Real Change: Activism Generates Millions Towards Fight for GMO Labeling

dr. bronner magic soap

dr. bronner magic soapNot all corporations are corrupt – as hard as that may be to believe in these interesting times. David Bronner, the CEO of Bronner’s Magic Soaps, is fighting the biotech industry – Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, the GMA, and others – and their Orwellian anti-labeling laws with a different approach. He being a front-runner in the organic industry, donating large amounts of money to counter-balance the illegal contributions of big corporations to defeat GMO labeling.

David and Michael Bronner was one of the first brands to have its soaps, lotions, and balms certified by the USDA National Organic Program in 2003 – making them an issue-centered brand on the national market.

Bronner was recently interviewed by Just Label It! due to his incredible work trying to bring GMO labeling to fruition. He is a right-to-know champion in this difficult landscape of trying to beat the biotech bullies who keep forcing GMOs on the people.

Bronner understood from the beginning that organic products are about sustainability and protecting soil health. He doesn’t think pesticides and industrial fertilizers have any place in modern agriculture. Rightly so, since they destroy our soil, pollute our food and water, and compromise human and animal health.

He says that genetic engineering could have been beneficial in principal, but it has only been a complete disaster. He notes how our  conventional industrial agriculture is now on steroids, creating herbicide resistance and virulent strains of bacteria.

Sixty-four countries already require GMO labeling, and the U.S. is far behind in accountability to its consumers. When asked if it would be hard for companies to change their labels, he says:

“It would not be hard at all. Companies change their labels all the time (including Dr. Bronner’s) and not once has that meant we raised prices to our customers.  It’s so dumb.
Over 99% of GMO crop acreage is engineered to resist and/or produce pesticides.  And the resulting widespread weed and pest resistance means that even more pesticides are being blasted on our food and farmlands.”

Partly due to this, Bronner and his company were early major supporters of California’s Prop 37, a GMO labeling initiative that was voted on in 2012. Companies like him were outspent by biotech supporters by $45 million to $9 million, but labeling advocates still almost won that election. Similarly, Dr. Bronner’s was the largest GMO-fighting contributor in Washington State’s 522 Initiative for GMO labeling – donating almost $2 million to the labeling cause.

More companies like Dr. Bronner’s are going to have to step up to the GMO-labeling fight to truly defeat these monopolizing seed-mongers forever. You can read the full interview with David Bronner, here.