Report Finds ‘Natural’ Cereal Products Loaded with GMOs, Pesticides

Report Finds ‘Natural’ Cereal Products Loaded with GMOs, Pesticides

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Oftentimes ‘natural’ cereal products seem to be a finer choice than conventional options due to the manufacturer claims of being ‘all natural’ and environmentally friendly. Many of these products may even include the “Non-GMO” label, but a shocking new report by the Cornucopia Institute has found that not only do supposedly ‘natural’ cereal products contain GMOs and pesticides, but the same can be said for products with the “Non-GMO” label. In fact, products labeled “Non-GMO” like Whole Foods’ 365® Corn Flakes contained more than 50% genetically modified corn.

The 48 page report entitled Cereal Crimes is published in PDF format, and offers insight into which ‘natural’ products contain a secret cocktail of pesticides and genetically modified ingredients. Many of the companies exposed within the report have actually established themselves as health-conscious and environmentally friendly in many circles, making way for extreme consumer outrage. The report is sure to lead to consumer backlash against these companies, one of the most prominent being Whole Foods.

What the Report Found About Breakfast Cereals, Both ‘Natural’ and Certified Organic:

  • Kashi brand (owned by Kellogg’s) cereals were found to contain “high levels” of genetically modified ingredients. This means that at least one of the main ingredients was found to contain GMOs, with 100% of the soy tested in Kashi cereals found to be GMO.
  • Mother’s brand cereals (owned by PepsiCO) also contains ‘high levels” of GMOs. Around 28% of the corn was found to be genetically modified.
  • Barbara’s Bakery Puffins cereals contained around 50% genetically modified corn. Even more surprising is the fact that this product is enrolled in the Non-GMO Project, according to the Cornucopia report. What this means is that the product was not verified by the project, a distinction that confuses many shoppers and can be thought of as deceptive.
  • Kashi GoLean, Mother’s Bumpers, Nutritious Living Hi-Lo, and General Mills Kix were found to oftentimes contain 100% genetically modified ingredients.
  • Kashi Heart to Heart Blueberry cereal was found to contain grains coated in the residue of many pesticides such as phosmet, carbaryl, azinphos methyl, malathion, chlorpyrifos methyl, chlorpyrifos.

You can view the Cereal Scorecard which ranks cereal products based on ingredients and organic content to check on your favorite cereals.

Summarizing the findings, the Cornucopia Institute explained the meaning behind the ‘natural’ label:

There are no restrictions for foods labeled “natural” (very basic standards exist only for meat products). The term often constitutes nothing more than meaningless marketing hype promoted by corporate interests seeking to cash in on the consumer desire for food produced in a genuinely sustainable manner.

Cornucopia Report Highlights Importance of Organic Foods Free of GMOS

The findings are a reminder to purchase USDA certified organic products whenever possible, grow your own garden using organic seeds, and support local organic farmers by purchasing their seasonal produce. Large corporations have bought up and created many ‘green’ companies that simply do not produce health-conscious products. Instead, they seek to drain the wallets of informed individuals who are making the switch from GMO-tainted conventional food products to alternative Non-GMO items.

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