, will bring it forth. It is important to note, however,  that we do not get what we want — we get who we are. Whether for health, finances or relationships, we control our thoughts and destiny. We control our out-of-control-ness. Learn to take control of your life. The best book I have ever read on this subject is Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn. Read it and read it again. You can also read the Healing Codes.

8. Achievement/Action

Education and taking effective action are keys to health, wealth and happiness. Learn how to set a goal and achieve it. Start small and work up from there.

When I was a young boy, I was hired by one of my neighbors to pull weeds in her backyard. The entire 1/4 acre was wall to wall weeds over six inches high. I was overwhelmed. I then discovered by taking four Popsicle sticks and some string that I could rope off one square foot at a time. I only concentrated on the square in front of me and moved it one foot at a time. Before long, I had pulled all the weeds. Don’t get overwhelmed. Just attempt to do something you can handle and move on from there.

Seek and “become” peace, love, joy, prosperity, freedom and happiness, and you will find them. No one was born to hate, they had to learn how. We can therefore un-learn. We truly must be the change we want to see. Remember, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Teach by example by becoming who you are. We are not here for a long time, but we can be here for a rewarding time. See the rewards and be grateful. Educate yourself on the truth concerning health, wealth, relationships, the law, politics, religion and everything in-between. Screen everything you read, see and hear with your internal common sense and logic meter. After you acquire accurate information, you can then make intelligent decisions and take effective action.

9. Detoxification

There is no way around it. Even if you do everything I have suggested in the above eight points, this world is still toxic. Just driving down the street will expose you to a multitude of toxins contained in the atmosphere. Being in public will expose you to a host of germs, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogenic organisms others may be carrying. If you eat or drink anything from any restaurant, you risk ingesting preservatives, toxins, dyes, hydrogenated oils, chemicals, hormones, flavor enhancers, corn syrup and a litany of other additives that are unhealthy. The bottom line: we need to detoxify on a regular basis. Just drinking charged distilled water with electrolytic minerals will start the process. Eating non-toxic, organic fresh food will help as well.

10. Supplementation

Again, there is no way around it. Our soil is thoroughly depleted of vital nutrients, specifically minerals. Mineral deficient soil produces mineral deficient crops — organic or not. Eating mineral deficient food makes us mineral deficient. And so it is with vitamins and all other nutrients. In order to truly be healthy, we must supplement our diet with whole-food nutrients, not synthetic, chemist-made pills. Always start with a whole-food mineral complex as minerals are foundational. The best minerals I have found to date are contained in fossilized stony coral. Additionally, eating concentrated whole-food supplements made from fruits and vegetables with added vitamin D3 will go a long way to achieving optimum health and longevity.

I am not going to say, “trust me, I’m a doctor.” In fact, some websites say just that. What I will say is, question everything, everyone, and do some research. If what you read, hear or see does not make sense, stop and move on to something else.

Remember this: If you don’t take the time to be healthy, you will ultimately have to take the time to be sick. It’s your choice…

Dr. James Chappell is a retired board certified chiropractic physician, traditional naturopath, clinical nutritionist, medical herbalist and master formulator with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Since 1971, he has been an avid health researcher and educator specializing in teaching and incorporating natural healing protocols for chronic, severe and so-called “terminal” illnesses. He does not treat patients or disease. He teaches those interested in advanced natural healing. His books and nutritional products are found throughout the world. His services are sought globally, as well. Contact information: [email protected] 805-646-1193.

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